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“Growing Together”
June 25, 2008

Snake Tale

Last week, on one of those days when it was pouring cats and dogs, doesn’t matter which one because they’ve all started to blend together, Joe started yelling at me. “Mom, you gotta see this!” I told him I was trying to do the dishes and he would have to wait. And he said, “No, Mom. You are going to want to see this.” He had that tone in his voice that told me I better go check it out.

He was sitting in the living room on a table staring out the window. I looked out to see what got him so excited and I saw a black streak going across the yard. From the house. Oh, boy! I didn’t know I could move so fast. And Joe was right behind me! We took off outside and chased this snake across the yard. Millie and Kalee came along as we were jumping up and down screaming in the yard. We weren’t screaming because we were afraid…more from the excitement of seeing this python/rattlesnake without a rattle. I’m quite sure that’s what it was…a python/rattlesnake (without the rattle). It was evil looking.

Kalee ran inside to find something to kill it with and came back with Joe’s new camping shovel. Well, that would never do. Couldn’t have snake blood on his new shovel. So we decided not to kill it but needed to trap it. We grabbed a trash can and Kalee, the Mighty Snake Hunter, grabbed the snake by the tail. Now, if you think about it, there are only two places to grab a python/rattlesnake without a rattle…that would be by the head or by the tail. Considering how the snake was hissing at her I think she picked the right end. She wrangled the snake and got him in the trash can. We were jumping around the yard high fiving each other because we had caught the snake. Did you know a snake can stand up straight in the air…without any silly flute playing? He did and he slithered out of the trash can. But Kalee was not to be messed with. She corralled him again and got him back in the trash can. This time we grabbed the Worms For Sale sign and held it over the top of the trash can. Did I mention that it was pouring rain? We were drenched.

Now, what did we do with this python/rattlesnake without a rattle, you ask? Millie had the sense of mind to call for help. Which was about all she could do since she had locked herself in the van so she had a safe view of our plight. Within seconds we heard Brody’s four wheeler coming from across town! One might think that Vince could have come out of the garage to rescue us but it seemed that he doesn’t like snakes, pouring rain, or screaming females. (Joe wasn’t screaming, he was having a great time.) He felt we could handle the situation that we had created. Brody showed up and had the presence of mind to grab some welding gloves. Lucky for him because this snake was really mad by now. He took over the snake wrestling from Kalee and showed us where she went wrong. He grabbed the head. She still kept a cautious distance.

Brody offered to let us pet it but we just couldn’t bond with the python/rattlesnake without the rattle. He seemed to think it might be a bull snake but I’m not convinced. He and Millie freed the snake in the creek down the road. Apparently he could swim because he took off upstream as fast as he could to get away from the crazy city slickers. Can’t a snake just be a snake? Can’t we all just get along? I can get along with snakes until they appear in our yard, especially when it looks like he was coming from our house.

Of course, as we were just getting the situation under control Kalee’s mom drives up to see all of us in the pouring rain, admiring the snake. I’m quite certain she thinks we are crazy. But we are sure having fun in our craziness!


Fire Works for Sale!

Starting June 25th the Elmwood Fire Department will be selling fireworks from a stand across the street from the post office. This is the big fund raiser for the year so stop by and support the cause! I know that Joe will do his best to help them out. Fireworks will be sold until July 4th. We were asked to redo the signs for the Fire Department. I had a lot of help and they turned out very unique. A big thanks to Vince, Richard Hyde, Kalee, Brody, and Whitney Tiedeman for helping paint the signs. Whitney told me her mother had painted the original fireworks signs. I was glad that Whitney got to carry on the tradition by helping with this set of signs. The signs haven’t been posted as of yet so these pictures don’t show them where they will be hanging.

By the way, does anyone else think it is ironic that the Fire Department is selling Fireworks? It happens all over the country though. Don’t you think their slogan should be…you start the fire and we’ll put it out!

So much to do…
So little time to do it in.

With so many activities this time of year it has been hard to attract a crowd at the Flying Wheels Fun Center all week. So we have decided to cut back on the hours of operation. We will be open on Tuesdays from noon to 4:00, Saturday nights, 6:30 – 10:30, and Sundays from 5:00 – 8:00. If you want to book a party or if you have a large group that wants to come skating or play dodge ball just give me a call. We can do that!

Have you heard the commercials for “Take a Kid Fishing?” Check out the website:
Get your Nebraska Fishing license on line at
Buy yourself a fishing pole…Big Dan’s Video and Body shop sells fishing supplies including poles, lures, and bait. If Big Dan is out you can stop by our house for worms…Brody is using our refrigerator to store his worms he sells. The fridge in the garage that is. And find yourself a pond. The bad thing about not growing up around here is that I don’t know where the good farm ponds are… the good creeks, the secret spots where the fish congregate. If you don’t know of a good spot try out the lakes in Weeping Water. The new bridges are awesome! One little secret Joe and I found was that the fish like to hide under the bridge. Don’t tell anyone!

Just find yourself a spot and drop the line. Your kids will love it! Don’t plan on fishing yourself if you have kids with you. You are just along to bait the hooks, take the fish off the hooks and clean the fish. Unless you have the catch and release policy, I personally prefer that one. I’m not a good fish cleaner, more like a butcher.

More Water…
Here are some local storm aftermath pictures. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to move onto something different besides rain and storm warnings. These pictures show the creek by the bike trail and how full it was. You can see where the water washed through. The other picture shows just how much water we’ve received. The sharks have started to migrate north and have been reported circling herds of cattle. Luckily the farmer was able to confine this shark and save his cattle.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope, it was a helicopter.
Star Care came down to provide training to the local Fire Department on agricultural emergencies a couple weeks ago. Perhaps you saw the helicopter as it took off, just before a storm.

LimeStone Days!
Weeping Water, NE
June 27th, 2008
There will be many activities all weekend! Fishing contest, parade, donkey polo, street dance, canoe races, and more!

Get out there and enjoy the nice weather!

Take care and have a safe week!

Julie Anderson


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