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“Growing Together”
September 24, 2008

Shelly Jones Golf Benefit
(Shelly is Mike Kraas’s sister)

9 hole 2 person scramble
Sunday, October 12, 2008
2:00 pm Shotgun start
$30 per person
(Includes meal and prizes)
Cart rental available

Grandpa’s Woods Golf Course
5505 310th Street – Elmwood
Directions: 2 miles North, 1 mile East, ½ mile North of Elmwood

To Register call: Grandpa’s Woods – (402) 994-2100

Matching funds provided by: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.
All proceeds raised at the Benefit will go into the Shelly Jones Medical Fund account used solely for her medical expenses associated with surgery that is required to treat a brain tumor.

Ted and Joan John Estate Auction

September 27th at 9:30 at 819 274th Street
Tools, acreage items, furniture, appliances, collectibles and lots of great glassware.
Gene Sisco, 402-269-3127, Don Vrana, 402-269-2572
Lunch served by the Elmwood Christian Church
Check out the link below to see the sale bill.

Southern Gospel Concerts for the whole family

Saturday - Sept 27 @ 7PM
Echoes of Mercy
Weeping Water First Christian Church
Admission FREE with 1 can of donated can good.
Free will offering will be taken for the ministry of Echoes of Mercy.

Thursday - Oct. 2 @ 7PM
Melody Boys Quartet
Tecumseh Community Building
Admission: $7 donation at the door 14 & under free & Group rates of 10 available.
Portion of donation will go to upgrade the community building.

Saturday - Oct 4 @ 7PM
Gary Weldon / Ventriloquist/Comedian
Weeping Water First Christian Church
Admission FREE with 1 can of donated can good.
Free will offering will be taken for the ministry of Gary Weldon.

More information contact Ken Johnson 402-269-5508 or


Manley Bed Race @ Pillage the Village

Click Here to see the video of the bed race!

What’s New at CD’s Express this week?

Another Tiffany! Tiffany Morgan, fiancé of Heath Vogt, will be working part time at CD’s. You may have noticed a large cooler back by the movie rentals, too. CD’s has received their liquor license and have begun selling alcohol. They are also updating their exterior signs. Lou has been working on them and spiffing up the place.

Friday is more than just for football!

I think that the weekly football game is more than just about sports. It also is an excuse for everyone to come together and eat and catch up on things. And to raise money. Last week’s football game gave the booster club a chance to raise some money and the “Send the Kids to Carnegie Hall” group also took advantage of the crowd. I personally helped out by selling “Split the Pot” tickets. As I told the people who were kind enough to stop and listen to me…”it takes more than “Practice, Practice, Practice,” to get to Carnegie Hall…it takes $2000 a person, so help us out here!” We raised $580 so the “Split the Pot” winner got $290! And that winner was Rose Vogler. I wasn’t able to persuade Rose to buy a ticket but Nikki Justesen got the job done. Lucky for Rose! That group also had a bake sale with lots of scrumptious snacks. Both fundraisers for the choir were coordinated by Teri Bowman. How does she find time for everything?

Bake Sale for “Send Kids to Carnegie Hall”

Concession Stand is busy!

The school board president, Joyce Vogt, was manning the south gate before the game.


I got an opportunity to harass many people as they came through the gate. And I got to see a lot of great kids, too!


The girls who participated in Cheer Camp performed at half time and I was able to get some great pictures of them. The football boys also made an appearance but I was too busy with the girls that I missed the boys’ big moment!

Whitney, Shelby, Rilee, Olivia, Kylee

Caitlin, Sidney, Lauren, Ericka, Abby


Abby and Danielle

Olivia and Kara

Kara and Katie

Paige and Sheridan

Rebecca and Megan



Girls on the field Cheering!

Kalee and Millie and the game lights

Sharing Our Story with Kids

Last week Taylor Sanford called me. When we first moved to Elmwood she lived across the street from us. They moved to Lincoln shortly thereafter but Joe and her brother, Troy, are fast friends. Taylor called to invite me to speak at her Infant/Toddler class at Northeast High School. They were studying birth defects and she was assigned to present “Spina Bifida”. She remembered that Joe has that so she thought I might be able to help her out. Not only did I go but I took Joe, too. We took some pictures of Joe when he was a baby so they could see what our life was like. I had forgotten how cute Joe was when he was a baby. Not that he isn’t cute now but he was extra cute then. We talked about his physical problems, Early Intervention services that helped us, hospitals, medical procedures, school, possible future issues, and then they asked Joe questions about being Joe. The teacher was so impressed that we were invited to come back to talk to her other Infant/Toddler class. It was a great opportunity for me to remember what we had been through and for Joe to hear me talk about it. It was also a great opportunity for Joe to see that people are interested and curious and how he can handle it when people have questions. I was very proud of him, he’s quite the guy. And the plus side for him was that he got to bring Troy home for the weekend!

Northeast High School

Joe and Troy

Skate/Dodge is too much fun!

For those of you who haven’t seen the skating rink before this is what it looks like.

The inside was a hot spot Saturday night. Saturday’s skate/dodge drew in many dodgeball players. The following are some pictures of the event.

Roxie shows her flexibility.

Erin and Josiah try to Polka.

Jamie and Conner love the sunglasses.

Josiah strikes a pose. He looks stunning in the fuzzy hat.

Caleb and Breanna’s Dad loves to come play dodgeball with them.

Millie and Garyn take a break with Conner to watch the game.

The boys figure out how to keep Millie down…it takes all of them to do it though!

Adam took a hit in the face and had to take a break. Aarin sat with him to cheer him up.

Laura helped out with babysitting duties last week. She kept Jordyn occupied!

A New Puppy for Ethan and Conner!
Donna and Scott Heise got a new puppy this week. She is a cross between a beagle and a Maltese. And boy is she a cutie! Last I heard she still didn’t have a name but she could sure howl for a little thing.

Student Council Members Work Concessions at Volleyball Game
Mrs. Paulsen supervised the student council members as they worked the concession stand last week during the Junior High Volleyball game.

Carlie waits on customers

Sheridan is just eating

Courtney and Marti are eager to please.

Mrs. Paulsen

Golf Practice: Not a hole in one but a whole lot of fun!
Millie and her friends have joined golf and are having a great time learning the sport. The coaches have helped a lot and they say they are learning and improving.

AJ Ita takes a swing.

Austin Kuenning and AJ practice.

Kalee cleans up.

AJ waves to the camera.

Ashli Brown takes a break.

(Golf pictures courtesy of rookie photographer, Millie Anderson)

Major Outdoor Renovations
If you drove by Troy and Jessica’s house across from the back of CD Express this weekend you would think someone stripped their house! They had a lot of help and they took all the siding off and started replacing it with insulation sheets. So now it is half wood and half pink insulation sheets. They will be so glad to have this project done!

Buckcherry Concert Goers
Monday night Brody was my hero. He took Millie and her friends to the Buckcherry concert so I didn’t have to. What a brave soul. Not that I don’t like Millie and her friends, I am just not into Buckcherry. Lucky for me Brody is! The kids took off with high hopes of a great time. At the time I am writing this they are there enjoying themselves. And Joe and I are hanging out doing homework and writing the newsletter. What a great night!

Concert tickets - $32 apiece
Concert T-shirt - $30 apiece
Money for dinner - $10 apiece
Brody driving a minivan full of teenagers - Priceless


Have a great week! And remember…Slide in sideways…WHOOHOO!!! What a ride!!!



Julie Anderson


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