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“Growing Together”
May 14, 2008

Congratulations, Graduates!!

And Their Parents!!

Some parents, okay, let’s just admit it, some mothers, work for at least a year in preparation for the big graduation day. Fathers play a big role, too, by listening to the mothers planning and then as the big event approaches they are handed a long list of chores to do to ready the house for the reception. They paint, they fix, they retile, they remodel…basically, they just do what there are asked to do. Next to a wedding, a graduation event is the next well planned out affair a woman can do.

One of my friends started preparing over a year in advance for her daughter’s graduation. She wanted everything to be just perfect for her daughter. But do the kids really know what their parents are going through for them? The sleepless nights, the endless planning, the second guessing? The search for just the right balloons, who’s going to make the cake? Where are the baby pictures? You know the one where she was holding a butterfly looking so cute? We have to put that one out. Do we serve sandwiches or BBQ weanies or just cake? Did Aunt Carol get the invitation and Gosh, I hope she doesn’t show up drunk…again. The kids’ main goal is to finish that last day of high school. To sleep in and hang out. And to address the invitations for graduation…and to make that last run to Lincoln for forgotten supplies…and to help clean up the yard for the reception…and clean out the barn in case it rains. To run up to Lou’s for the tables and chairs. And to prepare themselves for their last obligation to high school, the graduation ceremony. This is where the moms cry as they remember their baby’s first day of kindergarten. Dads tear up as they remember that last great game. Teachers smile as they see their favorite students cross the platform…and smile even broader as they see their not-so-favorite student cross the platform. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, it’s the end, yet just the beginning.

The kids are off to their new lives…and the parents are off to theirs. Each are a little scared. As the kids spread their wings they find their way and their parents hold their breath in suspense, hoping they don’t crash, hoping they will soar. And they do. And they make us proud. Bless all the graduates and their moms and dads, let each soar to their new adventures.




Academy Dancers present:

"Dancing is Timeless"
Friday, May 16th, 7:00pm
Saturday, May 17th, 2:30pm
Elmwood Elementary School Auditorium
FREE to the public
Director: Lesley Luther


Elmwood Rescue
Weekly Winner: May, 10th #19. Mike and Coleen Winter,
Elmwood Ne


Skate to your favorite Country Music!
Heath and Tiffany will be on hand for dance lessons, too!
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Flying Wheels Fun Center

Happy Birthday, Jacob and Julee2!
That’s Jacob Blunt and Julee Sage, two of our favorite rink rats! Both had birthdays this week so we celebrated on Teen Night with them. Jacob turned 17 and Julee is not much over a teen! Close enough to count! Jacob also celebrated his birthday doing one of his favorite pastimes…mowing. Lucky for us he likes to do it. He got the city mowing job this summer!

Platte Valley Tumbling Club Event

Monday was a night of several activities and I could only be at one so I chose the one that my daughter was participating in…the Platte Valley Tumbling Club Event. After watching her and her friend Ashli, practice for months there was no way I would miss this! They were the oldest participants and were able to keep up with even the youngest tumbler. The kids flipped and cartwheeled and bounced to disco music. Amy Snodgrass has a class act at her gym. She really cares about the kids and works hard to make sure the kids learn all they can. You may see them Saturday in the Louisville parade! I would have more pictures but the new battery in my new camera was dead. So this is the only picture I got before it died.

Big Dan’s is on the Move!

You may have noticed some activity over the last week. Big Dan and his family and friends have been moving the video and body shop to a new location. Big Dan purchased the old Clines Small Engine Repair Shop. They considered closing the video shop because they have plenty of business to keep the shop busy but their loyal customers begged them to keep the videos so they decided to keep the DVDs some of the VCR cassettes. They are rearranging and setting up display cases and should be open for business next week. I’ll keep you posted on their progress. Also, Big Dan’s also fixes tires, sells tires, batteries, engine work, and much more! I can attest to his body work skill…my Kia has been fixed by him at least twice and you can’t even tell it was ever crashed! Stay tuned for more from Big Dan’s!

And there is more coming about the going’s on at Specialized Computer Solutions, too. Next week…an interview with Merl and we’ll all find out what’s been going on!

IZZY finds a Home!

Puppy #2 finds a home! Izzy moves to Lincoln to live with a nice family. We didn’t get their name but the dad works with a friend so we will keep in touch through her. Puppy #3, Roughshot, went to his new home, too. Raeanna Jordan claimed and has already started training class. Puppy #4, Dodge, and Puppy #5, Adidas, and Puppy #6, Tank, should be going to their new homes this week. We still have one unclaimed puppy though…poor thing, he needs a home. We call him Dipstick, not because he is stupid, but because the tip of his tail is white and his tail is black. When he wags his tail at night all you can see is a white line. Actually, all the puppies are like this but he gets the name. If you know of anyone who needs a wonderful little puppy, let me know! (as you can see this was taken with the camera that I broke. Also, I can’t guarantee this is a picture of Dipstick…they are moving so fast it’s hard to tell them apart!)

I hope you are all going through your closets, getting ready for the City Wide Garage Sale! Don’t forget to reserve your space at the indoor garage sale at the Flying Wheels!

By the way, the Flying Wheels will be closed Memorial Day Weekend! The plan is to do some cleaning and minor construction. Wish me luck!

Julie Anderson


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