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“Growing Together”
October 22, 2008

Elmwood Rescue
Weekly Winner: October, 18th #42
Monte Moser, Lincoln Ne


HEROES Among Us…

Amanda Cronk would like to thank some of our local heroes. She says it better than I can. Here is her thank you in her own words…

“I was wondering if you could put a thank you in your newsletter to the Fire Department for us. My husband Don had a diabetic reaction due to low blood sugar last night. After about 30 min of trying to get it back up I called 911. The ambulance responded very quickly, within a few minutes, and was very thorough in treating him and getting him to the hospital. They were also very patient with him since he was pretty uncooperative and very out of it. I was surprised and VERY pleased with their knowledge and reaction time in an emergency. So, if you could...please tell them thank you from the Cronks and let them know that we will always be appreciative to them for the services that they perform, and for taking such good care of Don. Thank you...Amanda Cronk”

Thanks to the Elmwood Rescue Team Members for all the time and energy you dedicate to making sure you are the best rescue team you can be. We rely on you to be there for us when we need you and we do appreciate everything you do from the Waffleman to the EMT training to saving our lives. You are the heroes among us.

Ed Blunt
Mike Krass
Miki Bruns
John Oehlerking
Konia Jones
Jeff Clymer
Jennifer Brettmann
Theresa Brown
Ken Kunz
Health Vogt
Jordan Petersen
Ben Kastens


The Waffleman Delivers…

As always the Waffleman delivered the goods Sunday. A packed house enjoyed the waffles, multiple toppings, and sausages. Merl Merchant, at the Sign and Screen Shop, is responsible for the art work on the Waffleman’s trailer. The trailer was parked by the road and helped advertise the event. The parking lot full of cars also helped. What is the only thing that will get Millie out of bed so early on a Sunday morning? The Waffleman. She was ready to eat the hot waffles. Suzie and Lou brought Suzie’s son, Mac and his family along, too. I imagine it didn’t take much convincing. The proceeds from the event will allow the rescue squad to buy more equipment.


Happy Birthday to Judy Root!

Judy is the cook/manager of the Elmwood Community Center and her birthday is Friday, October 24th. Make plans to help her celebrate Friday! Call ahead for a lunch reservation at the Elmwood Community Center, 994-2145. Feel free to sing “Happy Birthday” to her!


Lunch with the kids

Do you remember school lunch? Did you have stories about how bad it was? I’m sure everyone does. My brother and I didn’t get to eat school lunch very often…we had to take our lunch. So school lunch always looked pretty good to us. The school pizza was the best! It was at least an inch thick and you could fold it over and squeeze the grease out of it. And then there was the chili and cinnamon rolls. Anyone who went to school in Auburn knows that you dip your cinnamon roll in the chili. That’s the best! Since Friday is my day off I try to go have lunch with Joe as much as possible. I usually forget to tell the school so I don’t get to eat the lunch. Last week I remembered in time so I got to enjoy the cheese quesadilla, salad, and ice cream bar. And it was good! Most kids claimed they liked it but Joe didn’t, of course. For a special treat I brought chicken strips for him. So everyone was happy. I love to have lunch with the kids…they have so much to say!



Friday, October 31st
6:30 pm to 6:30 am

Costume contest, skating, games, dancing, and the Haunted Closet!!!
Admission: All night - $13; Until 10:30 - $8; 10:30 or after $10 – (Plus Skate Rental on all)
Includes breakfast! No need for sleeping bags or pillows…there will be no sleeping!!!
Check out the website for more info:

The Flying Wheels will be closed to the public all day on Saturday, November 1st. We will be open on Sunday, November 2nd!

Email of the Week

A Mother’s Revenge

When I'm an old lady, I'll live with each kid,
And bring so much happiness...just as they did.
I want to pay back all the joy they've provided.
Returning each deed! Oh, they'll be so excited!
(When I'm an old lady and live with my kids)

I'll write on the wall with reds, whites and blues,
And I'll bounce on the furniture...wearing my shoes.
I'll drink from the carton and then leave it out.
I'll stuff all the toilets and oh, how they'll shout!
(When I'm an old lady and live with my kids)

When they're on the phone and just out of reach,
I'll get into things like sugar and bleach.
Oh, they'll snap their fingers and then shake their head,
(When I'm an old lady and live with my kids)

When they cook dinner and call me to eat,
I'll not eat my green beans or salad or meat,
I'll gag on my okra, spill milk on the table,
And when they get angry....I'll run...if I'm able!
(When I'm an old lady and live with my kids)

I'll sit close to the TV, through the channels I'll click,
I'll cross both eyes just to see if they stick.
I'll take off my socks and throw one away,
And play in the mud 'til the end of the day!
(When I'm an old lady and live with my kids)

And later in bed, I'll lay back and sigh,
I'll thank God in prayer and then close my eyes.
My kids will look down with a smile slowly creeping,
And say with a groan, 'She's so sweet when she's sleeping!'

God Bless All Moms and Grandmas and Aunts everywhere!

Have a great week!!



Julie Anderson


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