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“Growing Together”
February 27, 2008

The Elmwood-Murdock girls’ basketball team is going to state! They play Thursday at Southwest High School in Lincoln, 14th and Pine Lake Rd. at 8:45 pm. Good Luck, Girls!!


Terri Scholting - President of BUILD,, is looking for artists to
participate in the Air Your Art in Louisville Project.

Up coming and Established, Young and Old Artists are invited to design and paint streetlight pole banners for display on Main Street in Louisville, May 17th through September 8th. An auction is planned for the banners after the display ends.

Surely you know someone who is just so creative it makes you want to scream? Perhaps it is you…do all your friends tell you how jealous they are of your talents? If so, then this project is for you! If I had time I would be entering this! Maybe I’ll just have to make some time. For more information, contact Terri Scholting, BUILD President, at 402-234-2504 or WireBuilt at Toll Free 866-932-4774 or email

Or at least send the boys and girls out to get signed up to play! Registration has begun for Elmwood-Murdock kids. This is for t-ball (5 years old), Squirts (7 and under), Girls (8 and Under), Pee Wee, Pony, and all other teams. The due date for registration is February 28th. You can mail the forms, with the registration fee, to Jean Baumeister, 35817 McKelvie Road, Murdock, NE 68407. If you want to help out on a committee please contact Jean as soon as possible at The forms can be found on the school website (.doc file) or you can access it here (PDF file).


Sunday, March 16th at 5:00 pm
Elmwood Christian Church

Enjoy the fun, food, and entertainment as E.C.C. Church members and friends perform their many talents. There is no cost, but any donation will be used to help kids attend church camp. We also welcome and appreciate any donated side items or desserts!

If you are interesting in performing or know someone who is please contact Ashley at 994-2441 or Cynthia at 994-2146. Everyone who performs at the talent showcase will be entered in a drawing for a $15 gift card.


March 11th is the big day for the School Bond Vote. Fliers were sent out to all registered voters telling them where to vote. For more information about the issues check out this website - click here!

General Public Meeting to be held on:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 7:00 p.m at Murdock Jr/Sr High School

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School


Friday night Brian Lawrence brought a group of his friends out from Lincoln for a little fun at the rink. I was surprised at how many drove right on by and were surprised when they finally found the rink. It’s not that small. They told me I need to paint a sign on the roof. That would be interesting! Maybe they would like to come and help with that project.

A few Elmwood-Murdock kids came to see what college kids do for fun. Amazingly, they did a lot of the same things that the younger kids do. They skated and laughed. They teased each other. They ate chili and pizza and fresh cookies. (Cookies are thanks to Rebecca and Kalee and their recent fund raising project!) Then they kicked off their skates and danced and karaoked. They line danced, they did some swing, and the boys even tossed the girls up in the air! They gave some lessons to willing on lookers. Then they skated some more. One young man went out to his car and brought his guitar in so he could perform for us. And he was good! He promised to come back and give a real performance for us. He will probably pick up a few fans. One young lady, Hannah, jumped at the suggestion of giving dance lessons at an all girls night! Watch your calendars, girls!

Take a peek at the kids having fun. Brian Lawrence guest Dj’d for awhile. He even gave Noah Tays some private lessons on some tricky dance moves. Then Noah gave instructions on how to dance to Crank That. The final picture is of the whole group from Lincoln. And with Noah up front the picture is complete!

One more thing, I’m sure their mothers are very proud of them. They were a great group of kids!

Drs. Bryan and Sally Hufstader hosted local merchants and members of the public last Saturday. EMMA president, Marie Gregoire made the presentation of the first dollar of business and also gave the welcoming speech. Several members of the Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association were on hand to offer their support. The Hufstaders gave tours of their facility and cut the ribbon signaling the start of a great business in Elmwood. They have so many ideas that will benefit the community. Their practice is already growing and they are meeting more people every day. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them take a minute and stop by. Just wait til you meet their son, Garrett. What a cutie!


The Daisy Scouts took over CD’s Express Saturday. They had every kind of Girl Scout Cookie available. The Daisies on had were Breana, Megan, Carly, Riley, and Olivia and leader, Marcy. If you missed out you can contact Marcy Poteet for some cookies. I think she has a few left.


Saturday it was Birthday Party Central at the rink. Justin celebrated his 12th birthday with his friends in the afternoon and Addy and her friends took over for the evening to celebrate her 12th birthday. What fun they had! Take a peek…

They weren’t the only ones having fun. Many more kids were skating and boogying all night long! Even coloring! Check out Hayley studying Ashli. I can’t tell if she was admiring her or trying to figure her out.

What’s a mom to do?

How long do we protect our kids? How long can we say “No?” When do we have to let go and let them spread their wings? Sooner than we would like to. Sometimes a little bit at a time. I would love to keep them safe with me at all times but they would just end up killing me and burying the body in the basement. I’ve heard them talk. So little by little I pick and choose on just when to say yes. I said yes to the four wheeler ride even though I know it is very dangerous. I didn’t relax until they were safely home. They don’t know that but it’s true. I said no to Millie going with a sixteen year old friend to the game when the weather was bad. I just kept thinking about the potential headlines tomorrow, ELMWOOD MURDOCK Wins the Game but two teens killed in car crash… So I couldn’t say yes to that one. It’s so hard to let them grow up yet I can’t wait for them to be grown and be enjoying their futures. Hold them tight until you feel their wings digging into your side. Then slowly let them spread their wings. It will be awhile before they take off for good. Enjoy the good times because these are the ones we will remember. They will only remember the bad times until they are about 22 and then they will remember how good they had it at home with mom and dad.

Have a great week!! I’m taking next week off to get ready to do my taxes. I’ll get back to you the week after with a whole new renewed spirit. I think the best time of the year is when the tax forms are signed and mailed in! I’ll be much better after that!

Julie Anderson


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