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“Growing Together”
July 16, 2008

Hello! I'm back this week from a get-a-way to Missouri! We went to Bolívar to visit my parents in their new home. My, is it pretty there! We were only a hop, skip, and jump from Springfield and Branson so we took in all the sites. The best touristy thing we did was the Fantastic Caverns. We rode trams down into the caverns and listened to the tour guide tell about the history. At one point there was a speak easy in the caverns that sold bootleg alcohol. Some of the biggest Ku Klux Klan meetings were held there, too. Not only are the caves dripping with moisture but they are dripping with history.

The best place we went to eat was Lambert's Cafe, the Only Home of Throwed Rolls. We got there at 4:00 in the afternoon and the line was already a block long. We only had to wait an hour though. We saw a show on the Travel channel before we went to Missouri about the Best 10 Places in America to Eat. Lambert's Café was number one. The meals are "All You Can Eat" and reasonably priced. The catch is that they fill you up on dinner rolls so you can't eat more than a regular meal! As we were reading the menus I felt something zoom passed my head. Kalee had waved at the Roll Thrower and he zinged one in her direction. She caught it and found out it was hot! So we all had to try it. The best rolls ever! They tasted just like my mom's dinner rolls! Then a girl was walking around with a jar of sweet molasses that she would smear on the rolls for us. It was better than honey. When they brought our dinner to us they were served in huge skillets with long handles sticking out. While we were eating more servers would come to our table and ask if we wanted fried okra, fried potatoes, black-eyed peas...and more. If we said yes they would scoop a big spoonful from the pot they were carrying and plop it on our plates. By the time we waddled out of there we knew we had indeed been to the Best Place in America to Eat.

Vacation was fun, I highly recommend it to everyone.

I missed all the 4th of July fun in Elmwood so if anyone has any great stories or pictures to send me I will share them with everyone.

Catch the Reading bug!

The hot story of the week is the upcoming events at the library. If your kids have been “bugging” you to take them to the library this is the time!

Summer Reading at the Library is meeting every Monday in July.

9:00-11:00am Kdg-3rd

2:00-4:00pm 4th-6th

The grades are according to this coming school year 2008-2009.

The theme for this year’s summer reading program is Catch the Reading Bug! There are various crafts, snacks, outdoor and indoor activities and games that revolve around ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.

There will be a special Movie Night at the library this Thursday, July 17th from 7:00-9:00pm featuring the movie, "A Bug's Life". Rated G. "A misfit ant named Flik tries to save his colony from a greedy gang of grasshoppers in this computer-animated comedy. Faced with impending doom, he leads an odd-ball assortment of creepy crawlers from a flea circus against the menacing grasshoppers."

Come in your comfy clothes, PJ's and slippers. Bring your blanket, sleeping bag or pillow to sit back and enjoy the show. Popcorn and drinks will be provided.

Next Monday, July 21st, an Entomologist (Bug Guy) from UNL will be coming to speak to both groups. This is a great time for your kids to ask all those questions that you may not be able to answer!

The library also has about 6 caterpillars (that they ordered) that are just forming into their chrysalis. They will be turning into butterflies hopefully within the next 10 days or so! Everybody is welcome to come by and check it out at the library!

Did you know children can get their own library card? If they live outside of the city limits, a family membership is only $10 per year!

So bring your kids by the library so they can learn about creepy crawly things!!


That’s all the news I have for today but next week I’ll introduce some new Elmwoodians! If that’s you and you read the newsletter you know I’m coming over!


Julie Anderson


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