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“Growing Together”
December 17, 2008

Elementary SOS Continues to Collect Our Family Labels

The E-M Elementary SOS is continuing to collect the Our Family Brand UPC symbols as part of the Labels for Learning Program. The school will receive 5 cents for each UPC label that is submitted. The UPC's must be submitted in bundles of 500 and at this time we have approximately 395. Help us to help provide "extras" for the elementary classrooms by purchasing and submitting Our Family label UPC's. The following stores carry the Our Family Brand: No Frills including the Ashland store, SunMart, Bag and Save and Jack and Jill including the Louisville store.

Not only will you be helping our local school, but you will be helping your grocery bill. Our Family has hundreds of grocery and household products that are of the same quality as the name brand items. With the cost of groceries rising, you could save up to 25% on your grocery bill by purchasing store brand items.

To donate your Our Family UPC symbols, simply drop them off at the Elementary school office or in Murdock contact, Lisa Hynes at 867-2167.

Thank you for helping to Support Our Schools!

Elmwood Rescue Weekly Winner:
December, 13th #50
John Murphy, Murdock Ne

Weekly Drawing for
52 weeks
$100.00 winner
every Saturday
are now on Sale for $20
Any Elmwood Volunteer Rescue member
or Send Check or Money and a Self-Stamped Addressed Envelope to

Elmwood Rescue Raffle
104 Railroad Ave
Elmwood Ne 68349

See for past winners

Contact Any Elmwood Volunteer Rescue member
Ed Blunt 994-3295 Miki Bruns 994-2770 Jennifer Brettmann
Theresa Brown Mike Krass John Oehlerking Konia Jones
Ben Kastens Jordan Peterson Ken Kunz Jeff Clymer
Heath Vogt

Youth-to-Carnegie-Hall Group Makes Headlines
in the Omaha World Herald

The Elmwood-Murdock high school choir has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in May, 2009. This invitation is an honor and has gained attention. John Ferak, reporter for the Omaha World Herald, came to the school and interviewed Mrs. Colbert, the music instructor. He also came to the Elmwood Extravaganza Craft Show/Garage Sale and checked out the booth that the group was selling items at for a fundraiser. To see the entire story check out the story on line at:

The Youth-to-Carnegie-Hall team ran the concessions at the girl’s basketball game last week. Teri Bowman ran a bake sale also.

Teri Bowman at the Bake Sale

The boys sell some bread!

The kids were ready to serve!

Kalee and Katie take a break during a lull in customers.

Another fundraiser going on that night was for the SOS. The Teresa and Megan Hawks were selling Knights t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Elementary School Holiday Program
Mrs. Colbert has the makings of another choir that rates an invitation to Carnegie Hall in her elementary kids. Those kids really like to sing! The band was also enthusiastic. After the concert we had to take a tour of the six grade marble mazes. Vince and Joe worked on his for every night for at least a week. Every night after Vince went to bed Joe would get out the drill and redesign it so it was different every day for Vince. Joe’s marble maze was 5 ½ feet tall and had 60 feet of tubing wrapped around it. Halfway down the tube opened up and the marble fell on to a device that emitted a noise reminiscent of a loud flatulent sound. Yes, it was a fart machine. Then the marble fell into a funnel and continued on in the tube. Once it reached the bottom it set off a mouse trap. Pretty ingenious and mostly Joe’s idea. The other marble mazes were equally fun. The kids and parents really enjoy this project.

Sheridan, Jessie, and Paige are ready to perform

The band performs.

Shelbi displays her marble maze.

Brenna with her marble maze.

Joe with his amazing fart machine marble maze mouse catcher

Donations for the Food Bank
The elementary and junior/senior high schools are collecting donations for the local food bank. They have motivation to gather as much food as they can. Not only are they helping people but if they gather 1500 items they also will earn an early out on the last day of school before the Christmas break. So help the kids out and send your donations to school!

Food items that will count toward the total are: Canned fruits, canned vegetables, cereal, rice, pasta, (no Ramen noodles), and paper products. Items will be collected from December 1st through 9:00 a.m. on December 19th. Please contact the school office if you have any questions.

The Flying Wheels will be open on Tuesday, December 23rd from 1:30 – 5:30! Admission is $3.50 + skate rental.
Bring in those cans!!

"Journey Into Christmas" Holiday Open House
at the Bess Streeter Aldrich House

Every Sat. & Sun. through December -- 2:00-5:00 p.m. daily

204 East F St., Elmwood, NE

See every room of the historic home of author Bess Streeter Aldrich
dressed for the holidays! Every room of the home has been decorated by
a local group or family, each with its own tree and theme. After your
tour enjoy complimentary holiday goodies and browse the gift shop.
Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children ages 6-12.

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a special person? Check out Pat Spellman’s basement! Pat keeps her “Traveling Treasures” crafts in her basement this time of year. Other times you will find her at craft shows. She had her annual open house last weekend but is still open by appointment. That means give her a call if you want to go shopping in her basement. She is usually around.

And for that dedicated Knights fan don’t forget the Go Knights yard signs available for $15 at the library!

Who were those foreigners?

Yes, we did have some strange characters at the rink Friday night. Mariko, our daughter-in-law, teaches Japanese at Elkhorn High School and she brought her students down for a night of skating. She must be a good teacher because they were speaking Japanese along with their English. Emma, our granddaughter, came along to supervise. I think she was their mascot.

The Big 1-0 for Darek Bornemeier!
Darek’s 10th birthday party was a riot! His friends showed up in droves to help him celebrate. Most skated including the moms! Cole didn’t skate but he never does. He still managed to have some fun though.

Christmas Lights Shine Brightly in Murdock!
Kevin and Lisa Hynes have lit up their block again this year. For more pictures of other lights in Murdock check out this link.

Wishing You a Healthy
by Alice Henneman, MS, RD
Thanks to Lisa Hynes for this article. Check out the link below to see some great tips from Alice Henneman on how to survive this holiday season by following these healthy tips.

Saturday Adventures are Magic
The local sheriff’s department responsible for the D.A.R.E. program sponsored the magic show with Lanny Kibbey at Plattsmouth High School again this year. I managed to round up a car load of boys to take over. Bridget accompanied me to help me maintain my sanity. The boys all bought the shocking MP3 player that was offered and maybe even the shocking pen. We laughed and were mystified all through the performance. Afterwards the kids had an opportunity to thank Sheriff Bill Brueggemann and Deputy Wes Tuttle for the show. The magician and his lovely assistant, Nicki, even posed for a picture.

The magician, Lanny Kibbey, levitates a volunteer.

The some of the audience members get in on the act.

The grand prize, a huffy bike, goes to Michael Clavijo.

Joe, Trevor Lockman, Christian Jones, and Bridget Sukup join Sheriff Bill and Santa

Bridget, Kenny Tribbles, the beautiful Nicki, Trevor, Christian, and Joe.

You know how I often will show pictures of twins or people who look like twins…well, what do you think…triplets?

The Midnight Run Lives On…
Have you ever been so short on time and long on projects that you’ve had to run to WalMart in the middle of the night just to get your shopping done? This happens to me occasionally, especially this time of the year. I rounded up some shopping elves and we headed out to WalMart Saturday after the rink closed. We were shopping for two children whose information we took from the Giving Tree. And for random snacks for us.

It was reassuring to find we were not alone in WalMart. There were many other people just like us…tired and giddy. The WalMart team was very understanding and actually had some fun with us. We were almost persuaded to buy a 32” flat screen T.V. for only $348…it seemed like a good deal, just not sure where I would put it. The girl who checked us out rated us her “funnest” customers of the night but by far not the weirdest. If you are ever in need of company on a midnight shopping run you can call on us! We are always open for a Midnight Run.

Vanna White, I mean, Ashli Brown, shows off a TV.

Garyn, Taylor, and Jacob are no doubt shopping for my Christmas gift. They are just checking the price to see if they have enough money for it. I can’t wait to see it!

Bradly and Kalee headed up the Pop Procurement Team. It wasn’t an easy job but they managed to round up the pop.

Millie performed as Chris Moose.

I wasn’t a bit nervous about being out so late in Lincoln. I had my own Security detail with me.

You remember “Where’s Waldo?” Well, “Where’s Bradly?” Hint: look for the antlers.

Early Christmas Present for Me
Angie Willie surprised me this weekend with an early Christmas gift. I had admired her handiwork at the craft fair and asked her if she could make a stocking hat that would fit my head. Sure enough, she brought me the hat and a matching scarf! And a lovely thank you note for giving the kids a safe place to play. I was so excited! I love my hat and scarf and wear them everywhere. The scarf has a crocheted in slot so you can wrap it better. I’ll treasure it forever. THANKS, ANGIE!!

Sunday is a day for remembering…
Many of Dillon, AJ, and Tyler’s friends and family met at the crash site Sunday afternoon to decorate a Christmas tree in their memory. It was a frigidly cold day but they braved it to decorate the tree with ornaments that came from their hearts.

After decorating the trees the crowd moved on to the Eggert’s house to bake cookies and hang out. There were games and laughter all afternoon. One of the games required the kids to try to unwrap a Christmas present while wearing gloves. The kids were allowed to hang out in Tyler’s room and play his X-Box…just like the good ole’ days.


Vanessa Bornemeier, Katie Schmitt, and Kalee Brewer make cookies.

Kolbi Furgerson works on cookies.

AJ Ita admires her gingerbread man.

Cookies for everyone!

Sam Burtch meticulously decorates his cookie.

Dalton Synovec, Christie Laughlin, and Heather Lancaster take a break.

Kylie Synovec tries to guess who this tall guy in front of her is by feeling him with a spoon.

These kids wait their turn at the games.

Nick Beebee, Josiah, Poole, and Dalton Synovec ham it up.

This may look messy but it represents a warm welcoming home full of life and laughter. Friends are always welcome at the Eggert’s!

The holidays will be hard for everyone but especially hard for the kids’ families. We will hold them in our hearts and prayers as the holidays come and go. We will make as many memories as we can and cherish all of the ones we had with Tyler, AJ, and Dillon. They will forever be in our hearts and every time we laugh we’ll remember how much they loved to laugh and we will laugh for them. And we will remember.

Laugh when you feel like crying, not only is it contagious…but it burns more calories to make room for more fudge. J

Have a great week!!!



For more pictures for this week check out this link. There are also pictures from last week, I used the wrong link in the last newsletter so you didn’t see all of the pictures.

Pictures from last week’s newsletter:

YTCH Fundraising/Marble mazes/Skating Rink fun/Christmas Lights:

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Midnight Run To WalMart:

Sunday at Eggert’s


Julie Anderson


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