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"Growing Together"

October 24, 2007



I smell a rat!  Nope, just a Rink Rat’s stinky feet!  Friday night was Rink Rat night at the Flying Wheels.  This is a night reserved for Elementary age kids and their families.  The little guys like to hang out without the teenagers sometime.  Some parents like to make it a family night.  There is skating,  silly hats, games, and scooters! 


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Friday night, Oct. 26th is Best of the 80’s plus a tribute to Jimmy Buffett.  Believe it or not there are a lot of kids that enjoy this “old” music!  There are several moms and dads who still like it, too.   We sometimes slip some of the Best of the 60’s and 70’s in also.




Saturday night is the Halloween Skate/Dance.  There will be a costume contest, games, and even a guest DJ!  Yes, DJ Randy will be on site to scare the bejeebies out of the kids and to play their favorite songs.  We have a lot of fun things planned so send your kids down and go out to dinner and a movie with your honey.  Let us get your kids all sugared up for you!
12On a serious note, I have had parents ask me at what age is it appropriate to let their kids come to the rink alone.  We have quite the age range, anywhere from 5 years old to 85 years old.  We have strict rules about behavior and we enforce them.  No one is allowed to hurt anyone, steal from anyone, or make fun of anyone.  Except me….they always make fun of me.  But I can handle that.  I tell the kids they are to act as though their grandparents are watching them.  That goes for the teenagers, too.  They aren’t allowed to make out but hand holding is appropriate.  Because we do have such a young crowd (who think they are older than they really are) we also make sure the dancing is appropriate.  I am not the moral police but I would want someone to make sure a boy wasn’t grabbing my daughter inappropriately on the dance floor.   That’s my job.  And we are equipped with Super Soakers to help enforce these rules.  We rarely need them but we will get them out if necessary.  J

The skating rink should be a place where kids can go and be safe.  Parents shouldn’t have to worry about them.  If we do have continued problems with a child they will not be allowed back into the rink without one of their parents to stay with them.  This may sound extreme but I want everyone to have a good time without getting hurt.

If you ever have any questions, please give us a call. Enough about the rink…let’s get on to something else.



Fall Festival is coming soon!   October 27th from 2:00-3:30 p.m. at the
Elementary School for grades PreK-6.  This Festival is sponsored by the S.O.S, but needs volunteers to help out with the activities, refreshments, and/or decorating.  Set-up will begin at 9am on Saturday, October 27th for anyone wishing to help decorate. 

Items that we are asking to be donated are:
    Halloween Candy and Soup/Veggie/Fruit Cans (rinsed)
These items can be dropped off at the school office.  If you have any questions, please call Samantha Bornemeier at 817-1270.



Speaking of Pumpkins…….have you been to the Punkin Patch out on Highway 34 to get your pumpkins yet?  We have already made a couple of trips and Joe brought home a HUGE, ginormous (that’s a new word combining gigantic & enormous) pumpkin.  He insisted on carving it that night (which was two weeks ago) for the pumpkin decorating contest down at C-D’s Express.  That’s the contest that won’t be judged until October 25th.  Needless to say the pumpkin is a little shriveled and a lot moldy by now in fact it is collapsing on itself.  He wants to submit a picture of it anyway.  Joe carved it himself and it is a beauty.  He nailed a 3 inch wide strip of log siding to the top to make it look like a Mohawk.  And it does.


20You better go get your pumpkin and get it decorated…only a few days left until the contest is over!




What’s that in that cupboard?
If you have to ask yourself that then it is time to do something about it.  Really, take a peek inside your cupboards and closets.  Do you see a lot of stuff that you haven’t even touched for months or years?  Well, it’s time to haul it out and sell it!  Reserve your table now for the first annual Elmwood-Murdock Garage Sale Mania.  This could become bigger than Eagle’s garage sale days.  Think about it….an indoor garage sale in November!  There will be lots of great junk, I mean, treasures, to look at and it will be inside where it is warm.  There will be a concession stand sponsored by the E-M FBLA and if you time it right shoppers will even get to see Santa!  This event is being held on the Holiday Extravaganza day, Saturday, November 24th.

Do you make crafts to sell?  Now is the perfect time!  Christmas is coming and people are looking for great gifts.  The spaces will be going fast so don’t hesitate.  This is sponsored by the E-M FBLA group who are raising money to purchase a lift chair for the Elmwood Rescue Squad.  This event could be the one to get them to their goal.  Spaces are $20 and include an 8’ table.  Additional tables are available for $5.  Reserve your space now by contacting Kurk Shrader at or 402-867-2341

Julie Anderson

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