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"Growing Together"

December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house,santa
One person was stirring, and maybe their spouse.
The stockings are scattered on the recliner chair,
Proof that St. Nicholas had really been there.

The children were still sleeping warm in their beds
They are on Christmas break, resting their heads.
Mom and Dad are off to work,
No Christmas break for them, work, work, work!

Some gifts are paid for, some have been charged
Time to get busy to pay off the card.
The kids can play with their PS2 or their Wii,
And download songs for their new MP3.

Was it all worth it, every penny we spent?
Where did it go? How will we pay the rent?
The smiles on their faces tell it all,
We hit a home run over the wall.

The gifts were fun, the food was great
But friends and family is how you should rate.
The laughter, the hugs, and the songs we sang,
Getting together with the whole darn gang!

Hope your holidays were full of cheer
And you are ready to start a brand new year!
Hug your kids and hold them tight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Food Drive Goal Met...  and then some!can

The kids got out of school early for Christmas break because they gathered over 5200 items for the food drive. The principals promised the kids that if they met their goals at both schools, elementary and Jr/Sr High they could get out early and the kids took that to heart. They far surpassed the goals set for them and the local food bank will benefit from their efforts. Thanks to everyone who helped the kids meet their goals!

people Volunteers Needed!

The Junior Achievement Program needs parent or community volunteers for a project at the elementary school. The volunteers working with the project will teach students in kindergarten through sixth grade basic economic concepts through hands-on training. The volunteers, who will be teaching the lessons, are the key to the program’s impact in the classroom.

They are seeking parent/community volunteers that are willing to share their time, 30 to 50 minutes once a week for five visits, to enhance the students’ understanding of the local economy. In addition, the volunteers will inform the students how school relates tot heir future. The curriculum is offered free of charge to the school by Junior Achievement. The program is scheduled to begin in February. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the elementary school principal, Bruce Friedrich, (402)994-2125. An informational/instructional meeting is scheduled for January 24th, 2008 for people that volunteer for the program.

Rink News!

Flying Wheels Fun Center

We were certainly in a festive mood at the skating rink this weekend. A potluck Christmas party brought many people to the rink on Sunday. Skating, games, dancing, and food were enough to keep everyone happy!

After talking with several people at the party we’ve decided to offer an adult night once a month. No children! None. We can listen to whatever music we want and skate without worrying about the kids! You don’t even have to skate! You can just come and enjoy some time without the kids. We’ll keep you posted on the first date for this.

Don’t forget the All Nighter planned for this Saturday! Send your kids down and we will keep them busy for the whole night! Then they can sleep all day on Sunday. We will skate and play the regular skating games for the first part of the evening. Then we’ll dance for awhile. We often have dance lessons so the kids are starting to pick upUmmm... some really good moves…like swing dancing and line dancing.

We’ll also have some games going on for the people who don’t want to dance. We’ll set up the Guitar Hero II and Dance Dance Revolution later, too. And don’t forget the karaoke! The kids just love it when I sing for them…I’m sure they love it because they seem so happy when I’m done.

Around 5:00 a.m. we’ll start making free waffles for them. By that time they are all starving and out of money. SoWAFFLE! we’ll load them up with some waffles and by the time they leave at 6:30 they will be ready for bed!

We do have an age limit, 16 and under. We have found that limiting the age group helps us to have better control. We want the evening to go smoothly for everyone so we will continue with this requirement. We also do not allow any sleeping bags, blankets, or pillows. They won’t need them…there is no sleeping! (we do sometimes let the little guys take naps…otherwise they get really crabby!) We also do not allow duffle bags, back packs, or large purses. You would not believe what they try to sneak in!

Don’t forget, this is not a New Years Eve party; it is on Saturday, December 29th! We will NOT be open on New Years Eve…we’ll be out dancing. If you like to dance come on down to the Lied Center in Nebraska City. That’s where we’ll be!


Flying Wheels  All Nighter

Saturday, December 29th
6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.
$10 admission + skate rental
($1 for quads or $2.25 for inlines)
16 and under only
No sleeping bags, blankets, or pillows.
No duffle bags, back packs or large purses.
No outside snacks or beverages allowed.
NO GUM. (Ick.)

Skating, Dancing, Games, Guitar Hero II, Dance Dance Revolution, Scooter games, and Karaoke! There will be something for everyone!

I am writing this on Christmas Eve but you won’t read it until after Christmas. I hope your holidays were full of fun and stress free!

Julie Anderson

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