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“Growing Together”
July 23, 2008


The Elmwood village board has been asking Elmwood residents to complete a survey which will allow Elmwood to qualify for federal and state grant money for future projects including a waste water treatment plant upgrade and a main street face lift. The survey results are confidential and nobody from Elmwood will see or tally the results. All the surveys in their sealed envelopes are being sent to SENDD (South East Nebraska Development District). SENDD is a voluntary association of counties and municipalities formed to identify common problems, their solutions and to provide continuing support for efficient and effective government among its members. They will open the envelopes, tally the results and also complete the grant applications when we are ready. They are paid an annual fee to help us with this type of work. The clencher to this is that they need at least 200 responses in order for Elmwood to qualify. And we are about 60 surveys short. So if you haven’t been approached yet about filling out a survey please contact one of the village board members or the village office. It is very important to Elmwood to get grants to help with these projects. Not only will it help keep our taxes down but it will help improve our town.

Village Board Members:
Ed Blunt
Mike Winters
George Fields
Cindy Meyer
Dave Ernst

Village Office – 994-6705
Or check out the website for


Who Doesn’t Love a Farmer’s Market or Flea Market?

Deb and Coleman Lenz, owners of C-D’s Express are welcoming vendors to an area set aside in their parking lot every Saturday and Sunday morning through the summer. They are encouraging anyone with something to sell such as fresh fruits or vegetables – homemade goodies – Tupperware, candles, Tastefully Simple, etc., bring it to the parking lot of C-D’s Express on any Saturday or Sunday morning through the end of summer. You may have some things for a garage sale but not enough. Load up your trunk and bring it down for a trunk sale. (In England these are called Boot Sales.) I’ve been to one in California that is at a drive-in theater. Everyone brings their items and spreads them out on the ground or in their trunk and people browse for treasures.
Remember to bring your own table, chair, and maybe an umbrella to help protect you from the sun or rain! You are responsible for any product you sell and on the plus get all the money! The Farmers Market/Flea Market is located on the south end of the parking lot along the fence. C-D’s Express or Midwest Co-op will not be responsible or any accidents of any kind before, during or after the Farmer’s Flea Market. If you have any questions call 402-994-3305.


I caught Mandy Marsh’s son, Corbin at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday. He was selling the fruits of their family garden. Perhaps I should say the “vegetables” of their family garden. Mandy has been telling me about her garden and I believe what she says! I bought all of Corbin’s green beans, some cucumbers, onions, zucchini, and lettuce.


He promised more next week. Oh, I also bought a loaf of Mandy’s fresh zucchini bread…it was delicious! Stop by next week for fresh veggies! The corn should be ready by then!

And the winner is…Wayne Althouse!
And the contest was a drawing for a Coke Cooler at C-D’s Express. They were collecting donations of $1 for charity and with each donation you could put your name in the cooler for a chance to win it. The drawing on July 1st was just in time for the 4th of July celebrations. Wayne must have had something good planned because he was very excited to win it. Coleman and Deb matched the donations received and Wayne selected the United Methodist Church as the recipient. Watch for more fun activities at C-D’s Express!

Speaking of C-D’s Express…
Are you in need of some extra cash? Do you have some spare time? Are you over 19 years old? Do you like working with people? Then stop by C-D’s Express and ask for an application! With the new city ordinance recently passed that allows for off sale alcohol to be sold C-D’s Express is poised to start selling once they get their liquor license approved. But they need to make sure they have enough responsible adults on staff. You must be at least 19 years old and very trustworthy! If you are someone who works well in a fast paced atmosphere then this could be the job for you! Do you have some extra bills to pay off, need a part time job without driving to the city? Here you go! Are you a stay at home mom who just needs some time away from the kids and hubby? Need to get out and socialize and earn money?

The hours will be evening and weekends so check your schedule and see if this might work out for you. Contact Deb at C-D’s Express, 402-994-3305 for more information. Stop by for an application! I’d be there in a heartbeat if there were 10 extra hours in a day!


Yes, I’m talking to you. You may have noticed this sign in the yard of Jeff and Erin Clymer. It says, “SLOW DOWN in Our Neighborhood.” When I see this I am reminded that it applies to me, too. You know that no one is going to post a sign like this in their yard for no reason. They have a good reason. People drive too fast in the residential sections of town and the children playing outside in their own yards are not safe.

When we first moved in I noticed that the street in front of our house was a main thoroughfare for farmers, people in the country coming to town and going out of town, bus drivers, and kids cruising. It is a straight shot to the country and it is down hill so everyone just picks up speed and flies. When they come off the country road they just keep cruising along at the same speed. Who would have thought tractors could go that fast!

Our kids were younger then and there were a lot more kids in the neighborhood that seemed to congregate at our house. I found a sign at HyVee that said “Slow Down”. Perfect! It was being sold to benefit the family of the man in Omaha who was killed by a speeding motorist. He was pushing his daughter in a stroller down 84th Street when a teenager lost control of his car and ran over Daniel and the stroller with his daughter. She was okay but her daddy was killed. It just happened to be a teenager. It could have been a farmer. It could have been a doctor. It could have been me that lost control. Accidents happen but someone has to pay the price. My sign was stolen within 8 hours. No doubt by someone who thought I was an uptight mother trying to tell them what to do. They were right.

So I adopted another method to get my message across. Whenever I was out in the yard and I could hear someone coming up or down the street too fast I would wait until the very last minute and then jump out in front of them with my arms up in the air and scream “STOP” at them. Stupid but effective. After they managed to stop I would go over to the window and explain to them that I would appreciate it if they would slow down. My kids play in this neighborhood and quite frankly, they just aren’t that smart. They could easily chase a ball into the street. And did that person really want to live with the knowledge that they ran over someone’s kid? If it was a teenager I was talking to I would offer to call their parents if I saw them doing it again. If you are one of those people that I did it too, I’m sorry if I scared you. But you scared me, too.

I work with a really nice guy whose little girl was ran over by someone driving a monster truck in a residential neighborhood. It was a peaceful evening and all the neighbors and kids were outside and Alyssa was playing ball with her brother. She ran out into the street to get the ball as Chans was speeding through the neighborhood. He was 18. She was 8. She’ll never see 18. He’ll never go to sleep without reliving that night. I understand why the Clymer’s have that sign in their yard. I will take it to heart. Obviously there are people driving recklessly through their neighborhood that they are trying to reach out to. I didn’t ask them for names. It doesn’t matter. It could happen to any of us even if we are driving carefully. As I said, kids aren’t that smart. They are relying on us to protect them. And that is what we need to do. So, please, slow down…the kids are depending on us.

Did Someone say, “Fire?”

Last Monday during the normal fire department meeting a call went out for a nuisance fire. Since almost every member of the fire department was on hand they all responded. And it was quite impressive. It was good practice and it was a good beginning for Heath Vogt who had just been indoctrinated that night as the newest member of the fire department. Thanks to all the volunteer fireman for their dedication! Even though this was a small fire it is good to know that you are there to help us.


Goodbye is just so hard to say…

Greg and Dawn Slominski are taking their family and moving to Indiana. In fact, Greg has already gone ahead. Dawn has been the school nurse for the last couple of years. She and the kids will follow Greg at the end of the month. They have made many friends in Elmwood and they will be sorely missed. Their children, 12 year old Emma, 10 year old Matt, and 6 year old Elizabeth also have many friends. My son has been in love with Emma from the first day he met her…but that’s a little secret just between us. Wednesday night was an opportunity for the kids to say goodbye to their friends at the rink. They skated and ate pizza and cake. They played the limbo and the dice game for the last time. We gave them each a Flying Wheels shirt for their friends to sign so they would remember them.

It’s Much Easier to Say, HELLO!!

Elmwood has welcomed two new families to town! Actually, one family has recently moved to town from the country so they aren’t technically “new”, just new to the city limits. Tony and Wendy Waites moved to the Elmwood area last summer from Lincoln with their two boys, 17 year old Justin and 15 year old Jacob. Last week they moved into the blue house just east of the Bess Streeter Aldrich House. Coincidently, Wendy and I grew up together in Auburn. I had lost track of her twenty years ago. Imagine our surprise last summer when my daughter and her son started “dating” as 14 year olds do. Before I would allow her to go to Lincoln with Jacob and his family I had to talk to his mother. We talked for 20 minutes about kids and life just getting to know each other before I mentioned growing up in Auburn. She said she did, too. Since we were close in age I knew I should know her. I looked at her work badge hanging in her car and it said “Wendy”. I said, “You are Wendy LaVigne!” and she said, “Who are you.” I guess I wasn’t that memorable. Just kidding, she knew me after I told her my maiden name. It was so cool to meet up with her again. I’m looking forward to walking with her and hanging out.

The other new couple moving to Elmwood isn’t really totally new either. Heath Vogt and fiancé, Tiffany Morgan has moved into Ben Kasten’s house across from C-D’s Express. Heath is an Elmwood boy, the son of Greg and Joyce Vogt, who has moved home with his woman. The couple is planning a June wedding next year. The two are looking forward to living in Elmwood and giving more dance lessons at the rink!

I notice that there are more new families around town so I’ll be scoping it out for you. I’ll probably just walk up and knock on the door and introduce myself and tell them I’d like to write about their family for the local newsletter. I’m hoping they believe me and don’t call the cops!

What Makes a House a Home? You do.

There are plenty of houses to choose from in Elmwood right now. They are just waiting for new families to make them a home again. To mow the yard, plant some flowers, hang some curtains, and bake a pie. New families to join in the neighborhood block parties, kids to play ball, moms to volunteer at school, dads to be volunteer firemen. Elmwood has so much to offer to young families, families with teenagers, and even retired people. The library, under direction of Cindy Mumford, has a great summer reading program dedicated to bugs going on. The Flying Wheels Fun Center has a little something for everyone. Skating, dodgeball, dancing, wee skates for tots, teen night, rink rat night for elementary kids, adult night, and much more. Bits N Pieces, the local thrift store, has just about anything you could ever want! C-D’s Express has great food, gas (not from the food!), videos, and a great variety of groceries. Big Dan’s Video and Autobody and Car Repair can take care of your needs, too. You can drop off your car for an oil change and take home the latest movie. Got a dent? Let Big Dan pop it out. Need a new tire or battery? He can fix you up. Does your t-ball team need new shirts, stop in at the Sign and Screen Shop and let Merl and Deb design and make your shirts for you. Want to advertise your business on your car? Merl can help you out with that. Need your spine adjusted? Advice on other health issues? Call Bryan at the Lifetime Wellness Clinic. He’d be glad to fix you up!

With the rising cost of gas it would make more sense for us all to turn to our own town for our needs. What can we get here that we are driving to Omaha or Lincoln for? Maybe you are thinking about starting a business…Go For It! The more we have here the less we’ll have to go to town for! I vote for a swimming pool, a grocery store, and a Chinese restaurant. What do you want to see? I’ve only mentioned a few of the local businesses here in Elmwood. If you would like me to profile your business just send me an email. Let’s get the word out and let everyone know about the best kept secret in Elmwood, the people.

Houses for Sale: Need Families to Make A Home!

200 N. 4th Street

204 N. 1st Street

200 block of West G Street

Second view - 200 block of West G Street

N. 4th & H Street

Second view N. 4th & H Street

424 N. 4th Street

S. 3rd & W. C Street

S. 2nd & W. C Street

300 block of N. West Street

301 East D Street

217 West C Street

212 S. 4th Street

Land for Sale Near the Bike trail! Build your own Home!


The Sound of Music @ the Lofte Theatre

The Sound of Music is the current production offered at the Lofte Theatre in Manley. Check out the website for ticket information… Last time I looked they were almost sold out. Elmwood’s own little Kabrianna Mumford is playing the youngest Von Trappe, Gretel. She told me all of her lines. According to Kabby the play will be the best ever. Julie Andrews would even be proud, I’m sure. I’m hoping to make it over this week to see her. It must be good if she is going to miss a Saturday night of skating with us!

AUDITIONS @ the Lofte…

The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley will be holding auditions for "How the Other Half Loves," on July 28 and 29 at 7pm. Director Kevin Colbert is looking for 3 women and 3 men to fill his cast.
The story revolves around three married men all working for the same firm. The younger man is having an affair with the wife of the oldest, but that's just the beginning. The older man returns home late one night and has to invent his own story about smoothing out domestic matters at the home of the third couple! This famous farce debuted in London in 1970 and has had audiences rolling in the aisles ever since.
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Performance dates are, Sept 5-7, 12-14 and 18-21. For questions or driving directions, please call the Lofte at 402-234-2553 or visit their website,

Vacation revisited

Since I finally found the cord to my camera I was able to download our vacation pictures. I thought about having you all over for homemade ice cream and boring you with my vacation pictures but I realized that I would never be able to keep up with the ice cream. So I’ll just share them with you here. We went to Boliver, Missouri for our vacation to visit my parents. They recently moved there from California. Kalee Brewer was kind enough to come along. She has a calming affect on all of us so we didn’t fight at all on the trip. That was amazing. We went to the Fantastic Caverns near Springfield. These pictures show you some of what we saw. The caverns were first discovered in the early 1800’s but were kept a secret until after the war. It was first explored by 12 women in 1867. They wrote their names on the wall and those signatures are still there. At one point during prohibition a stage was built for the entertainment at the speakeasy. The story of the caverns is incredible. We highly recommend you check it out if you are ever in southern Missouri.

The vacation was a lot of fun. We spent hours and hours in the car and the kids were not a bit bored.

On a personal note to my brother who is still living in California…who knows why…here is a picture of the house that could have been yours. It is right behind Mom and Dad’s…Brand new, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two car garage, at least 1 ½ acres…only $149,000…we met the people who bought it. They didn’t have any kids but couldn’t pass up a bargain like this! Better put your house on the market and head east, Brother!

This is Vince at the end of vacation. Glad to be home and napping with his dog.

Something is Buggy @ the Library!

The buggy fun started with a worm race at the library Monday. The kids crawled into sleeping bags and had relay races across the yard as if they were worms. Then an entomologist from the University of Nebraska brought some bugs for the kids to see. The tarantula looked particularly hairy!


Lincoln Children’s Zoo…have you been there?

We were invited to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo Sunday to attend an event for the Spina Bifida Association of Nebraska. (Joe has spina bifida). Kalee is on the Zoo Crew team so she came along with us. She gave us a guided tour of the zoo…complete with all the animal names and facts about them. I hadn’t been to the zoo since I was about 18 so it was a real treat to see how it has changed. The Henry Doorly Zoo is big but this one is more hands on for the kids. The Zoo Crew is made up of kids from 12 years to adult. They are on hand to tell about the animals and answer questions. The Butterfly exhibit was the best! You should plan a trip to the zoo and ride the train…but don’t get too close to the camels, they bite, Kalee says!


School Update: Trees are down, fence is up…it is definitely a construction zone. Keep your kids out for their own safety!


FlyOver Murdock!
Did you see the hot air balloon flying around the area Monday night? It was quite the sight!

That’s all the news for now…thanks for sharing all your news with me, too!

Take Care!


Julie Anderson


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