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“Growing Together”

March 28, 2007

Feature Business: Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging
If you are like me, you may know that there is a big blue van parked “up town” some days of the week that provides transportation for some of our community citizens. And like me, you might think that this van is attached to the Senior Center, which is wrong. I found that I really did not know the purpose and for whom this van assists. And I hate to admit it, but I was really not aware of the office where this van parks in front of. As chance would have it, I began a correspondence with Judy Cline, the Information and Assistance Case Manager for the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging – Elmwood, and she enlightened me as to what exactly this office, and this van, is for and for whom they support. The director of the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging is Bev Griffith and the main office in actually in Omaha. According to Judy, Bev felt that people would rather talk face to face with someone in their area, rather than talk with somebody on the phone that is in Omaha. The Elmwood office actually opened in April 2000 and serves the needs of people 60 and older. Except for the transportation, services include a homemaker, bath aid, or other helpful duties within a person’s home. To utilize these services a person age 60 or older only needs to contact Judy and identify what their needs are. Judy collects the necessary information and sends it to the Omaha office where a case manager is assigned and makes an appointment to visit the person requesting the services.  

Judy also handles transportation for rural Douglas, Sarpy & Cass Counties. There is one full time driver who lives in Plattsmouth and normally drives to Omaha 5 days a week, and one part time driver that lives in Nehawka who can use a handy-cap accessible van or a mini van depending on if the clients are wheel chair required.   In total there are 4 vans. The 15 passenger van you see on Main Street (the big blue van) is housed here in Elmwood.  There are 3 volunteers that drive it and usually take clients to Lincoln.   

They also use the large van for one day excursions to Omaha or Lincoln. Church groups, Circles, and Senior Centers can reserve it and the volunteer drivers to take them to their outing. There are charges and they are very reasonable as follows: (One way) – 1-10 miles $2.00; 11-20 miles $4.00; 21-40 miles $5.00; 41-60 miles $6.00. Judy states that the van also takes clients to Eppley Airfield so they don’t have to leave a car at the airport.  

If you would like to request services or need more information on either of these services, please call Judy Cline at 994-2406.

Judy Cline, Information and Assistance Case Manager for the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging, Elmwood

Office front for the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging in Elmwood

New! On the Business Link!

Vision Marketing Corp – They are a full service marketing provider.

Internet Mortgage Pro – Cash out refinance loans, Debt consolidation loans, Rate term refinance or Commercial loans.

Both companies have contact info listed under the Elmwood Business Link at
Extra Earnings for Military Service!
If you had any active duty service prior to January 2002 and you are planning for retirement you should take note!

Active military service 1940 through 2001 may qualify you for a higher Social Security payment. Up to $1,200 per year could possibly be credited toward your social security benefit! What do you have to do? You have to take your DD-214 to the social security office and ask for this benefit – it is not automatically awarded. This is not just for military retirees – it is for anyone who has served on active duty prior to January 2002. For more info, please visit: www.saa.gove/retire2/military.htm

JYF Talent Showcase a Success!
The talent show to support the Junior Youth Fellowship at the Elmwood Christian Church, held March 18th, was a big success! Supporters ate hot dogs, side dishes & desserts supplied by goodwill donors. Evening performances, by both young and old, that lasted just beyond an hour included tap routines by some very talented girls; piano playing by very gifted players; a dramatic reading by a very serious fellow dressed to fit the part; and much singing which included a Petula Clark wanna-be; and what would the night have been without a foursome of girls dancing the Macarena! It was good food, good fun, good laughs, and some great fellowship! See pictures below.

Ken, Patty, Sierra, Marie, Jim, and Greg perform a serious number at the Junior Youth Fellowship Talent Showcase

Jacob Rhodd sang “I Came to Live Here,” and the boys in foreground told jokes between “gigs.”  

A Duet of “Buttercup” by Angie and Noah Willey – who provided a little more entertainment than mom had expected I think!  

Sierra Ronhovde sang and danced! She’s definitely her mother’s daughter!  


Desserts for Daughters – Wednesday, April 18th, 7pm at the Methodist Church. Guest speaker is Sue Schlichtemeier. Advance tickets may be purchased from the United Methodist Women for $4.00. Cost at the door will be $5.00 for adults, $2.00 ages 6-12, those age 5 and under free.  

Flying Wheels Specials
March 30th, Friday – Junior High Night – Games, Dancing, Hanging with your friends (NO skating). Dance Lessons available (optional) – 7:00 – 10:30pm, $4 admission.  

SOS (Support Our Schools) Cookbooks
Purchase from the elementary school office. They are $10!
Apr. 2-5 – TerraNova Achievements Tests for grades

2-6 Apr. 6 – No school – Holiday Break

Apr. 9 – No school – Holiday Break

Apr. 13 – Kindergarten Registration – Informational Packets will be mailed during the week of March 12.


**April 20 – S.O.S Spring Carnival – 5:30-8:00 p.m. (**The elementary can use donations of baskets or containers to put baskets in for the Spring Carnival. Each grade class is assigned a basket theme and they will be assembling baskets for the silent auction.)
Cass County Happenings:
Weeping Water
There is a new Exposition building on the Cass County Fairgrounds! The fairground is located at 144th and Hwy 1, 3 miles north of Weeping Water.
New Dollar store too – located on the towns main street.  

Main Street Café opens in Louisville! Finally a traditional, Old-fashioned, Sit-Down, Home-Made, Family Restaurant Opens on Main Street Louisville, with a name that is home made too, Main Street Cafe! They also have carry-out. To check out their menu, click on
March 30 - Lenten Fish Fry at St. Joseph’s Church from 5:00-7:30 p.m. Adults pay $6.00. Kids eat cheese pizza or macaroni and cheese for only $1.00! All food is prepared by the good chefs of the Knights of Columbus. Desserts served by the St. Joseph’s Ladies Guild. Last chance to be there or be square!  

Needed – Editor! I am informing readers that effective some time mid to late May, I will be terminating my official position as the editor of the Elmwood Community Newsletter. If you have an interest in being our editor, please contact me and I will supply you with info and help you get going. There are NO special requirements or skills necessary, except of course to have an internet capable computer! Basically, you just need to be able to dedicate a little time and the will to write. Just contact me -
Special Thanks: Judy Cline for graciously providing information for the Feature Business for this month, and to Grace and Sierra Ronhovde for providing pictures of the talent showcase to share. (Sierra, I admire anybody who’d give a newsletter editor a picture of herself performing in a talent show knowing darn well that I’m going to share it with the WORLD!)  

If YOU have anything you’d like to share, please send to me at the email address below!  
Have a Wonderful Week!

Gina Fahrenholz


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