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"Growing Together"

October 17, 2007

Garage Sale Mania in November!!


(Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!)

You rent the space and sell your treasures and the proceeds from the space rental go toward the community effort to raise funds to purchase a stair chair for the Elmwood Rescue Squad.

Saturday, November 24th
(During the Holiday Extravaganza!)
@ the Elmwood Fire Station

Reserve your space for a community garage sale.
$20 per booth includes 8’ table (extra tables available for $5 each)
25 Spaces are available
(10’ x 10’ booth, first come, first serve)
Set up 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Sponsored by the Elmwood-Murdock FBLA.
We’ll do the advertising and you manage your own pricing and sales.

Reserve your space by contacting:
Kurk Shrader

Please include the following information:

10’x 10’ booth - $20
Extra tables ( ) x $5 each $
Total: $


How do you get your name on
the marquis for winning $100?

Just ask any rescue team member and they can help you! The Elmwood Volunteer Rescue Squad sponsors the weekly drawing that gives $100 to the lucky winner. They are selling tickets now $20 for the 2008 Drawings. Not bad, $20 gets you 52 chances to win $100. I’m not sure what those odds are because statistics never really interested me but I’m sure someone can figure that out for us. If you think those odds are good….maybe you should buy two tickets! Or three!

Contact Ed Blunt 994-3295 or Miki Bruns 994-2770 for more details. Or any of the Elmwood Volunteer Rescue Members. Check out their website @


A Sunday for Fund Raising and Coming Home

Sunday dawned wet and muddy but not without promise. Promise of a great breakfast, that is! The Waffleman was here so there was reason to get up and head out to the fire hall. It is always a pleasure to go to the waffle feeds but does everyone who is behind the project know how much they are appreciated? I hope so. They do such a good job and make the events seem effortless. I can’t even imagine all the work that goes into a fundraiser like this and how many people it takes to pull it off. Who doesn’t enjoy the Waffleman and his waffles? We were almost first in line to enjoy his all-you- can-eat waffles. Now the sausages on the other hand are not all-you-can-eat…two per person, please. The Waffleman gave strict instructions to his helper to be the Sausage Police. That must be a tough job to turn people away from the sausages!

After the Waffleman breakfast we loaded up the family and a couple of friends and headed back to our roots. We are originally from Auburn and have many ties there yet. Our trip was taking us to another fundraiser. My friend’s 19 year old son, Jarad, has cancer and is undergoing treatment at UNMC. He has had his arm and shoulder amputated and is taking chemo to shrink the spots on his lungs. The fundraiser is to help the family with the expenses. I know that you have all been touched by this sort of ordeal before so you can imagine the ups and downs the family has been through. Everyone has a similar story about friends, family, and loved ones. The amazing thing is how people come together to support each other when this happens. We saw people that we hadn’t seen in 20 years. People I had forgotten or assumed were dead. It was great getting reacquainted and talking about Jarad. He couldn’t be there because of a fever but he was listening on the phone for awhile. Jarad’s mom, Jodee, is the second mother to my kids. She babysat for them from the time they were born until we moved. So they grew up knowing Jarad as a brother. Jodee and I grew up together also and I have pictures of her at my slumber party when we were eleven.

Even though the reason we were all together was not something we would have chosen the event was full of laughter and fun. Right away we spotted a girl from Elmwood who is dating Jarad’s cousin. It is such a small world! Jarad’s Uncle Tim is in charge of the 4-H gun club in Avoca. That was some good information for Joe! Now that he knows this he is set. He can’t wait to join!

There was an auction of many donated items. Larry the Cable Guy donated several autographed things that brought hundreds of dollars. Chris Kelsay, small town football hero who now plays for the Buffalo Bills, donated a football jersey. Local artist, Tom Palmerton, donated several prints of his paintings. Jarad’s sister, Ashley, designed special t-shirts that were sold. Almost everyone was wearing a Team Jarad shirt. There was a silent auction, too. That was the best part for our kids. They started a bidding war on two flats of Jones pop. I am pretty sure they understood that even though they were bidding against each other I was the one who would ultimately pay. They had a great time outbidding each other though. And, surprise, surprise….we won the bid on the pop! Everyone who was paying attention to this was just laughing it up. But it was for a good cause so it was worth it. Joe also decided he wanted to win the bid on a basket of miscellaneous items. So he signed up and was quickly out bid. So he made another bid…and then sat there for an hour holding the pen to make sure no one out bid him again. We also came home with that basket.

A young woman came up to me and told me she recognized me. I was puzzled…after she told me who she was I knew her in an instant! I was friends with her mom and had known her since she was a baby. I didn’t recognize her because I hadn’t seen her since she was twelve and now she is all grown up. She knew me though. She remembered so much about the time we had spent together. Without even knowing it I had made an impact on her life.

I came home with a lot more than a few cans of pop and a basket of things though. These are the people that shaped my life whether I remembered them or not. I brought home with me the goodness that comes from growing up in a small town. The very thing we fight as teenagers is what makes us come home to the small towns as adults. We are the people who are shaping the lives of the children we come in contact with, we make the difference. Growing up in a small town means the Waffleman, it means giving your neighbor’s kid the evil eye once in awhile or taking him fishing, it means taking a break at the local coffee shop, it means sharing and caring. It means getting up at the crack of dawn to help the Waffleman set up his irons. And it means you sometimes will spend $144 for a couple flats of pop and a basket of things you don’t even need. Because that’s what you do.





Saturday, November 24th, 2007
Elmwood, NE

Sponsored by the Elmwood-Murdock Merchant’s Association

Planned Activities so far include:

Alumni Basketball Tournament
Garage Sale Mania!
Pancake Feed
Santa Comes to Town
Free Movie at the Skating Rink
Soup Supper
Community Tree Lighting
Bess Streeter Aldrich House Open
Veterans Military Museum
Thanksgiving Skate/Dance @ the FlyingWheels
Shopping at Bits n Pieces
Decorations Contest
Alumni Volleyball Tournament (Sunday, November 25th)

This is still in the planning stage so more activities may be added. The details for the event will be announced shortly. So mark your calendar and call your friends! It’s going to be a great day!


Don’t forget the Pumpkin Decorating Contest @ C-D’s Express!

C-D’s Express wants you to join in on the fun – a prize will be offered for the following age groups:

Children under 10 years old
Children 10-18 years old


Rules of the contest:
*Bring your pumpkin in the store between October 4th and October 25th. (Not accepted after that date)
*Carve, paint, draw or other type of material – a design on the pumpkin (Be Creative!)
*Limit 1 pumpkin per person
*Sign your name on the list of entries (Check with the person behind the counter for the list.)

Prize will be your choice of a personal pan single topping pizza!

Julie Anderson


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