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"Growing Together"

December 12, 2007

1Batteries…What do you know about them?

I know that when I need one, a particular size, I won’t have it.  I know that if the children need one they will take the one they need out of anything except the remote control to the TV…unless it is a TV that they don’t use.  Then they will claim ignorance.  But what should we be doing with the dead batteries?  I know I am not supposed to throw them away but if I don’t someone (probably me) will pick them up and think they might be good and throw them back into the battery drawer.  And then the next time I need a battery I’ll be trying all of them in different combinations to find two that work.

All batteries can cause a hazardous condition if not disposed of properly.  Ordinary household batteries such as AA, AAA, C, or D, are just as dangerous as car batteries.  They have the potential to cause problems such as:

  • Pollute the lakes and streams as the metals vaporize into the air when burned.
  • Contribute to heavy metals that potentially may leach from solid waste landfills.
  • Expose the environment and water to lead and acid.
  • Contain strong corrosive acids.
  • May cause burns or danger to eyes and skin.

Just the other day Millie’s friend had a battery in her pocket and noticed it was very hot!  We take batteries for granted and assume they are safe and they really should be treated with care and respect.
Lucky for us we have Lou Allgayer looking out for the battery situation.  Lou is on the board at the library and has offered to be the delivery person for the batteries if we will drop off our used ones there.  The library will have a box for used batteries that we can drop off any time during normal working hours.  Don’t drop them in the returned book slot!  For more information on batteries and proper disposal of them check out this website:


Speaking of the library, it is Winter Weeding time!  April Andersen, library director, is weeding through the books and finding the ones that haven’t been checked out for awhile and is putting them up for sale.  If you are a book freak like me you may want to stop down and see what she has found.  The books will only cost you a small donation.  So hurry down and find a book to curl up with!


REMinder  New Library Hours!

The library will now be open for 30 hours a week!

Monday:  9am-12pm and 2pm-8pm
Tuesday:  2pm-8pm
Thursday:  9am-12pm and 2pm-8pm
Saturday:  9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm


She's BAAACK!!!

Look Who's Been Here and Is Back Again!
Bon Jovi says it best, "Who Says You Can't Go Home?"  Jennifer Brettmann, aka, Jennifer Blunt, has returned to Elmwood with her husband, Nathan.  Jennifer, daughter of Ed and Linda Blunt, grew up in Elmwood, went to college at Peru State and then worked there for a couple of years.  She and her husband have been married 4years and spent much of that time living in dorms at Peru since part of Jennifer's compensation for her job at Peru included a place to live.  Early in their marriage Nathan was deployed to Iraq for 7 months and when he returned he worked at the prison in Tecumseh and then went to school at Southeast Community College in Lincoln for welding.  He has finished that and will graduate this Saturday.  Nathan works at Nebraska Boiler and Jennifer now works in Omaha as a Compensation Advisor at West Corporation.  West Corporation is a leading CRM solution provider, offering comprehensive customer service outsourcing programs to help companies stay connected with their customers.  Jennifer liked growing up in Elmwood so the couple decided to return here.  They purchased a home at 304 East F Street and began renovations.  With help from family and friends they painted, changed flooring, plastered the ceiling, updated it a bit and now they call it home.  Eventually they plan to fill it with kids and toys but in the near future they already have plans for a dog.  The huge fenced in yard will be great for both.  Nathan and Jennifer share a common interest, they both love to rollerskate.  Jennifer worked at Flying Wheels while in high school and was the DJ when Vince and I started going there.  The couple not only loves to skate but they can dance on skates.  I love to watch them skate together.  You can tell they just love it.  So when you see the new/old people around town, you are not mistaken, you do recognize the new/old neighbors!  It's Jennifer and Nathan...home again.

5Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Betty Colbert, EM Music instructor and Michael Hanson, EM Band instructor, have done it again.  The Elmwood Murdock Elementary Band and Music concert last Thursday night was great.   The fifth grade band consists of almost all of the fifth graders…except my son who says he would prefer to listen.  The bands were prepared and performed as if they really liked what they were doing.  Mr. Hanson is a good teacher because the kids are learning and so many of them are going out for band.  Kudos to Mr. Hanson!

The music portion of the program was also good.  Mrs. Colbert always picks a wide variety of songs that just seem to fit the particular class that will be singing them.  The fifth graders had to bring props of an ugly tie, a Christmas bag, and a bottle of perfume for one of their songs.  And Santa made an appearance for the program, too.  Later I found out that it was Tanner Bornemeir.  He seemed to really get into the role though.


As you know, not everyone could sit still for the concert.   Lexie Bacon, daughter of April and Keegan Bacon, kept busy with a friend.  Apparently there are lots of secrets to be told!

Lexie, Tucker, and Angelo found some cars to play with while the big kids sang.

This little guy found a bucket to keep him occupied.  It made for a very dashing hat!

Johnny O and Tucker sat on the sidelines while Mom, (Carae) kept track of her second graders.

Here are two up and coming musicians!  Michael Hynes and Cooper Cronk were swaying to the music in their father’s arms. 

Mr. Dan Novak, superintendent,  was on hand to enjoy the show, too.  You can see here he is checking to see what the next song will be.

Notice Sammie’s pin?  Vote YES for kids! 

The whole concert was captured by cameraman Cameron.  He had help but Ty and Jacob were too shy to get their pictures taken. 

Dapper Aaron Poole strikes a pose for the camera.  How unlike him to ham it up…..

One of the best pictures of the night though were these two little guys running as fast as they can to the bathroom.  Far be it from me to get in their way!

After the concert the sixth graders had their marble mazes on display in their classroom.  They are required to build a maze for a marble to roll through that lasts at least 20 seconds but can’t take over 60 seconds to complete.  There were some very creative marble mazes, too.  Joe has to do this next year and I think we will get started on it now!

The school is having a food drive to fill the local food pantry.  Their goal is 1400 items by the end of this week.  They are about 500 short.  If you want to help out drop off new food items at the school or they will also accept cash donations.  Each quarter counts as one item. 

The EM kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Green Gables Tree Farm.  They learned about the trees and toured the farm.  They each got a branch from different trees and had to figure out which trees their branch came from.  They also got to count the rings on the pine cone pancake to see how old the tree was when it was cut down.  They had a candy cane hunt in the trees so they all got a treat.  They had to go find their special tree that had a big red bow on it and then they sang, “Oh, Christmas Tree.”  When the tree was cut down they all shouted, “Timber!”  The kids carried the tree back to the bus and then on to the school to decorate it! 


Girl Scouts Skate!

Saturday afternoon area Girl Scouts and their moms, dads, and sometimes little brothers braved the ice and came skating at the rink as part of an organized scout activity.  About 64 actual Girl Scouts attended and  many parents and siblings.  The local Brownie leader, Marcy Poteet, was on hand to supervise her girls, Megan and Breanna and fellow Girl Scout, Riley.  The girls skated until the parents couldn’t take the stress of the weather anymore.  Thanks for coming, Girls!

The weather sure didn’t stop the kids from coming to the rink Saturday night.  We had a blast skating, playing Dance Dance Revolution, and karaoking.  Officer Fries even stopped by to say, “Hi.”  He enjoyed the girls and I singing, “I Love Rock and Roll.”  I could tell he liked it by the way he was laughing.

Big Dan's Video

Big Dan’s Video Store is more than just videos.  They have all the great old movies…westerns, action, romance, cartoons, whatever you might want to see!  Plus, they have all the new movies, too.  No need to go to Blockbuster!  I’m really an idiot for telling you about this place because you are going to rush down there and get all the best movies. 

Did I tell you what else they have?  Stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Crafts, the biggest Hot Wheels display you’ve ever seen.  Clothes, dishes, lotions, candy, antiques.  Yes.  I did say antiques.  You better go check them out.  You may find the perfect Christmas present for that “hard to buy for friend.”  I have my eye on the secretary’s desk….but Vince doesn’t think we have room for it.   Ha!

Speaking of movies…do you have a favorite movie that no matter when it comes on you stop everything to watch it?  You never rent it but if you are flipping through and you see it you just have to stop?  We have three movies like that.  First, anytime this is on we stop everything to watch it…American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning.  Second, Pure Country, with George Strait.   And third, Dirty Dancing.  No need to explain that one.  I was just wondering if anyone else did this, too.

A friend of mine called awhile back and said, “Let’s take the girls to the Avril Lavigne concert.”  Of course I said, “Yes!”  Who doesn’t like the Girlfriend song?  Simple Plan was playing, too, and some other guy that was from Oklahoma and sounded like a cowboy when he talked and a punker when he sang.  But he was good!  What at time we had!  The most fun was hanging out with the girls.   I love being with them and watching them experience things for the first time.  I watched most of the concert but ended up on a bench in the hallway with another mom who couldn’t take the volume.  I didn’t mind that because I’m used to it and I even like the music.  But I met a new friend and had a great time sharing mom stories.  Now Millie wants to go see Linkin Park.  That might be a bit much for me…I’ll turn this one over to a friend who also likes Linkin Park and would be glad to take her.  I might like a shirt though.  Now, if she wanted to go see Bon Jovi…I’d be ready for that!  (did you notice there are two references to Bon Jovi in this week’s newsletter?  How often does that happen?)

Take care and drive safely!

Julie Anderson

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