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“Growing Together”
April 30, 2008

Are you concerned about your child’s development?

Elmwood-Murdock public schools is offering a “Developmental Screening” for children birth – years of age. These screenings are for families that are concerned about the development of their young children. Some areas the screenings will cover are: speech and language development, physical skills, play skills, behavior, vision and hearing. The screenings are provided at no cost.

Where: Elmwood Murdock Elementary School

When: Friday, May 2nd from 1:00 – 4:00

Call 994-2125 to schedule an appointment.

On a personal note, I can tell you that Early Intervention services provided by the local ESU are the best thing when you are in need. When my son, Joseph, was born with spina bifida in 1996, I had never heard of Early Intervention before. Within a day I was contacted by the local services coordinator and she explained everything that was available, not just for Joe but for our family. Joseph required physical therapy and occupational therapy. The coordinator was wonderful. She arranged for the therapists to come to our house as often as needed. They worked as a team to make sure Joe’s development was on track. She arranged for respite care so I could have a break. I was never scared about Joe’s medical situation and it was because of the tremendous support I received when he was born. Last week one of my friends told me about her 2 year old granddaughter and how she just wasn’t talking yet and she was worried about her hearing and development. She had tried talking to her daughter about it but she was very defensive and wouldn’t consider help. Finally she confessed that she thought her mother thought she was a bad mother. Not at all! Sometimes we just need a little help and this might be one of those times. So she made an appointment and had her evaluated. Luckily it turns out she is just a stubborn two year old who will talk when she is darn good and ready. But it could have been more serious. Thank goodness the mom put aside her pride and fears and had her evaluated. Sometimes life is just bigger than we are. If you have any questions or concerns about your child please make an appointment for this screening. It’s not about you or me…it’s about our kids.


The season is here! Mark your calendars! Plan your vacations around these dates. Bring your trucks! One man’s junk is another man’s treasures! Boy do we have treasures for you!

Eagle City Wide Garage Sales:
Saturday, May 31st

Elmwood-Murdock City Wide Garage Sales:
Saturday, June 14th 8:00-4:00

If you want your garage sale listed on the map you can pick up a form at CD’s Express and turned in at Bits & Pieces along with a $5 fee. Or you can contact Kurk Shrader @994-5745 or email him at The City Wide Garage Sales are sponsored by the Elmwood-Murdock Merchants Association.

Reserve your space at the Flying Wheels Come Rain or Shine Garage Sales. You can set up the night before and you will be assured of a dry spot on a day that will surely have rain. If we plan a city wide garage sale day then it will probably rain. But you and your treasures will be nice and dry. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

$20 – Reserves a space
$4 – Reserves a table
$2 – Reserves a chair

Set up on Friday, the 13th (are you superstitious?), not sure yet what time we’ll start. Doors open to you @ 6:30 on Saturday morning, opens to the public @ 7:00. Concessions will be available all day. Garage sales will end at 4:00 and everyone can haul the rest of their stuff away! If there is anything good left take it to Bits n Pieces!

May 5th – D.A.R.E. Graduation for 5th Graders @ 7:00 in E-M Elementary School Gym

May 8th – S.O.S. Meeting @ 7:00 pm

May 12th – All Stars Commitment Ceremony for 6th grade students and their families @ 7:00 in the E-M Elementary School Gym

May 16th – Elementary Talent Show at 1:00 pm in the gym. Parents and public are invited to attend. This is really fun!

May 20th – Elementary Field Day @ 1:00 pm on the football field. Parents are invited to attend.

May 21st – Yes, this is it. Last day of school. School is dismissed for the summer at 11:15 a.m.

No Summer Knights Child Care this year or next year! But the Flying Wheels Fun Center will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons! There will be skating, games, dancing, and loads of fun!

This article came from the Omaha World Herald on Monday.

Published Monday | April 28, 2008
Dry since 1886, Elmwood faces vote on alcohol sales

ELMWOOD, Neb. — One of Nebraska's oldest dry towns will decide whether it's time to rewrite history.

Elmwood residents will vote in the May 13 primary on whether to allow beer and liquor sales.

With a population of 680, the hometown of author Bess Streeter Aldrich has gone without bars or liquor stores since its incorporation in 1886.

In 1935, voters rejected a measure to allow the sale of beer and alcohol. In 1992, they turned down a measure to permit beer sales.

Rob Clements, executive vice president of the American Exchange Bank, who says he has taken a neutral public stance, said a large number of residents take pride in Elmwood's reputation as one of Nebraska's oldest dry towns.

"I think we have had more people move to Elmwood because we don't have bars," he said.

"We have a good school district reputation, and Elmwood itself is a clean town without a bar. There have been restaurants and grocery stores in Elmwood, but they have never sold any alcohol. That's what being dry since 1886 means."

Coleman and Deb Lenz, owners of CD's Express convenience store on Nebraska Highway 1, helped start the petition drive that put the alcohol measure on the ballot.

Their attorney, Julie Bear of Plattsmouth, Neb., said Elmwood residents who want to buy alcohol now drive to neighboring Eagle, Murdock or Lincoln.

"The law hasn't kept pace with the changes in the times," Bear said. The Lenzes are "trying to meet the needs of the community."

The Lenzes declined to comment, saying they don't want to discuss their plans until after the vote.

Nancy Josoff, Cass County election commissioner, said the majority of those who signed the petition to allow liquor sales were between 30 and 40 years old.

"I think a lot of newer people moving into the community are used to having things like that available," Josoff said. "But I would also think there are people who have been in town that don't feel the need to change."

Elmwood is believed to be one of the last few dry towns in the state, according to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

In 2004, the Iron Horse Steakhouse in Tryon became the first liquor establishment in the 114-year history of McPherson County.

That same year, Ceresco, a town of 920 north of Lincoln, got its first tavern in more than a century.

In 2003, Sadie's General Store in Firth, a town of 600 between Lincoln and Beatrice, obtained an off-sale license to sell beer. About two years ago, the business received a permit to sell hard liquor and wine in an adjacent pizzeria.

"We have increased our business 15 to 20 percent since we got the permits," said David Ashman, one of Sadie's owners.

As the election in Elmwood draws closer, the Rev. Sondra Atkins, pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church, said she plans to address her congregation about the issue.

"I would hope and pray that people in our congregation would take the same stand that I believe," Atkins said.

She added: "I think it's a big safety issue. Too many negative things can happen from alcohol, including drunken driving and accidents."

Are you tired of the puppies? You would think we would be but we aren’t. They have totally captured our hearts. It will be very hard to part with them but the time is coming soon. Every day we see them maturing and becoming more attached to us. We have found homes for many and a few are still waiting that final confirmation from their parents. They better hurry though, I have many people asking for them! We are keeping two of them, Penny and Blake…but as a result of that we have made the decision to find a new home for one of our other dogs, Taz. You may think we are out of our minds to give up a purebred Yorkie who is just cute as a button to keep two dawgs but that is what we have decided. So Taz is going in for his yearly shots on Friday and to be groomed Friday afternoon. I want him to look his best when he meets his new family. So if you know of someone who is in search of a cute little teddy bear type dog, just let me know. Serious inquiries only! By the way, I am totally in love with Taz he’s a great dog, I am just out voted by the family.

As for the puppies, here are some updated pictures of them. They are incredibly fat! Chevy has been trying to wean them, you can see by the first picture why she wants to wean them. And you can see by the second picture how she is weaning them. She stands on the roof where they can’t reach her. They will be six weeks old this week…we aren’t sure if they will be ready to leave us yet but the new owners are getting anxious. It will be so hard to let them go! If you drive by and see us outside playing with them feel free to stop and be mauled! By the way, all of the gray ones are spoken for…




Well, Millie and I took a ride around town tonight, cruising, I believe she calls it. And we found that baseball season has started. Boys and coaches were busy on the field. The field was being plowed up so it will be fresh for the season. I don’t follow baseball closely but I love the crack of the bat, wooden, not metal, and the smell of popcorn. Makes me want to sing…”Take me out to the ball game…” Love this time of year!


I see that we can get flowers at the Rim of the Prairie across from the park. Speaking of the park, a fresh load of bark has been unloaded and is waiting to be spread out. Skateboarders are whizzing down the highway, dodging cars and jumping curbs. Much as I cuss them because I’m never sure if they will suddenly fly in front of the car, I remember when I was their age and I had a skateboard. Man, that was fun. Skateboarding and rollerskating…look where that’s gotten me!


Faithful reader and contributer to this newsletter, Keri Hogue, brought her girls skating Sunday night along with her niece, Karlee. It was a slow night so it was a perfect time to introduce her youngest, 17 month old Avery, to skating. We slid her pudgy feet into a size 7 and she loved it! She danced and boogied across the floor. Rilee and Karlee practiced their moves, too. I’ve included a picture of the Hogue’s with their girls. Thanks, Keri, for all your contributions and encouragement!


Friday was Arbor Day and it was also the day for the 5th graders to take a field trip to Arbor Lodge. I begged Mr. Johnston to let me go…it is my favorite field trip. He took pity on me and said yes. We took off bright and early…wait, now that I look back, it wasn’t bright at all, it was cold and rainy and somewhat dreary. But that didn’t dampen the spirits! Just like any good field trip the kids sang “100 bottles of pop on the wall”, passed notes to each other, and giggled a lot!

We started at the Arbor Tree Farm and were shown the difference in trees and leaves. Due to the weather we were not able to go on the trail and find the actual trees and leaves ourselves. But we had a great tour of the facilities before heading over to the Arbor Lodge. It is a fascinating place! The carriage house holds several carriages and a cat nestled down in one. We were shown a video about James Sterling Morton and learned the history of Arbor Lodge. Then we toured it. The kids quickly found the bowling alley in the basement! You will see Joe showing off the bowling alley in the pictures. I took pictures of the woodwork to show Vince. Just in case he wants to get fancy on our caste renovation project. I don’t think we damaged anything and the kids seemed to like the house.

We got to picnic on the property and sit in the Whispering Bench. After lunch we went to the new Lewis and Clark facility east of Nebraska City. It overlooks the river and has trails you can follow…if the weather were cooperating, that is. The kids explored the facility from top to bottom, several times. And then we invaded the gift shop and bought everything from ink pens and ink to harmonica necklaces to honey sticks. Trevor tried out the exhibit that said, “Smell this”. Silly boy…any time someone says “Smell this” the answer should be NO! Check him out in the pictures. Due to the weather we were finished early and I made it home in time to clean the bathroom and living room before everyone got home. It was a good day. We will definitely be going back to explore the Arbor Tree Farm though. There is supposed to be a three story tree house on the trails! I want to see it!


Musical Auditions at Lofte Theatre

The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley will be holding auditions for its summer musical, "The Sound of Music." This is the classic love story of a novitiate nun sent by her Mother Superior to work as governess to seven children in 1930s Austria. Soon Maria and the children's father, the Captain, fall in love against the backdrop of the Third Reich and the onset of World War II.
All auditions will take place at the Lofte. Children ages 7-15 will audition on Monday, April 28th at 7pm. Auditions for all other actors, ages 16 and up will be held on April 29th and 30th at 7pm. Everyone should bring a prepared solo of no more than one minute. Accompanist provided. Actors will also perform cold readings from the script. Kevin Colbert will direct. Emily Raasch will be musical director.
For questions or driving directions, please call the Lofte at 402-234-2553 or visit their website,


This dog was found running out east of Elmwood on the bike trail with another dog who took off. If you know who owns this dog please call 994-2281.

Follow up to last week’s picture of the pink mustang…the next day I drove by the same house and this was parked there…no words can describe this. Except maybe Redneck Princess.

Take care and have a great week!

Don’t forget the “No Good Reason for It Skate/Dance” Saturday night! Send your kids down! We’ll have a blast!

Julie Anderson


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