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“Growing Together”
March 18, 2009

This is the last time I’ll be telling you about the fundraising event coming up at Round-the-Bend for the Youth-to-Carnegie Hall Choir. It is Friday night, 6:00-midnight. There will be a BBQ dinner, line dancing lessons, and performances by the Cowboy Up Band and High Heel!!! We are asking for a free will offering which will benefit the kids on their trip to perform at Carnegie Hall in May. But you will hear from me next week when I tell you how much fun we had!!!!!

Thursday was a heartbreaking day for the Elmwood Murdock High School Basketball boys. They played Fremont Bergen in the first round at Lincoln Southeast. It was a great game but didn’t last quite long enough. Just a few more minutes and the boys would have won! I’m not sure but I think that almost everyone from the two towns turned out for the event. The stands were full of black and white. Only half of one side was full of Fremont fans. If the game could have been won based on fan enthusiasm we would have won hands down! Maybe next year!

Bobby Barnes sports the tuba and plays in the pep band.

Elmwood Murdock Fans go this way! Lincoln Southeast are also the Knights so they had cool light covers.

And they had an actual Knight in Shining Armor in the hall.

Marcus Winter is the ultimate Knights fan.

No, Jordan Vogt and Austin Barnes are the ultimate fans as they stand before the whole auditorium in cheerleader skirts. Now that is spirit!

Megan Scholting, Shayna Dwyer, and Molly Zimmerman show their support!

For more pictures of the basketball game, click here:

Erika’s 11th Birthday!

Erika Debuse, Lincoln, celebrated her 11th birthday at the Flying Wheels. I first met Erika and her mom almost 11 years ago. Erika was born with spina bifida, just like my son, Joe. I knew Erika’s grandma who put me in touch with Amy, her daughter and Erika’s mother, when Erika was born. We met and talked about the kids and what the future holds. Neither of us really knew but it was nice to talk to someone else in the same boat. Erika and Joe attend Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp together in the summer. They are quite the pair!

Insert pictures here of Erika’s party.

Erika loves the scooters!

Erika keeps up with everyone!

For more pictures of Erika’s party and of other families enjoying Saturday morning click on this link:

The Flying Wheels Went Green!

Saturday night was the traditional St. Patty’s Day Skate/Dance/Dodge. This skate dance we always build a jail and sell arrest warrants. The kids can pay a quarter and have their friends arrested and put in jail. They can bail themselves out for a quarter or wait until the deputy lets them out. Usually at the end of the song that is playing. This year I made each person requesting an arrest warrant give me a reason why they wanted someone arrested. It varied from “He’s my brother.” to “She was seen dancing naked in the highway.” We suspect that one wasn’t true. But still we arrested them all! This year we used the closet and Vince installed bars on one end so they couldn’t escape. Cody Fries tried but quickly found out he just couldn’t do it. Brenna Backemeyer escaped when no one was looking but we grabbed her and threw her back in jail to serve her time.

A lot of the kids wore their green and were proud of it! Some wore green clothes and jewelry. Some painted their hair and skin.

The Jailbirds are begging for mercy!

Cody Fries tries to escape but he just can’t wiggle out!

Brenna Backemeyer serving her time.

The notorious Ritnour Brothers are apprehended! They’ve been accused of being annoying by little sister, Ericka. Pictures here of Ritnour boys, Gary and Mason.

Noah Tays is green and proud of it!

The 6th grade girls turned out in force to show their green! Cassie, Brenna, Laura, Jessie, Paige, Hannah, and Naomi.

Drake Spohr and Cody Fries ham it up.

Brooke’s nephew, Keenan, is just happy to come skating!

Corey Campbell and accomplice, Jordyn, were arrested and thrown in jail, too. Jordyn’s crime is that she frowned at me with her eyebrows.

Brooke actually fought the deputies when they came to arrest her. She was accused of dancing naked on the highway…click here for pictures:

Millie and Jordyn dance to the Cupid Shuffle.

Nikki and daughter, Koby, also enjoy a dance.

For more pictures of St. Patty’s Day…and there are a lot of them….click here!

Louisville Comes to Elmwood!

Well, at least the 8 year olds and 9 year olds anyway. Birthday parties for Laureyn and Jeremiah brought 8 year olds and the birthday party for Spencer brought the 9 year olds. All were friends so it worked out well. It was crazy for awhile but everyone had a great time.

Laureyn styles her deelie bobbers.

Jeremiah carries his cake!

Spencer enjoys his cake!

Click here to see more pictures of the birthday parties:

School has an Early Out on
Wednesday, March 18th…
Whatever will you do with the kids?
Send them to the rink!
We’ll be open 1:30 – 4:30
Admission - $3.50 + skate rental
Flying Wheels Fun Center


Businesses Still Growing and Investing in Nebraska

During the first two months of 2009 and in light of the ongoing recession, 5 businesses have applied for the Nebraska Advantage business incentives and are planning to grow their operations in Nebraska.
To see more info on the Business growth in Nebraska:

Do you have a mommy pouch?

Have you had at least one baby, at least one cesarean section, or abdominal surgery? Have you tried doing crunches and sit-ups with little to no result?
Come and learn a simple set of exercises specifically designed for women like you. Anyone can get results whether they are new moms or post menopausal.
I can help you put your abs back together! This is an abdominal exercise class for all ages of women and the technique has been proven to reduce recurring low back pain, incontinence, and midline pouchiness. I will teach the basic exercise and we will go through the 15 minute workout. Attendees will receive a book and a splint.

Dr. Sally K. Hufstader will be teaching this class based on the
Tupler Technique outlined in Julie Tupler’s book “Lose Your
Mummy Tummy”.
April 4th 8:30 a.m. -9:30 a.m. in Elmwood, NE
April 18th 9 am in Lincoln, NE
Cost for the class is $30.
Pre-registration is required and seating is limited.
Mindful children are welcome.
Call 402-994-2030 to Reserve your seat!
This event is sponsored by the Lifetime Wellness Clinic in Elmwood, NE

Hot Dog Dinner and Talent Show
Saturday, March 29 after worship
Elmwood Christian Church

Food!!! Music and Fun!!!

Worship begins at 10 a.m.
Hot Dog Dinner begins at 11 a.m.
Talent Show begins at 12 noon

Free will donations will help raise money for youth to attend church camp!
If you would like to be in our talent show, please e-mail

P.O. BOX 281

We are writing to request your participation in our annual LOUISVILLE PARADE on Saturday, May, 16, 2009.
The parade will be held in conjunction with our “Air Your Art In Louisville” art fair
The theme for this year’s parade is

The Louisville’s B.U.I.L.D. group (Businesses United in Louisville’s Development) hopes you will consider joining in the fun. We encourage you to use your imagination! We would love to see floats in our parade and think the theme will lend itself easily to many different ideas. Be as creative as you can!! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of the committee chairs below. We are including an entry form for your convenience. Also, you may complete an entry form on line at the Louisville website: and click on “EVENTS”
Please share this invitation with others who may be interested in participating in our parade.

Everyone much check in with parade officials
in the parking lot behind OPPD (1st and Main St) for a map of your placement in line


Apply on line at or
Mail to BUILD PARADE, P.O. BOX 281, Louisville, NE 68037
or drop off completed form to Louisville City Office, 210 Main Street, Louisville

Nancy McManis Dee Arias
402-670-9016 402-234-7705

Hey, This is just a heads up….
Cameron Sims has his wheels! Look Out!

Cameron may have his school permit but…

Look Out!

Millie turned 16 on Monday. Lucky for her she had a doctor’s appointment and had to miss school anyway. So we went for her appointment and got her driver’s license, too. It was a great day! We had a lot of laughs and really enjoyed the day. She had her boyfriend, Garyn, and his sister over for dinner of spaghetti and then an ice cream cake for dessert. She had to personalize the cake a little with frosting-in-a-tube.

Click here for more pictures of Millie’s birthday:


Who else had a birthday on Monday?
Norman Brockhoff!
Happy Birthday, Norman!

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…you are wondering what I did on Friday? I painted my living room! Vince was as surprised as you are. It went from brown tones to “Easter Egg” as Millie has called it. It is certainly a bright change. We also found some great bargains at Bits N Pieces. A new recliner and two new dressers that work great for a TV stand.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to Bits N Pieces. If you haven’t checked it out you are missing something. Especially if you like finding good treasures. Thanks to Kurk Shrader and all the people who help keep the store clean and organized. We really appreciate it being here in town!

Local Firemen Practice their Skills

The area firemen got together last Sunday to do a controlled burn. This was a training exercise on a donated house. They could practice their skills and not worry about the house being destroyed. Brooke and Corey Campbell loaded up the kids and trooped out to watch. Thanks to Brooke we have these great pictures!


For more pictures click here! They are worth viewing!!!

Have a great week and we’ll see you out at Round-the-Bend on Friday! Come hungry and bring your dancing shoes!




Julie Anderson


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