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“Growing Together”
March 4, 2009

Pancake Feed!

Proceeds to Benefit the Elmwood-Murdock Little League

Sunday, March 15th
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Elmwood-Murdock High School
Free Will Offering

Restaurant Style Pancake
Scrambled Eggs
Pork Sausage
Coffee Bar
Orange Juice/Milk

Bow Hunter’s Education Course
Nebraska Games and Parks Commission
(3 day course)

Roger Buck & Dan Timm – Instructors

Tuesday, March 17th – 6:00 - 9:00
Thursday, March 19 – 6:00 – 9:00
Saturday, March 21st – 8:00 – Noon
Murdock Fire Hall

To Register call:
Roger – (402)867-2557
Dan – (402)416-4589

WANTED: Windmill Towers
To be used for a wind experiment
McNel Co. 994-2653




click here to print the flier

Betty Boop and Romeo make friends. I knew it would happen eventually. Romeo is in love and Boop tolerates him. But she is starting to get used to him. They even shared the chair!

A new look…black and white with a splash of color

A $10 coupon will get you a 10” x 13” photo of your child
This has a retail value of $89.95.

March 13
Faith Missionary Church
Weeping Water
For more information contact Keri Hogue 994-2422
Sponsored by MOPS
Mothers of Preschoolers

Farce In the Park

KBC productions announces that its latest comedy opens on Saturday, March 7th at Mahoney State Park. "Run For Your Wife," written by Ray Cooney, is a favorite of many area theater-goers. The raucus comedy was performed at the Lofte Community Theatre in 1992 and met with huge success.

The story revolves around a hapless taxi driver who, due to his irregular work schedule, is getting away with having two wives living in different areas of town. Complications, cover-ups and flamboyant neighbors add to the tension as the cabby tries to keep his double life from exploding.

The cast includes Kevin Colbert of Weeping Water, Millard Carnes of Plattsmouth, Shari Hoelker, Stacy White of Omaha, Nate Jordan of Murdock and Jim Knierim and Jamion Biesterfeld of Louisville.

Performance dates are March 7-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-29, April 3-5, 11, and 17-19. Curtain Times are 7:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays; 2pm on Sundays. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for children under 12 and may be purchased by calling the Park office at (402)944-2523 ext. 7122.

Pictured on Attachment:
Double Trouble or Double Happiness? Kevin Colbert (center) plays the hapless cabby married two different women in Mahoney State Park's latest theater production, "Run For Your Wife." Also pictured, Shari Hoelker (left) and Stacy White (right).

Meet Louisville
The City of Louisville Produced to short Tourism Video to promote the town. Check it out, it’s really cool! We need to make one for Elmwood!

Need Tables & Chairs?

Do you have a big event coming up and need tables and chairs? Are you just having the mother-in-law over for Sunday dinner and she doesn’t want to sit on the lawn chair again? Got a garage sale planned and need tables to display your treasures?

Flying Wheels Fun Center has 6 foot and 8 foot tables and folding chairs for rent for your event. You can also get bulk ice there, too! Call ahead to reserve your tables and chairs!

Youth-to-Carnegie Hall
New York…Look Out!

We have at least one more big fundraising event before the trip in May. Round-the-Bend Steakhouse in South Bend offered the use of their banquet hall for this event. The Cowboy Up Band offered to help out, too. Then along came the High Heel band who wanted to do something. All have heard of the loss of the three kids and wanted to help out in some way. And what better way than a huge party? Would Dillon, Tyler, and AJ have wanted it any other way? I don’t think so.

Mark your calendars, invite your friends,
Set your sites on Round-the-Bend!
We’ll eat and drink and then we’ll dance.
I hope no one drinks enough to lose their pants!

Lisa will sing her best country tune.
And Earl will also be there to croon.
When High Heel and Cowboy Up meet on stage
They will rock the house and be all the rage!

Eat some BBQ, beans, and cookies,
Do the Cotton Eyed Joe with the rookies!
So bring your kids, your parents, your neighbors, too.
Bring a check or cash will do.

Come support the choir, their parents, and say…
Come remember Dillon, Tyler, and AJ.
Thanks for all you’ve done so far.
The choir will remember you when they are a star!

Did you see the front page of the Lincoln Journal Star Monday?
Check this out!

Happy Birthday, Dillon….

Dillon’s sixteenth birthday was February 26th. Julie and Tony wanted to do something special and include all of his friends. They arranged for everyone to meet at the cemetery that morning and they passed out silver bead necklaces for the kids to wear at the basketball game that night. And they passed out balloons. Everyone wrote a note on a piece of paper and tied it to the balloons. Tony thanked the kids for their support and encouraged them to remember Dillon and to support each other. We sang Happy Birthday and then we released the balloons. I like to think that Dillon is up in heaven reading the notes and laughing at us for standing out in the cold wind on his birthday eating his birthday cake. Yes, there was cake, too. What’s a birthday party without cake.

Julie and Kylie filling out their cards.

Kylie’s card for her brother.

Kylie waits to release her balloon.

Mr. Friedrich and Mr. Allemang, principals at the Elmwood-Murdock Schools also come to remember Dillon. He had a big fan club.

Tony talks to the kids.

No captions for these. There’s just nothing to say.

Happy Birthday, Dillon. We love you and miss you. Someday we’ll party together in heaven!

Click here for more pictures of Dillon’s party.

Who’s that Biker Chick?

There are some new biker’s in town. Have you seen them terrorizing the streets of Elmwood yet? It’s just a matter of time.

Bridget Sukup finally gets the bike she’s always wanted! Thanks to her mom, Julee Sage. Julee knew that blue was the magic color!

Shay will inherit this bike when she is older and her mom and dad, Brooke and Corey Campbell, have found bikes their own size.

What’s Been Going on at the Rink? Glad you asked…

Did you see all the cars out front this weekend? We managed to squeeze in Rookie Night before the big snowfall Friday night.

Tracy and daughter Marina, come out from Omaha for Rookie Night. Somehow Shay ended going for a ride with them.

Despite the six inches of snow we still had a crowd on Saturday morning. I guess everyone was sick and tired of being cooped up at home and thought skating sounded like fun. And it was! Scooters, too!

Faith Offner was stylin’ in the leopard cowboy hat!

Jess Podraza finally finished building his lovely wife a new home and is ready to take time out for the family. They brought Louie and Elizabeth down to the rink because it was time for them to learn how to skate! I hope we’ll be seeing more of them!

Casey helps Lucas on the scooter.

Grandma Beth shows Lucas a good time.

Click here for more pictures of the Saturday Morning Silliness!

Saturday afternoon brought Mel Luetchens down to the rink for a family party. While talking with his family I found out we had something in common. Mel’s mother-in-law is from Auburn and so are we. It gets better…(my family will love this part…) Mel’s mother-in-law is Bertha Guilliatt! He’s married to Nancy! Small world. That means something to our family. Bertha lived up the street from my family when I was a kid and my mom made all of the desserts for her family dinners! As we would drive to our family dinner on holidays we would go by Bertha’s house first to drop off the lemon meringue and pumpkin pies. I remember her well and send out a greeting to her! (Aunt Pat…tell Bertha I say, “Hi!)

Mel and Josie go for a spin.

Mel’s daughter, Laura, and her husband, John bring all the kids and the new puppy. It is a small world…John walked in the rink and yelled, “Where’s Vince?” He knows Vince from Haven Manor where he works.

This has to be Mel’s son…spitting image!

Taking a break from the limbo!

This guy picked the glasses from the prize box when he won the dice game!

Click here to see more pictures from the Luetchen’s family party!

Saturday Night Fun!

Jordyn has already learned how to shop for bling bling!

JT has a great time on his first night at the rink. He will be joining the 6th grade class soon when he moves to town. The kids are looking forward to him being here!

The girls take a break from skating. I’m sure they aren’t just boy watching!

Anthony never takes a break!! Go, go, go!!

What are the 5 D’s of Dodgeball?

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge

And there was a lot of that on Sunday! The dodgeball tournament brought out five teams from all over. Bradly’s family brought a team made up of some really fierce and somewhat intimidating men. They came in matching shirts and they brought their own fan club. Their team was named Lethal Balls and they came to win.

Loren Lockman was recruited by his sons, Trevor and Josh, and their friends, Mason and Gary Ritnour, and Thomas Hynes, to lead their charge. The Dominators, as they were called, were all under the age of 12 except for Loren but they were all very experienced dodgeballers. I don’t think Loren actually intended on playing but once he saw the competition he thought he better step up and offer his support.

Garrett Brummer was the driving force behind the dodgeball tournament and he also came prepared to win. His team won the last dodgeball tournament so he wanted to repeat that and add to his record. When he and his friends walked in and saw the other teams they weren’t a bit intimidated. They had played together enough to know they were the team to beat.

Sky LeDoux brought five of the Sunday night regulars as his team. Sky, Dale, Chelsea, Ryan, Tom, and the kid I can never remember his name, also competed in the 96KX dodgeball tournament a couple months ago so they had some good experience.

The final team was the Flying Wheels Team. Brooke and Corey Campbell, Kalee Brewer, Adam Neels, Millie, and Taylor Lehr stepped up. Millie took a couple good shots and had to be replaced but Nathan Fries was glad to fill in. She’s pretty tough but she’s not very big so she knew when to call it quits.

We had some of the best referees around…for amateur dodgeball, that is. If I hadn’t recruited them for refereeing they would have been playing. Bradly Cunningham, Noah Tays, and Cody Fries kept everyone in line. We had a few people volunteer to ref once in awhile to give them a break, too. It can get pretty intense on the court sometimes.

I don’t remember all the details or who won what round but I do know that ultimately youth won out and Lethal Balls couldn’t beat down Garrett’s Team. Garrett and the boys (Jordan Vogt, Jacob Waites, Tyler Schmale, Garyn Folden, and Derek Stubbendeck) now hold down two Flying Wheels Dodgeball Tournament Championships. I wouldn’t underestimate any of the teams that played. The Flying Wheels team, the Dominators, and Sky’s team all play very regularly at the rink so they will be getting a lot of practice. And Lethal Balls, they may be down, but I wouldn’t count them out. They may just come back for the win next time!

Garrett’s team.

Sky’s Team

Flying Wheels Team

Sky’s team takes a well deserved break.


Lethal Balls burns up the court.

Lethal Balls takes a break

Referee Cody Fries

Garrett and Garyn clown around

Garrett and Tyler try to plan strategy and they come up with Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge.

Taylor and Adam rest up. Dodgeball is not as easy as it looks!

Jordyn hangs out with dad when he’s on break. She was the little cheerleader!

Click here for more pictures of the dodgeball tournament:

Here’s one for the record books…I promised I wouldn’t put this in the newsletter but most of you know by now that if you walk into the rink or know me somehow you run the risk of being featured in the newsletter. It’s Millie’s turn. I caught her doing something really unusual for a teenager! The dishes. Don’t tell her you saw her in the newsletter…this will be our little secret. J


Have a great week!

Happy 16th Birthday to Jacob Waites!!!! Millie’s right behind you!


Julie Anderson


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