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“Growing Together”
October 8, 2008


Snakessssssss aren't for Sissies!

The Snake Lady is coming back to the Elmwood Public Library and she's bringing her writhing and slithering pets with her! If you enjoyed seeing them last year, you don't want to miss this!

Mark your calendars and join us for some fall fun as we read a story, create a fun craft, and, of course, enjoy some touchy-feely time with the SnakessssSSSS!

Saturday, October 25th

3:00 – 5:00 pm

Fall Fun @ The Elmwood Public Library

(Immediately following the EM Elementary Fall Festival)


See you there...if you dare!!

The Willey family of Elmwood participated in the Buddy Walk on October 4 in Lincoln. Their team, Ben's Brigade, raised over $800 for the Downs Syndrome Association for Families. Pictured left to right are Randy, Noah, Angie, John, and in front is Ben. Way to go, Willeys!!!

Who Says you can't be smart and beautiful?

Allie Skoda's grandma, FM Bykerk of Elmwood, thinks it is possible! Allie, daughter of Ronnie and Ashley Skoda, loves to play dress up and loves to be held by her daddy.

Homecoming Festivities

Homecoming week is lots of fun for everyone. Each day the kids were allowed to dress up in a theme. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was camo/gender bender day, Wednesday was Hawaiian day, Thursday was Disney Day, and Friday was salt and pepper day. Wednesday night Linda Andersen hosted a bonfire at their farm for the kids. They had s'mores and boxed each other. Somehow Sam's truck became stuffed with shredded paper. Does anyone know how that happened?

The football game was a blowout. The team won by a landslide. The FBLA ran the concessions and had a great time scaring people with their costumes.

Luke dressed for Camo and Gender Bender day

Ben was confused and dressed for gender bender on Salt and Pepper day.

The Homecoming Dance was a big topic of conversation and planning at our house. You will see the before and after pictures of Kalee. She has incredibly curly hair and usually wears it in a pony tail. This night she had it professionally “done” and it was gorgeous! Millie and Kalee went to the Hair Port in Lincoln and Tonja Jelinek took care of them.

Millie and Garyn and Kalee started at our house for pictures and quickly moved on to Garyn's then Sammie's house. Sammie's dad was busy trying to put the boutonnière on her date, Nathan. More pictures and then off to the dance.


Last Puppy Up for Adoption

We made the decision not to keep Chevy's last puppy, Blake. We tried to find him a home locally but were not able to so we took him to the Humane Society in Omaha. I am not concerned that he will find a home quickly. We had a lady try to adopt him from us while we were standing in line! They assured us that he would have a home very soon.

If you have never been to the Humane Society in Omaha at 90 th and Fort Street don't go! Unless you are very strong or don't mind coming home with a new pet, that is. After we surrendered Chevy we strolled around looking at the cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, and bunnies. I avoided the rodent critters because they just give me the heeby jeebies. While we were strolling Vince happened to call. I know he hates cats so I said, “Hey, you don't mind if we bring a new cat home, do you?” And he said he didn't mind! The fool! That just gave us permission to start shopping! What was he thinking? We need another cat like we need another dog!!!! Lucky for him they were very busy and we didn't have much time otherwise we would have brought one home. But I think there will be a trip to the facility in our immediate future just to see if Blake is on the floor, ready for adoption. I won't bring home another dog…but a cat…maybe…don't tell Vince!

Race to Reading!

Susan Oliva, the Title 1 teacher for the Elementary School, hosted an open house last week with the theme of Racing into Reading. A couple local kids volunteered to bring their race cars to share with their friends. They didn't give rides but everyone had an opportunity to see what the kids do in their spare time. Tyler and Austin Drueke race the midgets (that is probably the wrong term, I apologize, boys!) and Jessica and Ben Spaulding race the dragsters. A couple other old cars showed up, too.


Do your kids like to eat Cheetos? Millie and Garyn sure do. Garyn's mom, Nichole, and I had to find out what “eating Cheetos” meant and apparently it is a harmless phrase. Or…it is something that they will confess to us at the Christmas table when they are 35. But for now, we are content with them just eating cheetos…as long as that is all it is. Did you know that raising teenagers could be hazardous to your health?

Goodbye is so hard to say….

Especially when it is to someone you love and you know that the space they leave will never be filled. Our friend, Jarad, passed away this week. I know that many of you put him in your prayers and I thank you for that. Please keep his mother, Jodee, in your prayers as she copes with the loss of her only son. I want to share with you more about Jarad.

Jarad Michael Dettmann began his life on October 16, 1987 in Auburn, Nebraska. He attended Sheridan Elementary School and Auburn High School. Jarad was baptized in the Auburn Presbyterian Church in 1988. During his younger years Jarad had a love for swimming and water in general. He was a member of the Auburn Swim Team and loved competing. He also was a Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout. He played the trumpet in the Junior High Band. Jarad's favorite pastime was spending time with his friends and his home was always a gathering place. He loved inviting his friends over to raid the pantry and help him harass his sister. And she harassed them back, just like sisters do.

Jarad lived life with ease. That doesn't mean that life was easy for Jarad. That doesn't mean he didn't have to work hard for things. Jarad lived life with ease because he didn't let things bother him. He knew what was important to him. He loved his family. He loved his friends. He loved his truck. He LOVED his 4-wheeler and 4-wheeling. And he loved his dog. You didn't have to wonder if Jarad liked you...he liked everyone and everyone liked Jarad. He was kind and compassionate and would do anything for his friends and family. And because of that his friends would do anything for him. Shawn jumped out of an airplane for Jarad; even after Jarad said he would never do it again! But that's what people would do for Jarad.

Before he was sick he was just Jarad. He was the friend who was always there for you. He was the one who could be depended on. He was the one who could light up your day because you knew that you have made his. He was the son who would make his mom wonder, “When is that boy going to grow up?” but at the same time she was wondering “Who is this young man and where is my little boy?” Jarad was the one who loved to spend time with his grandparents because they were cool. Even when he was an adult he still thought they were cool.

When everyone knew Jarad was sick it became important for his friends and family to make sure Jarad knew how much they loved him. Whether it was jumping out of a plane, playing video games with him, or just sitting quietly with him, his friends and family came. They called. They texted. They posted notes on facebook. Jarad brought us all together. It was easy...because that's how Jarad was. Easy to be with. Easy to love. Hard to let go.

Jarad graduated high school in 2006 and moved to Omaha where he worked for a construction company and later worked as a welder. Jarad enjoyed welding and was proud of his welding abilities. He was a hard worker and was looking forward to a prosperous career. But God had other plans for Jarad. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2007. Jarad fought the cancer even giving his left arm in hopes of beating it. Jarad was strong and fought with all he had but he was not able to conquer the cancer. Jarad died peacefully in his sleep wrapped in his mother's arms. Her kisses on his forehead let him know it was okay to go even though she didn't want him to.

Jarad is survived by his mother Jodee Stone and step-father Max; father Galen Dettmann and friend Erin Flynn; sister Ashley and friend Natalie Bohn; step-sisters Courtney and Kaylee Stone, Grandparents Carleen and Leonard Dettmann and Dick and Betty Filbrandt; grandmother Kathryn Stone, uncles Tim and wife Kathy, Nick and wife Shelley, Jeff Filbrandt and wife Tami; aunt Glenna and husband Roger Withers, aunt Hazel Stone and friend Greg Powell, other relatives and many, many friends.

I wanted to share this with you because it could have been written about anyone of the kids we all know. Just substitute the names with the kids you know. They are so full of life and orneriness. You never know who could be next. Treasure each and every moment you have with them and hold them close because it is so hard to let them go. So hard.

Thanks for the prayers.

Have a great week!!



Julie Anderson


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