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“Growing Together”
December 10, 2008

A Fun Fundraiser for the Elementary School

This is a way for you to get some shopping done and help out the school. All you have to do is go on line to this website: and do your shopping. When you check out just fill in this information when prompted and the school will earn money.

State: Nebraska
Organization: Support Our Students
City: Elmwood

Miki Bruns tells me that this is an ongoing fundraiser and will be available for Christmas, Valentine's, Easter etc. for the entire year or until they decide to stop it...maybe never! Happy Shopping!!

4H Club Babysits

The Tomorrow's Producers 4-H club held their first ever free night of babysitting on Friday, December 5th at the Methodist church in Murdock. There were 14 children enrolled for the evening of fun. They started the night off with games and coloring. After a light supper they played several rounds of Bingo! They also frosted and decorated their own Christmas cookies. Hand painted Christmas cards with Santa were also made. Sue Platt entertained the kids with her old slide projector and the evening was finished off with a movie and popcorn. Thank you to all the families who participated and all the help from the 4-Hers and their families. It was a great success!!

Katelyn, Thomas, Lindsey, Katie & Michael decorating sugar cookies

Kylee & Charlotte decorating cookies

Matt & Trevor playing Bingo

Patrick & Michael

Patrick, Trevor & Thomas

Sabrina, Lindsey, & Brooke playing games

Shenia, Christine, Charlotte, Katelyn, Paige & Anna drawing

Speaking of a Parent’s Night Out…

Platte Valley Tumbling is offering another Buddy Night

Another Buddy Night coming up on Friday, December 12, 2008. $20 per child/$15 each if more than one in a family. A friend can also participate, $20 and a signed release form from their parent. We'll theme out as a Christmas Party. Free-Time Tumble, Hide-and-go-seek and more! Included is a snack and drink for the night. 6pm-10pm. PARENTS, enjoy an evening out to dinner, last minute Christmas shopping or just a quiet time at home.

To register call Amy at 402-328-8911 or cell: 402-679-2411

Fiddle Camp!

Registration is now open for the 2009 Schoolhouse Fiddle Camps, in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in Avoca, Nebraska. Deborah Greenblatt, championship fiddler, author of many fiddle collections, will help the campers get in touch with their inner fiddler. The course of study during the Schoolhouse Fiddle Camp will be designed specifically for the individual campers who sign up.

Fiddle Camp for Beginners is Monday, June 8 - Friday, June 12, 2009. Fiddle Camp for Intermediate/Advanced Fiddlers is Monday, July 13 - Friday, July 17, 2009. Each day is scheduled from 9 AM - 1 PM. Registration is available on line at

For more information, contact Deborah Greenblatt at

Elmwood Rescue Weekly Winner: December 6 #49 is Gregg Drake of Elmwood

Weekly Drawing for
52 weeks
$100.00 winner
every Saturday
are now on Sale for $20

Any Elmwood Volunteer Rescue member
or Send Check or Money and a Self-Stamped Addressed Envelope to

Elmwood Rescue Raffle
104 Railroad Ave
Elmwood Ne 68349

See for past winners

Contact Any Elmwood Volunteer Rescue member
Ed Blunt 994-3295 Miki Bruns 994-2770 Jennifer Brettmann
Theresa Brown Mike Krass John Oehlerking Konia Jones
Ben Kastens Jordan Peterson Ken Kunz Jeff Clymer
Heath Vogt

"Journey Into Christmas" Holiday Open House
at the Bess Streeter Aldrich House

Every Sat. & Sun. through December -- 2:00-5:00 p.m. daily

204 East F St., Elmwood, NE

See every room of the historic home of author Bess Streeter Aldrich
dressed for the holidays! Every room of the home has been decorated by
a local group or family, each with its own tree and theme. After your
tour enjoy complimentary holiday goodies and browse the gift shop.
Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children ages 6-12.

Knight Pride signs for sale at the Library for only $15! Show your Knight Pride by displaying the sign in your yard and support your library at the same time! For more information stop by the library or give Cindy Mumford, library director, a call.
124 West D Street

Progress at the Elementary School! They are pouring concrete!

It was the weekend for Parties! Birthday and Company parties…

Seven year old Zach had a Pirate Birthday party with several of his little pirate friends, including a parrot! Zach’s mom, Nichole, made his special cake and it looked like a pirate ship! The kids had fun and no one had to walk the plank.

Then Shay and Jordyn Campbell had a joint birthday party. Shay will be turning 4 this month and Jordyn just turned 1. Many family and friends came to help the girls celebrate.

Baker Shay prepared the cupcakes for the party.

Shay on the party day…she greeted people and helped them get their skates on.

Our new skating instructor, Jordyn, helped her cousin, Keenan.

Jordyn takes a break and rides with her other cousin, Caden.

Rosie Offner gets a hand from her mom, Darah, as she tries out skating.

Twins? Payton and Catherine sure do look alike.

It’s time for the dice game!

Jordyn loves her birthday cake!

She loves it so much she decided to wear it!

Shay poses with all the gifts she and Jordyn received.

The whole birthday party poses!

Saturday night proved to be a lot of fun, too, and there wasn’t even a birthday party! The kids skated, danced, played dodgeball, and karaoked. Before they could play dodgeball Millie led the boys in stretching exercises.

We really don’t do pizza delivery. Bradly was just acting out his fantasy of being a pizza delivery man.

Rachel Fortney came by to reminisce about the fun times at the rink.

The kids stretch out before dodgeball.

Sometimes they over stretch.

Millie rescues everyone from this boy. Who is this kid? I found out his name is Jaden. He’s full of energy and goes a mile a minute! By the end of the night he had everyone asking…”Who is this kid?”

And then Aarin Poole joined the dancers!

After dancing and dodgeball there was nothing left but karaoke. Garyn and Taylor sang together while Millie chimed in.

Not to be outdone Rachel and Paige had a tune to sing.

Millie controls the volume just in case they miss a note.

I guess there was more dancing left in them.

This time it was a little more funky.

“Let’s get Funky, Funky, Funky…” That’s from the Cha-Cha-Slide, in case you didn’t know.

Aarin and Josiah came in with only 15 minutes left in the night but managed to pack those 15 minutes with a night full of fun!

First timer, Tyler Barnes, said he would come back again since he found out how much fun it was at the rink.

Paige and Rachel promise they are coming back again and they are bringing friends!

PCS Phosphate holds Company Christmas Party

Sunday brought the PCS employees and families to the rink. Several generations skated and played on the scooters. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus came to listen to wishes and pass out treats.

Santa and Mrs. Claus listen to wishes from everyone including Grandmas.

These girls thought that the longer they sat on Santa’s lap a more gifts they would receive.

Tyler and Dillon Bruns were invited by their Grandma Dort who organized the event.

This cutie pie skated for the first time.

This little princess danced and played on the slide.

Annabelle Murphy and her Dad, John, made many rounds around the rink.

This little girl requested Britney Spears and then performed for us.

Sunday Night was Family Night

Can one ever get enough of the rink? You would think so but not only were we there all weekend but the Campbells were there most of the time, too. They step in when we need extra help but finally all the work was done and it was time to play. Everyone put skates on and had some fun.

The Campbells on Family Night…notice Santa trying to join in?

And last but not least, our own Rebecca Petersen shows off her special skating skills. She’s a disco queen!

If you would like to see more pictures from the weekend…believe me, there are some doozies…more party pictures, more dancing, more stretching, and more laughs…checkout the web album at:

Look for the Wild Weekend of Fun – 12-06-08

Hope you have a great week and try not to pack too many activities into it! See you at the Elementary School Winter Program on Thursday! If this is the first you are hearing about this you better talk to your kid…he’s gonna need some nice clothes. That reminds me….I better take Joe shopping!




Julie Anderson


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