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"Growing Together"

November 28, 2007

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This was the week for babies! Several families increased by one this week. Tuesday, Paul and F.M. Bykerk, became grandparents again. Their daughter, Ashley, and husband Ronnie Skoda, became proud parents of the sweetest little girl. Allie Marie, weighed in at a delicate 7 lbs 2 oz, 20 ½“ long. Thank goodness she looks good in pink because there is plenty of it waiting for her. Allie's daddy is serving in Iraq so he couldn't be at the big event. Luckily, his dad and his wife, Ron & Rita Skoda, and his mom and her husband, Kathy & Joe Nannen were on hand to represent him.

Corey and Brook Campbell welcomed their little bundle of joy Friday morning. She was plump as a turkey at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20” long. Jordyn Jo Campbell has a full head of hair and is cute as a button. Big sister, Shea, thinks they will keep her. I warned Corey, “Just wait, they are sure cute now but this means you will have two beautiful teenage daughters someday….you better buy a shotgun!”

New Library Hours!

The library will now be open for 30 hours a week!

Monday: 9am-12pm and 2pm-8pm

Tuesday: 2pm-8pm

Thursday: 9am-12pm and 2pm-8pm

Saturday: 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm


Holiday Extravaganza a Success!

Saturday was a great day in Elmwood. When I first woke up Saturday morning at 4:30 a.m. I thought, “No way, I'm not getting up!” A dusting of light snow seemed to encourage me to stay snuggled up in bed. But I thought about Kurk Shrader and his crew setting up the Fire Hall and I knew that we had to get moving. I was able to coax Joe into getting up but Vince and Millie gave into the snow and stayed in bed. Joe and I gathered up his box of treasures and went to the Fire Hall to set up for his garage sale. As luck would have it Kurk placed us at a table directly under the heater. What luck! Since it was so cold outside the rural fire trucks containing water had to stay inside so we got to sit near the truck. Two stands down from Joe was the Kettle Korn stand. Another stroke of luck! Dan Spaulding was soon cranking out the pancakes for the hungry people who made a line back to the door. There were many vendors selling things from make up to jewelry to toddler chairs to Tupperware to garage sale treasures. Several stands had crafts geared toward the Christmas season. Pat Spellman was selling her creations with help from Sydney Brummer. Pat invited me to her open house on Saturday, December 8 th to see all of her crafts. I have seen the sign in her yard ever since we moved to town but was never brave enough to stop in and browse. She told me to come on in, the basement is always open!!

I left Joe there minding the store while I had a birthday party at the rink. After the party I checked back in with him and he had sold most of his junk…I mean, treasures. Hopefully he behaved himself. The Mangosteen saleslady, Louise Vicroy, at the table next to him had promised to keep an eye on him. She has three teenagers and knew just how to deal with boys. By the way, you might want to check out that Mangosteen. It contains powerful antioxidents that will cure what ails you! Louise said it took away her migraines!

I was just in time to see Santa come in the door. The kids were lined up to greet him. I swear to you…this really was Santa. I am dead serious. I discussed it with the kids who came to the rink that night and we decided he was the real deal. His beard was real. He seemed to know the kids well enough to call some of them by name. He even knew where some lived! I'm telling you…we were in the presence of greatness.

I left Santa with his duties and hurried back to the rink to get ready for the big movie. Kids brought their pillows and blankets and curled up on the floor to watch Shrek the Third. Some parents even stayed for the movie. We reserved the couch for adults but the kids didn't mind. We gave them popcorn and pop to help them through the movie. It was a great show.

Then I took a little break and came back up to the rink to get ready for the Skate/Dance. I missed the soup supper and the lighting ceremony but I can't do everything. I do know my limitations. The Skate/Dance was a blast! We skated until 10:00 and then started Guitar Hero II and Dance Dance Revolution in the back. Some kids danced on the floor. Then we started the Karaoke Club. I started them off with Love Shack. I think I was pretty good because they asked me not to sing anymore. I think I was making them look bad. The Karaoke was a hit though so we'll have to do that again. We'll probably have to have a night dedicated to Karaoke….I'll keep you posted in case anyone wants to sing Love Shack with me. J

Sunday dawned early…probably. I wouldn't know, I didn't see it dawn. After getting home around 2:00 a.m. from the rink we slept in. And kept lounging all day. Except for Vince. He's plastering the living room to make it a livable space for us. I know you are curious as to just what is going on in that house on the corner on D Street . Until this last week the only major activity was on the outside but we were motivated to take some action in the living room because my parents were coming for a visit. The carpet had to go. It smelled so bad! Then the project just snowballed from there. The wall paper border was stripped and the walls plastered. This week we'll paint. My parents have come and gone in the midst of the construction but at least we gave them the impression we are making progress.

You may be wondering whose big truck and trailer is parked in the empty lot in front of the post office. That belongs to my mom and dad. They are in the process of moving from California to who knows where. They took off Sunday to drive around America to find a place to live. So the truck will be there for a couple of weeks while they find a place to live. The truck on the car trailer, a 1954 International pickup, has belonged to my dad almost longer than I have. He takes it everywhere he moves. Perhaps someday he will restore it to its original glory. But it is a member of the family. Just like the Studebaker…I think that should be mine.

Who Else is New?

Mandy Marsh is the new employee at CD's Express. Mandy has been working there a few weeks now so she knows what she's doing by now. Stop in for coffee and say “Hi' to Mandy! You can say “Hi” to Melissa, Damicka, Becky, Beth, AJ, Deb, and Coleman, too, while you're at it!

For those of you who braved Black Friday…..GOOD JOB!!!! I hope you found what you were looking for out in that mob. I didn't make it but I have heard some great shopping stories! Next year I will go just to take pictures.

That's all for today…hope you have a great week! Come by the rink on Sunday, 5-8, we're celebrating a whole bunch of birthdays! Did I mention that my birthday is on Saturday? There will be big doin's at the rink that nigh too!

Happy Birthday To Me,   and Lou, and   Wizard, And Abby,   and Ashley, and   Jodee....etc...


Julie Anderson

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