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“Growing Together”
June 11, 2008

New Coach for Elmwood Murdock!

Charlie Cover, Louisville High School head wrestling and track and field coach, has resigned his teaching post to accept a position in the Elmwood-Murdock school system.

Coach Cover was an assistant track coach for three years, working specifically with the high jumpers, before accepting the head coaching duties for the Lions' girls and boys track and field squads the past two seasons. Cover was also the assistant varsity wrestling coach and middle school wrestling coach for five years before taking over the head coaching duties after longtime coach, Brett Shuler, left for Plattsmouth this past year.

At Elmwood-Murdock, Cover anticipates assisting with the Knight football and track programs while teaching middle school social studies, pre-algebra and technology classes.

“I have worked with some excellent coaches that have taught me a ton and some even better staff members,” said Cover. ”There are many people that don't seem to get the credit they deserve.”

A fixture on the mats for the past six years, Cover will now have some free weekends since E-M doesn't offer high school wrestling.

“I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself come Saturdays this coming winter,” said Cover.

Fund Raiser for the Aldrich Foundation

Elmwood-Murdock Garden Tour

June 21st, 2008 - 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Visit six rural and village gardens in the Elmwood & Murdock areas.  Tickets are $8.00, and can be purchased on the day of the event at the Aldrich House, 204 East F St., Elmwood.  Add an Aldrich house tour for $2.00.  Lunch will be available.  Visit or call 994-3855 for more information.  This is a fund-rasier to benefit the Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation.

Final Home for the Puppies

We found a home for the last two puppies! They went to live on a farm near Auburn with a great family. I've worked with Brian and Paula for years and just heard last week that they were looking for some new dogs for their family. They have two little girls, live on a farm, and raise horses. The kids and I took Penny and Tank to their new home and check it out to make sure it was acceptable. It was so cool I wanted to stay! I heard from Paula today that they are have a great time with them. It was a happy ending to a great adventure. We kept Blake and have been working with him. All of the puppies are pretty mellow and very trainable. He is already part of the family. You can see by his picture that he already has a talent. He has learned to make his own shower by wagging his tail in the water. And don't think we ignore Chevy. She gets to come in and visit often, too. Especially during storms!

Garage Sale Maniacs!!!!

Saturday was the Eagle City Wide Garage Sales and we were there. Not me and my family…they were too busy sleeping. Me and a few of my friends who are also maniacs for a good garage sale. Brooke, Brody, Kalee, and I headed over in the minivan. We knew this was a little unrealistic but we had to start somewhere. We found bargain after bargain. Four pairs of roller blades for the rink. Three riding toys for the little kids. A bag of bubbles left over from a wedding. Water skiis. A can of beer from Gilleys, with a hole in it at no extra charge! Two high chairs, an aquarium for Joe's minnows, hip waders, a row boat, and a car seat. The best find of the day was a little mini bike. Only $50! Kalee instantly recognized the potential of fun we could have with it. I was out of money by this time but my banker, Kalee, stepped up with the dough. About this time we decided we better call Vince, the man with the truck. He just rebuilt the brakes on his truck and was looking for an excuse to take a ride. He came over and took one look at us and our treasures and laughed and laughed. Well, the laugh was on him…not only did we find everything from water skiis to Christmas lights…I even found the kitchen sink! With a garbage disposal. And a brand new faucet. All for only $30. How could I pass that up? In retrospect I think maybe Vince was right and I could have passed that up. You just might see it on my garage sale next week!


Elmwood City Wide Garage Sales

Next Saturday Elmwood will be the hot spot in the area. People will be bringing their minivans and pickups here in hopes of finding treasures that compare with what we found last weekend. I'm doing my part by bringing all of my junk, I mean, treasures up to the rink to sell. We'll be having an indoor garage sale there. We still have space if you are interested. With the way the weather is this time of the year I'm glad to be able to set up on Friday night and not worry about rain. We will be open Saturday night so there will be a whirlwind late Saturday afternoon to clean up afterwards. So if you are out garage saling don't forget to stop in! We'll have concessions all day, too, if you want to get in and cool off and have a snack.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

As we waited out the storm last Wednesday night in the basement we were feeling pretty safe and mostly unaffected by the weather. Some friends without a basement came over to take cover, too. Vince was upstairs asleep while we hovered downstairs watching Bill Ranby. As we sat there we started to realize there was a familiar sound coming from the other side of the basement. I jumped up to check it out and found a stream of water shooting out of the wall! Millie and Bridget started scooping water, Vince was abruptly awakened by our screams and he grabbed the Shop Vac. The rest of us were busy moving things out of the way. The neighbor across the street brought his Shop Vac over. Corey and Vince vacuumed water until 1:30 a.m. The carpet was a mess, the floors were damp and muddy. And we were feeling pretty lucky that this is all that happened to us! Clean up over the weekend was minimal compared to the damage that others experienced. The basement will dry out, just like it did before. I'll get new carpet and it will probably be flooded again. But the memories we share from that evening with our friends will keep us laughing for a long time.

Biker Gang Descends on Elmwood!

Saturday afternoon a gang of tough looking bikers were caught on 6 th Street. They stopped long enough for me to take their picture. Don't they look scary? They tried to race each other down the streets. Somehow it just didn't seem to be a fair competition.

“If you can dodge a speed bump, you can dodge a ball.”

And dodge they did! The Dodge Ball Tourney was a lot of fun. Ten teams signed up to compete for the title. The Isaac's Crew and The Dodgers faced off in the 6 th Grade and under age group. Isaac's Crew took home the prize!

Teams in the older age group ranged from Super Nova, to the Channel 4 News Team, to the Barracudas, to Stuby's team. We even had the Misphits, Danielle's Dancers, Justin's Crew, and Garrett's Team. We had a couple teams from Lincoln and Ashland show up, too.

The action was fast paced and fierce. Garrett's Team finally won out and took home the prize. Garrett's Team members were, team captain, Garrett Brummer, Jacob Blunt, Adam Neels, Josh Schwaller, and Billy Richardson. Each of the winners received a skating pass and a Flying Wheels Dodge Ball shirt. After the tournament those who were interested stuck around for more dodge ball. Stop by sometime to play or just to watch.



Julie Anderson


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