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“Growing Together”
September 12, 2007

What a weekend for football, bike races, and family activities! The Friday night football game between Elmwood-Murdock and Johnson County Central was a great opportunity to get the word out about the “Vote “Yes” for Kids” Campaign. Karey Koehn, Lori Spohr, Teresa Pegler, Barb Oehlerking, and Teresa Hawks, were on hand to provide information about the proposed changes and the bond tax levy that would fund it. Check out the link on this website for more details.

The Elmwood-Murdock Cheerleaders held their annual Cheer Camp last week for younger girls. They practiced all week and then performed at half time for the crowd at the football game. The hit of the evening was the dance routine to Hannah Montana’s Best of Both Worlds.

The Fear Factor event at ElMur Fest came down to two teams of girls. The final competition involved the One On One inflatable rented from Fun Services in Omaha. The girls competed one on one against each other. Each girl waited her turn to climb onto the inflatable and be strapped into a harness. The harness was attached to a rope and the other end of the rope was attached to another harness on the other team’s girl. Each girl was given a basketball and had to play tug-a-war to reach the basket. They had three minutes to make as many baskets as they could. The crowd cheered them on and baskets were tallied up. The final was 72 to 73 baskets. The winners were Alyssa Brown, Savannah Schwaller, Shanie Delisle, and Kimberly Bracken. Fear Fest was coordinated by Cindy Schmitt. She had help from many people including Dillon Synovec who was the line judge in the final competition. This caused him to be bounced around quite a bit.

ElMur Fest was coordinated by Marie Gregoire and the Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association. Everyone had a great time with the activities. The inflatables were a nice touch as were the Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. Travis Brewer was no match for Kabrianna Mumford in the Dance Dance Revolution competition but he tried! The EMMA mascot made an appearance, too. It was a huge inflatable elephant costume worn by someone who was very familiar with the high school kids. The FBLA was on hand to run the various games.

The bike race was a huge part of ElMur Fest besides those who volunteered to help with the race. Deputy Wes Tuttle and crew were manning the street corners directing traffic.

The whole day culminated in the Pajama Party at the skating rink. Kids were decked out in their jammies, eating waffles, and skating. A community comes together for a bike race, roller skating, hot dogs, kids…..another perfect day in small town America. Stay tuned next week for more down home news. If you have information or news for me please send me an email. If you have no connection to the community but enjoy reading about us, email me, too. I’d love to hear from you. Have a great week!

E-M FBLA Kicks Off “Heroes In Action!”
Over the past several years, the Elmwood-Murdock Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America has completed numerous community service projects. These projects were designed to promote community pride, keep the two towns beautiful, draw tourism, stimulate the economy, and much more. This year, FBLA adopted the theme “Heroes in Action.” This slogan has prompted chapter members to design a service project which will recognize heroes of the community, allow FBLA members to act as heroes for the community, and develop heroic qualities in its members.

To initiate the project, a display was placed at the Cass County Fair where forms provided individuals the opportunity to nominate community heroes or to suggest a way FBLA could be a hero for the community. Although several ideas were submitted and plans are underway, the chapter is still accepting suggestions. If you know a hero or a way in which FBLA can be a hero, please send your suggestion to Elmwood-Murdock High School (Attention FBLA) or request a form by calling 867-2341.


American Legion Post 247 Golf Tournament, Sunday, September 23rd starting with a 3 p.m. shotgun start; 9 holes; 2-person teams, $30 per person. Registration fee includes dinner - hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, salads, and desserts. Proceeds will help support the Elmwood G.A.R. Hall Veterans' Musuem. Call 994-2100 or 994-5315 and register today. If you are not a golfer but would still like to participate, join us for the meal to be served at 5 p.m. - free-will offering.

Photos needed: The Elmwood G.A.R. Hall Veterans' Museum is in the process of creating a photo gallery of all veterans from this area. If you have a photo of a veteran in your family and would like it included, please contact Boyd Clements or Bonnie Brewer. A copy will be made of the photo so the original can stay with your family.

Julie Anderson


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