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“Growing Together”
May 7, 2008


Mother’s Day is coming, need a break? Vince is babysitting!

E-M Band and Music Concert

The Elmwood Murdock Band and Music concert last week was once again a great event. The Jazz band started the show followed by the junior high choir. The boys sang first and then the girls to show off their talents. Then they sang one together. The high school choir sang several songs some of which they sang at competition. Vince and I brought three year old Shay Campbell with us and she especially enjoyed their rendition of “My Wish”. I could tell because she sang along…sometimes quite loudly. If you haven’t heard these choirs perform you are missing out. Mrs. Colbert, the music instructor, informed the audience that the high school choir has been selected to study and perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City next year! That is very exciting! You know that means lots of fund raisers so be prepared to support the cause! And you know there is only one way to get to Carnegie Hall…Practice, Practice, Practice.

So how was the skate/dance you ask?

The “No Good Reason For It Skate/Dance” was a blast! There weren’t a lot of kids but we made do. After skating we played dodge ball for a couple hours. I believe they would have kept going if we hadn’t run out of time. We had a couple special guests stop by to help officiate. If you ever drive by and see the deputy’s car out front don’t worry. They like to stop by and check us out. This night they even threw a couple wayward dodge balls back into play. Jacob, our Dj, filled them in on the game and also played a couple songs they requested. Who knew the police were so fun? Seriously, though, we like it when they stop by. The kids talk to them and find out they aren’t scary.

The highlight of the evening was a round of “Ghostbusters”. The kids were so loud! In case you don’t know how to play…I play the song “Ghostbusters” and when the song asks, “Who you gonna call?” the kids scream, at the top of their lungs, “GHOSTBUSTERS!!!” Then we judge to see which group was the loudest. They get a prize. This time the lucky winners each won a puppy! Raeanna Jordan and Christine Schmitt were the lucky winners! Lucky for me their parents had already approved the adoption. The girls will be taking Roughshot and Dodge home this week. Aren’t you glad your child didn’t win?

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the evening…

Speaking of puppies…

We are down to nine puppies…the rest will be going to their new homes within the next week. Zeus went to live with a family by Lincoln. We can tell they are ready to go but we will miss them so much! Joe loves to lie on the ground and let them pile on top. I think Chevy should get a Mother’s Day gift since she has been such a great mom. She will miss them, too, but she is ready for a break.

Speaking of birthdays…

Vince’s granddaughter, Emma, turned one year old on May 4th. You may have seen her on First Birthdays on Channel Six Sunday morning? She was first…Emma Anderson, daughter of Aarin and Mariko Anderson. Emma loves to play outside. That’s what the announcer said anyway. We went to Emma’s house in Omaha to help her celebrate. We even took her two puppies for her birthday. Unfortunately her dad didn’t think any of them were ready for such a commitment. Too bad!

Back to Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day is a time to remember not just your mom but the other important ladies in your life. I am lucky to not only have a special mother but I also have other women in my life that had a big influence on me as I was growing up and even today. My grandmothers were totally opposite but loved and respected each other. Grandma Lampe was a riot! She knew all the best dirty jokes; even though I didn’t understand them I knew they were funny. She fished like a sailor and cussed like one, too. You knew you were going to have a good time if Grandma Lampe came to get you! Grandma Whitten was quiet and loving. She quilted, sewed, and crocheted. She was patient and kind and loved us more than anyone. Aunt Edie lived in California and we only saw her once a year. But she was a cool aunt! She was always coming up with something fun to do yet she made sure we would also learn something. She took us hiking, swimming, and camping on the coast. She made cream cheese and raisin sandwiches. I had never heard of such a thing but ate them just to humor her. We always tried to be on our best behavior when we were with Aunt Edie because we wanted to be invited back. Aunt Pat was my other cool aunt…she let my cousins come and stay with me all the time and when I was old enough she let me babysit for them. She always treated me like I was important, even when I didn’t feel like it. One year on my birthday we had a snowstorm and didn’t have school. Over her lunch hour at work she took me out to lunch at the Pizza Hut and then to Pamida to pick out my birthday present. I picked out the “All in the Family” game. I will never forget how special she made me feel that day. She still makes me feel that way.

I am thankful that I had these ladies in my life when I was growing up and I am even more thankful that they were patient with me and ignored my stupidity when I was a teenager. I am thankful for all the girlfriends I have who laugh with me, tell me to shut up, and teach me to be a better person. I miss my grandmothers every day and wish that I could talk to them again now that I am grown. I have so many things to say to them. Mostly, I would say “I love you.” I don’t want to wait until someone is gone to tell them how much I appreciate them. To all of the ladies in my life who are special to me and read my newsletter…Mom, Aunt Edie, Aunt Pat, Suzie, Millie and Joe’s Grandma Shirley, and all of my girlfriends…I love you, too.


Julie Anderson


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