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"Growing Together"

December 19, 2007


Save a Can,   Help a Girl Scout!

The local Daisy Girl Scout Troop #67 is collecting aluminum cans to finance uniforms, pins, general supplies, etc… The Daisy Scouts are the youngest of the Girl Scouts and are not allowed to participate in the cookie sales. They still need uniforms though so they are going to earn the money by collecting cans. This troop is led by Amy Feile, Sheli, Wilson, and Marcie Poteet. Amy Feile tells me, “Not only will this project help our cash flow issues; it is also helping the girls understand the concepts behind some of their merit badges which are based on the Girl Scout Law. Specifically "Use resources wisely" and "Make the world a better place." We are also saving the pull tabs from the cans we collect to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, which introduces at least one more part of the law, "considerate and caring". ” The Daisy Scouts are the perfect age to start teaching these things. They are so enthusiastic not to mention cute!

If you would like to help out contact Amy Feile to arrange a pick up. She will come to your house and pick up the cans. Her contact information is: or (402)250-7757

So save your aluminum cans for the Daisies!

Stitched Together with Community Spirit

5th Annual Elmwood-Murdock02
01 Merchants’ Association Banquet

Saturday, January 12th
6:30 p.m.
School Gymnasium – Murdock

Open to the Public! 03


Entertainment: Talent Show and Elmwood-Murdock Jazz Band
Barn Quilt Display
Community Awards

Roast Beef or Ham
Green Beans

Ticket Information:
Judy Cline (994-2406) or Merl Merchant (994-2120)


Speaking of Barn Quilts….have you seen this one? This is on a shed south of Elmwood on Rick Clement's farm. Rick's wife, Mickey, has been instrumental in the barn quilt project and wanted to display them.


Brad White In Concert

Baritone/Pianist w/ the Blackwood Bros.

Dec 29 – Saturday @ 3PM
First Christian Church
Weeping Water NE
  Soup & Fellowship follows concert

Dec 30 – Sunday @ 6PM
Heartland Baptist Church
Bellevue NE

Love Offering will be taken
Info: Ken & DeAnn Johnson


Last Thursday was the Junior Senior High School Music/Band concert. Again, Mrs. Colbert and Mr. Hanson out did themselves. The kids’ performances were just awesome. It is so nice to hear Christmas music this time of year and to have it come from our kids is even better. I have pictures of the Junior High Choir and the Senior High Choir but don’t have any band pictures. I was on the wrong side of the gym. They were so good they had to play an encore!

Drew is in the spirit of Christmas! He brought his favorite Nutcracker to the concert to enjoy the music with him. Apparently he has a collection of them.

I took the night off Saturday from the Skating Rink to take Joe and three of his friends to the magic show in Plattsmouth. The Cass County Sheriff’s Department, on behalf of the D.A.R.E. program, sponsored the magic show. This must be a yearly event because I heard kids there talking about how they had been there the last few years. So I loaded up Joe, Christian, Trevor, and Alex and headed to Plattsmouth. Me and four 11 year old boys. What was I thinking? They were good as gold but the conversations we had…they sure are funny.

Lanny Kibbey, from Houston, Texas, was the magician. He was also a comedian. He proclaims he is the “World’s Greatest Magician…” for the price he charges, that is. He had the kids in stitches and the parents were even grinning, too. He beautiful assistant, Christina, was a sport when he put her in a box and shoved swords into it. And when he put her in a box and cut her in half. Amazingly, she was able to be cut in half and change her clothes at the same time. What a talent! During the breaks a couple came out and sang to the kids. There was even a giant dancing frog and mouse. Not to mention the giant chicken that led everyone in the Chicken Dance. It was a lot of fun and the boys had a great time. Santa even stopped by to D.A.R.E everyone to believe.

I better enjoy it now…Abbracadabra…..before you know it the kids will be too old for magic. How sad!

I’ve been asked why not have the party on New Years Eve this year? Well, I’m trying something different. It can’t be done the same way all the time! Change is good! We have some different things planned and hope everyone gets the message that it is on a different night. Don’t drop your kids off on New Years Eve….they’ll get cold.

If you have any questions please contact me. A lot of people wonder if their kids are old enough. It depends on your child but they can come for the early part of the evening and then you can take them home if you don’t want them to stay all night. I bet they will think they can stay up all night though! We will keep them busy all night though. We have adults and older teenagers who volunteer to help keep an eye on the chaos and they also help coordinate the activities. We encourage the kids to have fun but to be safe. We don’t tolerate naughty behavior and will call parents if the child won’t cooperate. That rarely happens. The kids are usually so excited that they just play and have fun. So spread the word, the All Nighter is NOT on New Years Eve!!!!

I hope you all finish your shopping in good time to wrap everything. Don’t forget, brown paper bags can be used as wrapping paper in a pinch!

Julie Anderson

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