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"Growing Together"

October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Just who is this handsome devil? Don’t you recognize him? Is that a costume for Halloween?

I think not…it is our own Merl Merchant. 

It’s hard to recognize him with the new hair do but doesn’t he look sharp! He is ready to meet your computer needs….stop by his store, Specialized Computer Solutions in Elmwood and admire his new do and get some info on computers. I believe he is even having a sale for Christmas already!

Did you happen to see Winnie the Pooh skateboarding down the sidewalk last week? I did! And the Great Pumpkin! Unfortunately shortly after giving up the Pooh costume Jesse fell and broke his foot. So he won’t be skateboarding anytime soon. 


A new swing set was installed at the Elementary School on October 6th. The cement is set and all the kids were anxious and waiting for the bark to be thrown out and the swings to be hung. Last week the bark was delivered and the swings put up. The kids were excited to break it in. The S.O.S. purchased the swing set and many volunteers installed it. A big thank you goes out to the following people for helping to install the swing set: John Bruns, Curt Backemeyer, Doug Frahm, Rich Goudie, Rick Hawks, Jim Lake, Mark Meyer, Jesse Rust, and Mark Sheldon. Years from now these guys will be pushing their grandchildren on these swings and telling them about the day “back in 2007 when we dug the holes for this swing set.” 


Dance like no one’s watching….that’s kind of hard to do for the classes at the Haas Dance Academy during Visitor Week! I sat in on a session and admired their moves. There were a couple of moms watching, too. Lesley Haas led the class and the moms in several dances. They did some Jazz dancing and some tap dancing. After dance lessons they even had a minute to practice their Hoola Hoop skills. It was very interesting watching them practice the basics. Lesley invited me back for the next Visitor Day in eight weeks to check on their progress


Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!!!! Who doesn’t love puppies?

Everyone loves puppies, especially Kalee Brewer and her family. Tom and Kelly Brewer, with the help of Kalee and brother Travis, although I’m not sure how much help Travis is with this project, have bred their Weimaraners several times and have sold the puppies to deserving families. Currently, they have twelve puppies that are almost ready to for new homes. Yes, I said twelve. That is a big litter! So many that they didn’t even name them. Fourteen year old Kalee has taken good care of them and will miss them when they are gone but might get a full night’s sleep.

Weimararners are very intelligent, are good guard dogs, and are highly devoted to their families. They are social and need to be part of the family life. The ghost gray dog has short hair which is easy to take care of but makes them sensitive to the cold. William Wegman is a photographer who has used Weimaraners in his work a lot. He has made them quite famous by dressing them up like people. You may have seen his work and wondered what kind of dog that was in the pictures. Here are a couple of pictures from his collection.

William Wegman, Untitled (Puppies) William Wegman, Blue Under Over William Wegman, Tote

And here is Kalee with her brood. Don’t you love how she pulls them around in the wagon. 

If you are interested in becoming the owner of one of these cute puppies keep in mind they are a high energy dog that requires proper obedience training and socialization. They will walk all over you if you let them. This may not be a good choice for a first time dog owner. But if you are interested, give the Brewers a call, 402-994-2875.


The Halloween Skate/Dance at the Flying Wheels proved to be tons of fun for everyone. We had vampires, cheerleaders, the Swamp thing, and many other costumes. Best costume went to two sisters, Shanie and Shelby, for their idea of Day time TinkerBell and Night time Tinkerbell. I did get a picture of a vampire moving in on her prey. Miss Kabby tries to take a bite out of Rachelle Pratt. Shelby Sims goes into shock when she wins a Hannah Montana poster as a door prize!

DJ Randy kept the kids busy with games, toys, skating, and prizes. He also judged an Air Guitar Contest that just drives the kids wild. Guitar Hero kept the older kids busy, too. 

Birthday, Birthday, Who Had a Birthday?

Kevin Hynes was surprised by his family and friends Friday night at the Rink with a 40th Birthday Party. Lisa, his wife, worked very hard to make the plans and to keep it a secret. Patrick and Thomas worked just a little harder. The two boys made sure no one told Dad about the party. Here’s a picture of Kevin and Lisa and all the kids at the party.

Someone else had a birthday this weekend. Katie Bornemeier turned 10 and invited her friends to a party at the rink. Here’s a picture of Katie and her crew. They were going to be partying all day and have a bon fire that night.


HAPPY FALL FESTIVAL @ the Elmwood-Murdock Elementary

As usual the SOS and volunteers has out done themselves for the annual Fall Festival. There were outdoor games and trick or treating inside. Parents and teachers and the FBLA volunteered to help out. Ashley and Lizzy monitored the front door.

There was a maze in the library and cookies in the lunchroom. Behind every classroom door was someone dressed for the occasion handing out candy. The kids were dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Here are two little princess…Princess Rose and Princess Lilly.

Kids weren’t the only ones who dressed up. Check out this hot babe! Wouldn’t you like to see “her” hanging out with the kids? And Becky convinced her whole family to dress up for the day.

Julie Anderson


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