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“Growing Together”
April 23, 2008

Have you ever received one of the emails from your friends where they list their top four favorite foods, tv shows, friends, movies, etc… I really enjoy reading them because it makes me think of my friend who sent it and sometimes I even learn something about them. In the past week I think I’ve received about five of these and found out that all of my friends would rather be on the beach than wherever they were. I’m with them on that! For my top four movies I listed American President, Dirty Dancing, Pure Country, and The Sound of Music. I love them all and could watch them over and over. I love Annette Bening’s hair and the way she looks at the “President”. I love to practice my “Dirty Dancing” with Vince…love that one! And I imagine that George Strait is truly Dusty and is just as sweet and honest as he acts in the movie. As for The Sound of Music…my mom made us watch this movie when it was first shown on TV when I was probably 9 years old. I’ve been in love with it ever since. I can sing along with every song and I can relate to Maria, being the nanny and falling in love with Captain von Trapp because I fell in love with Vince when I used to babysit for his kids. But that’s another story. Because of this movie I fell in love with history and read as much as I could about the war and Hitler. I could feel their pain as they left their homeland. I cried when the kids all started singing Edelweiss with their father.

At the rink I will often close the evening by singing “So Long, Farewell” to the kids. It makes them want to leave to hear me sing. One night I found the actual song from the movie and played it instead of singing it. Imagine my glee when a mother and her kids started singing along and acted out the song! It was wonderful! Every time they come now we request this. At the concert last week the kids performed this as their finale, too.

As luck would have it the Lofte Theatre will be presenting “The Sound of Music” this summer. They are holding auditions for it on April 28th-30th. I’ve heard they would love to have as many as possible come to the auditions. Obviously they will need kids! I’d try out for the part of Maria but I would clear the theater!
If you are interested in the auditions you can check out the website for the Lofte Theater at

The date for the groundbreaking for the new construction at the Elmwood-Murdock schools is Monday, May 19th 10:30am at Elmwood and 1:00pm at Murdock. We will keep you posted with more details. The future is just beginning!

Emma, the Border collie, is looking for a new family. Emma’s family is moving and can’t take her with them. Emma is a 3 ½ year old female/spayed border collie. She is housetrained, has a good disposition, gets along well with children, and has a lot of energy. Her favorite pastime is playing ball. Spencer and Abby have ensured that she knows how to play with kids.

Questions, contact Ann Bobbett (402) 234-2526 or (402) 660-2582


Now if you would prefer something a little younger, I can help you out with that! If you are a regular reader you are probably wondering how the puppy saga is going at my house. We are very glad to announce that the puppies have moved outside! While we loved having them inside with us where we could play with them all the time the mess finally got the best of us. They are out in the pen and loving it. We have a resident squirrel who watches over them and chirps at them to keep them in line. I swear they change more every day. Chevy is trying to wean them but they are very persistent. We don’t put her in with them very often and that is fine with her. She wants to smell them, count them, and then get away before they latch on. Did I mention they have teeth now?

Saturday Vince had a friend from work stop by with her kids and they picked one out that they thought would fit their family. She asked if they could take him home to meet her husband to get his approval and we said yes, of course. But when they pulled away with that puppy it was very upsetting of those of us who take care of them and play with them every day. Millie, Joe, Derek, Raeanna, Kalee and I were a little discombobulated. Okay, mostly I was discombobulated. This woman that we didn’t know took a puppy. Would she bring him back? Would they be good to him? Vince told us she was a really nice lady and we shouldn’t worry but still…it was very unsettling. She did bring him back and they named him Zeus and will be glad to take him home as soon as he is ready. They had fallen in love with him and we could tell he would be going to a good home.

This whole experience with Chevy and her puppies has been something that not only our family will never forget but the neighbor kids, our friends, and everyone who has stopped by to see them. They have touched our lives and it will be very hard to let them go. I’m sure that you have had similar experiences, we aren’t the only family to care for puppies…it’s just our first time so it is special!

So far Penny, Zeus, Adidas, Rough Shot, Spot, Dodge (named after his mother), and Falcon have been spoken for. The other little girl potentially has a home but we are waiting on approval from the parents. That leaves two puppies still homeless…how sad…and they are so cute, too. If you are interested please contact me…don’t wait, it could be too late! Chevy, the mother is a Walker Hound and we are 99% sure the father is an Australian Shepherd. All we are missing is the blood test!

The Son Shine Child Care Center is actively seeking full time and part time help. They are in need of people who are 19 years of age and older with current or past child care experience. Benefits include competitive wages, smiling faces, exciting days, paid vacation days and much more.
Contact Donny McHugh at 994-2384 for more details.

Lucky for me last week that I work in Auburn. The Elmwood-Murdock band and music students traveled to Auburn to participate in the District II Music Contest. They joined 12 other schools to compete. I was able to sneak away for a few minutes to watch the choir perform. As always their performance was magnificent. I got chills when they were singing. Unfortunately the judges didn’t see it the same way and they didn’t get the highest rating…I’m not sure it they got the Excellent or Superior…whichever is not the highest. I was truly disappointed for them. The second song they sang must have been a favorite for them because it brought smiles to their faces as they sang. I’m looking forward to their concert soon so I can hear them again.

Friday night was the Spring Carnival at the Elementary School and also Country night at the rink. I sent a field reporter out to the carnival for me since I couldn’t be there. My friend Brooke and her husband, Corey, took their daughters and my son. And the camera. So if you saw someone you didn’t know taking pictures of your kids it wasn’t a weirdo. She’s with me. Even though it was cold and nasty that night I hear the carnival was a hit. I don’t know if the people who coordinate the carnival and all the volunteers who help set up, work it, and tear down, can ever receive enough thanks for all of their efforts. They make the event a very special and memorable time for the kids. They will remember this when they are parents and they will also volunteer to help make their carnival memorable for their kids.

Country night was well attended by people from other towns that were unaware of the Spring Carnival. I didn’t tell them either! We had a blast skating to “redneck” music. There were several kids that were disappointed that they couldn’t be in two places at once so we scheduled another Country Night on Friday, May 16th. Heath Vogt is checking his calendar to make sure he and Tiffany can come back for more dance lessons. Mark your calendar!


Hey, in case you were wondering…my parents have finished their move to Missouri. Their trip was just the opposite of the Beverly Hillbillies. They loaded up the truck and moved to Missouri – from California! They spent the last month in California packing up the trucks and trailers. Dad had to build a box on the trailers to hold all their stuff. Pretty ingenious! I would have just sold it all. They are done traveling now and can concentrate on getting their house ready for all the relatives to come visit. Don’t tell them but we are setting up a visitor schedule! They’ll be busy from now until Christmas!




The Palmyra Wrestlers always end their season with a skating party at the Flying Wheels. The boys are coached by dads and cheered on by moms. They attack the skating floor like they do the wrestling mat, with vigor and strength. They never give up and they encourage each other. They were going so fast I didn’t get many clear pictures of them. Go Panthers!


I may be old but I can appreciate a cool car when I see one. I wouldn’t necessarily pick the first car to own but I would cruise in it. I would definitely cruise in the second car! I found these cars a block apart in Columbus. I’m assigned there for work for a few weeks and I noticed these beauties. Couldn’t help but share them with you.

To save myself from emailing you all this, since I don’t have your email addresses…here is the answer to the “four things about me” email…

Four favorite foods: chicken, steak, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate

Four unusual places I’ve been: Martha’s Vineyard, San Francisco, Barada, Lawson’s Landing

Four Favorite Movies: see above. J

Four People who email me: Brooke, Michele, Tami, and Dave
(I work with Dave and he has the funniest emails)

Four Great Moments: This can change at any moment because you never know what might happen! But for now they are pretty hard to beat…1) & 2) the birth of my kids, 3) my wedding to Vince, (if you missed that it was the best redneck wedding ever! Let me know if you want to see the pictures. I still have my duct tape wedding ring!) and 4) any time spent with family and friends

Four things I’m proud of: my kids, my husband, the rink, and when I lost 100 lbs. Too bad I found some of it again! But it isn’t too late to do it again!

Four places I would rather be: On a beach, dancing with Vince, fishing with Joe or cruising with Millie.

Take care and have a great week! You try to list your four favorites! It’s not easy!

Please, send me your stories or pictures!


Julie Anderson


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