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“Growing Together”
March 5, 2008

Elmwood Rescue
Weekly Winner: Mar, 1st #9. Mick Bornemeier,
Elmwood Ne

Last Week
Elmwood Rescue
Weekly Winner: Feb, 23rd #8. Richard Becker,
Lincoln Ne


Does this time of year make you crazy? Tax time? I can’t imagine being an accountant! I’ve been pouring over my paperwork, looking for receipts, and creating spreadsheets. One would think I would have learned after doing the same thing last year! I did really well until mid July when I forgot the password on my new laptop that had all of my financial files. Did you know if you forget the password on a computer using Windows Vista that only has one account set up on it that you have to totally wipe it clean and set it up from the beginning? And I don’t mean dust it. That means you lose all of your files. Now I post my passwords all over the house. “Hey, Mom, the mirror in the bathroom has a note written in lipstick on it…what does “2autumn1984” mean?” “What’s the Post It note on the stove that says “bahama_bound_in2016” mean?” Never mind, that’s just for my information.

Vince laughs at me and says I don’t need to take it so seriously at this point. It’s only when I’m audited that I need to look for receipts. I’m guessing that the WalMart receipt I found under the front passenger seat of the minivan stuck to the McDonalds bag won’t be there if I’m audited in two years. But then again, maybe it would be. I don’t think I want to take that chance. I think I’ve learned my lesson though. I went to Office Supply and spent $14.95 for a little expandable folder organizer. It’s blue with flowers and I have every hope that this little box will keep me organized. I’ve already filed the receipt from Office Supply in it!

I even took Saturday night off from the rink so I could have a few hours home alone to work on this. It was the first time I have done that and I feel like I’ve missed out on something. I really miss hanging out with your kids! I will really be looking forward to next Saturday. I’ll be refreshed and ready for their hugs and their crazy antics.

Now that I’ve found almost all of my receipts, totaled all of my expenses, added up my income I feel a little more prepared to meet the accountant on Thursday. I’ve also realized what I’ve suspected all along. Owning your own business is not a huge money maker. I’ve had many people ask me what we are going to do with all the money we are making on the skating rink. I’m happy to say that it is paying for itself. Mostly. It’s not “wobbly” as indicated by the World Herald. But it won’t be sending me to the Bahamas any time soon. Darn it, I was hoping to make my fortune by renting skates!

Wish me luck at the accountant’s office this week! I’m short on news because I’ve been so busy cleaning out drawers, searching the car, digging under the bed, and cleaning out my purse. The funny thing is that I forgot I had a file folder that I was sticking the receipts in for about 5 months. I was so relieved to find that!

Bear with me this week while I take a little time off from the newsletter to work on the nasty taxes. Take care, and I hope your tax preparation was much less stressful than mine!


Julie Anderson


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