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“Growing Together”
October 1, 2008


Elmwood Rescue Weekly Winner is Judy Douglas of Elmwood

Stay tuned next week for information on how you can buy your ticket(s) for the 2009 Elmwood Rescue Weekly Drawings!!!

Walk to D’Feet ALS
Boone’s Pit Crew

Date: Saturday October 11th, 2008
Time: 9:00 am registration – 10:00 am – Walk
Place: Antelope Park – Lincoln, NE
Distance: 1 mile

Please complete below and mail to me at:
PO Box 293
Elmwood, NE 68349

Name: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________
Phone: ______________________________
Email: ______________________________

_____Will participate in walk. Enclosed is my donation
_____Will participate in walk and send out letters/emails to get others to pledge their suppor of me (Raise $75 and receive an official “Walk to D’Feet ALS” t-shirt)
_____Unable to walk, but my donation is enclosed

Please make checks payable to ALS Association and mail to the address above or call 499-1452 - Michela


Register/Donate Online at Click on the walk logo. It’s fun!

  • f you join Boone’s Pit Crew your own personal page will automatically be created for you. You can use it to recruit your own donors or more walkers for our team. And, if you want, you can personalize your page with your own text, photos, etc.
  • Should you choose to donate online, I will be notified by the ALS Association that you have made a contribution.
  • Did you know…Even if you can’t physically be present at the walk, you can join Boone’s Pit Crew as a “Virtual Walker?”

Daddy’s Little Helper

Troy and Jessica Coats started the siding project last week…you may remember the picture of their naked house. This week their help has abandoned them and they are single handedly siding their house. They may have a little help now and again…like when Delaney isn’t napping. I’m sure she is a big help to them. Every time I saw Troy and Jessica outside working on their house they were smiling and happy. Hanging siding must be easier than hanging wallpaper. They are doing a great job and are not even arguing! They are truly an inspiration.

The FBLA is at it Again! This time they are just plain trashy!

The Elmwood Murdock High School FBLA met Saturday morning to clean up the roadsides. It was another good turnout and there was plenty of trash to pick up!

Kalee Brewer – Chief Garbage-Picker-Upper

Adam and Dillion suit up in the protective gear.

Dillon, Sophie, Megan, and Josiah can’t wait to get started!

The EM- FBLA Trash Patrol

New at the Rink!
There were a couple new things at the rink this weekend.

First, the new couch. It is much more comfy than the others.

Abby and Conner come to skate from Lincoln. It’s a first in a long time!

Casey Mason has his birthday party at the rink for the first time!

Brooke tried some new skates, added the boot covers and pom poms and the cool hat and she almost looked like a clown!

Millie takes the new car for a spin.

Elijah takes the new car for a spin. Much better!

Elijah climbs to get the balloons…probably not a first for him but we’d never seen him do it before.

Ashley and Alexa stop skating long enough to get their picture taken…but they didn’t stop talking!

Vince gets to bake his own birthday cookies!

Suzie shows off her newest GREAT grandbaby, Gracie.

A celebrity stops by to say “Hello” but I’m not sure who it was supposed to be.

Rainee models the pompoms on her inlines. My, how times change!

And last, but not least…ladies, this is for you. Bradly, our newest employee, VOLUNTEERED, yes, I said, volunteered, to clean the boy’s bathroom. Not only is it a first that a guy cleaned the bathroom, it may be a first that teenager cleaned it. We had to document this for posterity. I gave him a few pointers and stepped back. Then I inspected his work when he was done and could find no problems with it…especially since I didn’t have to do it! Call me if you want Bradly’s phone number…I bet he can be rented out!

The Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School participated in Hats on Day last week.
This is a program to raise money for battling childhood cancers. All week the kids donated money and on Friday they got to wear hats.

What is Hats On Day?
Hats On Day was founded in 1995 by four sixth-graders in St. Louis, Missouri. They began the fundraiser when their friend and classmate Kevin Beffa was diagnosed with a type of childhood cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Kevin had been a bright, happy child with a passion for soccer. When he got sick, he began to miss school, had to give up his favorite sport, and lost all of his hair from treatment. Kevin also needed a bone marrow transplant, so Hats On Day was planned to show support for Kevin during his suffering and to raise money for his surgery. However, just days before the event, Kevin passed away.

The founders have continued in Kevin’s memory with the aim of creating awareness about children undergoing chemotherapy and related issues like hair loss, illness, and missing school. From 1995 to 2008, the fundraiser has grown from just a few participating schools to schools across the country. The funds raised are used to make young cancer patients’ daily lives more comfortable as they deal with this disease. When you participate in Hats On Day, you make life happier for children with cancer and show compassion for the many difficulties young cancer patients face.
Hats On Day has grown to be one of the most influential and profitable fund-raisers among school age children, raising over $700,000 in the past 10 years.
In the 2007-08 school year, Hats on Day has raised $257,629 with over 700 schools reporting from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Some of the hats were very unique. I stopped by during lunch and was able to catch a few.

Taylor with her Dr. Suess hat



Sheridan and Hannah

Jessie wears a sock hat.

Patrick the soldier

Laura models her grandmother’s hat.

Ho Ho Ho, says Josh!

Christian and Curtis both wore camoflauge.

Alex and Dustin model their hats.

Jeb has a skintight hat on underneath to hold his hair down.

Brenna looked beautiful in her bonnet.

Megan waits in line for her lunch in her cool hat.

Wyatt can’t help but mug for the camera.

Rainee shows off her hat.

The parade of kindergartners show off their hats.

The Student Counsel sells popcorn and pretzels on the last Friday of the month. The kids preorder and pay and they get their snacks at the end of the day. During lunch they get together and bag up the treats.



Marti and Owen


Tyler and Marti

Student Counsel at work.

Tumbling with Amy @ Platte Valley Tumbling Academy

Have you checked out Amy Snodgrass’s tumbling program. Here are some action shots of the older girls program. They are perfecting their cartwheels, roundoffs, and hand springs. A few of them are even working on their back handsprings, too. Platte Valley Tumbling Academy is located on Church Road. Amy is enrolling students all the time! For more information about it check out the website:

ROPIN’ in Our Dreams for the Children
(Rennovating Our Park Into Neverland)

Want to come dream with me?

My dream is to turn our park into a child’s dream. And more than that…an awesome park would be a great attraction to draw people to our town. How can we do that? That’s up to us. If you are interested or have ideas come by the Flying wheels on Sunday, October 12th 2:00 pm and we will brainstorm.


Junior High Night at the Rink
Friday, October 10th
Junior High Night

7th & 8th Grade Only
630 pm – 10:00 pm
Roller skating, Dancing, and Dodgeball

Saturday night
October 11th

6:30 – Midnight
$6 admission for whole night + skate rental
$4.50 + skate rental until 10:30
$4.50 – 9:00 to Midnight for dodgeball

Have a great week! And enjoy the beautiful weather!



Julie Anderson


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