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"Growing Together"

November 14, 2007


Thank You, Veterans!

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis

Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School held their annual Veterans’ Day Program Monday. Many grandfathers, uncles, dads, grandmothers, aunts, and moms were on hand to hear the children and the audience express their gratitude for the sacrifices these men and women gave to protect our freedoms.

Mrs. Betty Colbert, music instructor, and Mr. Michael Hanson, band instructor, practiced with the children to make the program a great success. The Junior High band performed and the kids also sang several songs. Each veteran had an opportunity to introduce themselves and tell what branch of the service they served in and the years. Most were related to at least one child in the school and the kids were so proud to have them there.

Patrick and Thomas Hynes were very proud to have their father there. Mr. Bruce Friedrich, principal of E-M Elementary, introduced him as Captain Kevin Hynes. The boys introduced him as, “Dad”. Captain Hynes told about his years in the National Guard as an editor and photojournalist. His experiences have taken him not only all over America but all over the world. His job is to tell the stories of the Nebraska National Guardsmen and women. He followed up his speech with a video of a collection of photos of Nebraska soldiers serving in the war. He played the video to the Toby Keith song, “An American Soldier.”

As we all said the “Pledge of Allegiance” and sang the “Star Spangled Banner” I wondered if everyone was having as much trouble as I was to not shed a tear. I know we all take our freedom for granted at times but the people who keep getting up everyday and fighting for our rights to do that deserve our gratitude. They don’t ask for anything but they deserve everything. Captain Hynes asked one thing of all of us today…call a veteran and thank him for serving for us. I think I’ll call my brother tonight.

Even when you are a soldier sometimes you still have to be a mom. You still have to plan sleepovers, you still have to drive your kids to practice, and you still have to paint your laundry room cupboards John Deere green. Life goes on when you are a soldier, as Julie Synovec is well aware of. Whether she is at work or at home she is still saving the world. Julie is my hero.

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

What can you do? How can you help the soldiers? The FBLA has the perfect answer for you. The FBLA is sponsoring a Treats for Troops campaign. They will be sending boxes to a Nebraska Army National Guard platoon stationed in Iraq. If you would like to contribute items to the effort you can drop them off at the Flying Wheels Fun Center or CD’s Express. If you would like your own box contact Kurk Shrader at or (402)867-2341.

Here is a list of items that they are looking for to fill the boxes:

Drink Mixes that don’t require sugar
Hard Candies that won’t melt
Dried Fruit
Trail Mix
Beef Jerky Sticks or dried meats
Hand Sanitizer or wet wipes
Chap stick
Aloe Vera or something else to help with sun/wind burns
Puzzle book: Sudoku, crossword, wordfind, etc. Assorted puzzles
Lotion, unscented
Spray bottles
Plastic flipbook photo keeper
Phone cards
Deck of Playing Cards
Toothbrushes, little tubes of toothpaste
Deodorant, unscented
Toilet Paper
Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, etc.
Notebook or journal and writing utensils. No pencils that will need sharpened; preferably pens that won’t bleed
Boxers for Christmas/T-shirt or tank top
Christmas Cards
DVDs or CDs
Duct tape
Letters of encouragement

If you send DVDs or CDs you may have difficulty choosing what exactly to send. Remember that the troops will probably trade items if they’d like something different, so don’t worry about it too much.

There are 45 soldiers in this platoon. There are both men and women so think things for both.

Tales of Wonder - A Musical Storytelling
(a one-hour concert featuring songs and stories from the Creation to the Resurrection)

WHEN: Saturday, November 17, 2007, 7:30PM

WHERE: St. John the Baptist School gym, 500 South 18th Street, in Plattsmouth

PRESENTED BY: The Church of the Holy Spirit Combined Youth and Adult Choirs

COST: No charge (freewill donation benefits the parish music ministry and help replace the church sound system).

OTHER: Drawing for T-shirt/Christian music CD's. Refreshments provided following the concert.

CONTACT INFO: Terry Little at 402-296-4170 or

THIS IS IT! ONE NIGHT ONLY! DON'T BE LATE!: “Tales of Wonder - A Musical of Storytelling” will be presented by the Church of the Holy Spirit combined Adult and Youth Choirs this coming Saturday, November 17, 7:30 p.m. at St. John the Baptist School gym, located at 500 South 18th Street, Plattsmouth. Written by composer Marty Haugen, "Tales of Wonder" is a musical based around storytellers who sing faith stories spanning from the time of the Creation to the Resurrection. It features a collection of uplifting and inspirational songs, and will be performed by a 48 member combined choir, including students from St. John School. The one hour musical will be directed by Terry Little, Director of Music at Holy Spirit Catholic Parish. Ed and Gladys Jones will serve as the storytellers. It is open to the public, and there is no charge. Freewill donations will benefit the parish music ministry and will go towards replacing the church sound system. Free drawing for Tales of Wonder T-shirt/Christian Music CD's. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Do you recognize the girl on the left? Melissa Kinnison is back at CD’s Express! I walked in last week and caught a glimpse of her from the corner of my eye and for a minute didn’t think anything about it. There was Melissa. She’s always there…but no, she quit and moved away months ago. I looked at her again and she was laughing at me. As usual. I asked if she was back and she said, “Yes!” So stop in welcome her back. Now, as for the other girl in the picture…that’s Damicka Leone. She was hamming it up for the camera.

St. Paul United Methodist Church
Heavenly Harvest Fall Fund Raiser

Saturday, November 17th, 2007
Serving dinner from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Roast pork/Chicken Breast

Adults - $8
Children ages 3 – 10 - $5
Under age 2: Free

Following the meal there will be a live aucion with Gene Sisco as auctioneer. A huge list of donated items is posted at various sites around Elmwood. A final list will be distributed on November 17th. Items may be donated until November 14th.

This is a great opportunity to do your Christmas shopping! Bring your friends! It will be a fun evening for everyone. Your purchase is a tax deductible gift to the church. If you can’t be at the auction send a friend!

St. Paul United Methodist Church
400 West “G” Street
Elmwood, NE

Speaking of harvest, have you noticed how the grain has been piling up? If ever a doubt was in your mind that the farmers haven’t been hard at work this should clear that up for you!

Holiday Extravaganza Decoration Contest
Sponsored by the E-M Merchants’ Association

Contest Rules:
- Entries must be submitted by Monday, November 19th
- Participants can be from Elmwood, Murdock, and Alvo
- Judging will be November 24th from 6-10 pm.
- Criteria: Originality, Use of Lights, and theme
- Addresses of all entries will be distributed at the Community Center in Elmwood.

1st Prize: $50.00
2nd Prize: $25.00
3rd Prize: $15.00
Other Participants: $10.00 in EMMA Bucks
To be redeemed at Local Businesses

To enter send you name, address, and phone number to:

Judy Cline
Box 187
Elmwood, NE 68349

A big "thank you" goes to Roger Buck for sharing his fall harvest with
the kindergarten classes of Elmwood-Murdock. While at his farm they
enjoyed a hayrack ride across a creaky, rumbling bridge to the pumpkin
field where they all searched for their perfect pumpkins. Back at the
house they opened pumpkins and cleaned out the seeds which were roasted
later. The children agreed on the bus ride back to school that they
enjoyed the afternoon with Mr. Buck and are lucky to have him as a

Diane Vice and Emilie Cook Kindergarten Teachers


See Shrek 3

Holiday Extravaganza Event
Saturday, November 24th
3:00 p.m.

Bring your pillow and blanket!
Free treats!

Julie Anderson

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