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“Growing Together”
February 20, 2008

Pamela Greene tried out for a position on a marketing team that will be featured on the web based reality show, “Top Affiliate Challenge.” There will be three teams who will compete against each other to market and sell Lincoln products and even businesses on the Internet. The website that is promoting it is To read more about Pam’s decision to try out and more about the project check out the Lincoln Journal Star website:

You can go on line and vote for Pam to help her achieve her dream!

Ashley Andersen and Lizzy Pegler brought me a jar to keep on the counter at the skating rink to collect money for the People City Mission. The project is sponsored by the G.R.E.A.T. program. G.R.E.A.T. stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training. Eighth graders participate in this program that is led by Deputy Wes Tuttle. The donations will benefit the People City Mission which strives to provide shelter to Lincoln’s homeless. They have recently added new housing facilities and have the capability to house 90 % of the city’s homeless people. According to a story in the Lincoln Journal Star 98% of the Mission’s annual budget comes from private donations. The kids in the G.R.E.A.T. program in Elmwood-Murdock are working to help out with this. Please drop your change in the jars when you see them around the communities. People are counting on us!

We are also saving pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha. You can help us out with that, too!


As promised Vince took me out to Round the Bend on Valentine’s Day to see Bill Chrastil, renowned impersonator. Not only would you have thought Elvis was in the house, you might also have thought that Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, and Tom Jones were there, also. Annette’s Catering supplied the dinner for the night and reports are that it was wonderful! The waitresses were dressed in classic 1950’s attire. Michelle Meyer wore her poodle skirt and bobbie sox. Shon Olson, son of Round the Bend Owner, Ron Olson, tended bar for the occasion. The 50’s was the theme of decorating the banquet hall, too. Classic 45’s became a cute hanging decoration and two classic cars were positioned at the front of the floor for all to admire. Many people who attended also dressed for the occasion. Several men wore their jeans and white t-shirts with a box of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve. Bill Chrastil definitely dressed for the night. He joked that one of his blazers was from WalMart even though it was more bright and glittery than anything I’ve seen at WalMart.

Bill sang to the ladies and gave away several scarves just like Elvis used to do. Then the ladies lined up to give him a kiss as he sang. You can tell he enjoys performing and entertaining the crowd. People danced and sang along and enjoyed their trip back to the 50’s. Check out Bill’s web site for more information or his schedule.


If you haven’t had a chance to order Girl Scout Cookies you’ll be glad to hear you can still get some! Saturday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm you can pick up Girl Scout Cookies from the Daisy Scouts at CD’s Express. Not only do they have the old standards such as the Chocolate Mint cookies they also have a new kind called Cinna-Spins. Plus all the old standbys. Hurry down…get them while they last!

Saturday, February 23rd, 10am- 12pm
Lifetime Wellness Clinic
Chiropractic Physicians: Dr. Bryan E. Hufstader and Dr. Sally K. Hufstader
(in the clinic building)

Elmwood Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Center is under new ownership. Please come to the open house and help us welcome Drs Bryan and Sally Hufstader to the area and see what they can do for you.
Refreshments! AND Prizes, with $50 worth of EMMA bucks!

Hours of operation 9-12, 2-5pm Mon - Fri.
For Appointments call 994-2030

Sponsored by the The Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association

Elmwood Rescue $100 Winner is
#7 Donna Lindenstruth of Papillion Nebraska

Clarification of the Civic Project!
Remember how I told you that Terry Meier, a representative of SENND, was coming to present information on Community Development? Well, he is still coming but I didn’t have all the facts straight on what he is going to discuss. He is specifically addressing community development regarding the streets, lights, and sidewalks as they pertain to the Highway 1 project sometime in 2010. This overlay project is being done by the Nebraska Department of Roads, and the Village of Elmwood is going to need to address the time and financial issue of putting in lights, sidewalks and updating the streets after the Nebraska Department of Roads completes the Highway 1 project. Therefore, the agenda will be limited to downtown infrastructure improvements, so it will not be expanded into a general discussion about potential funding sources for other civic betterment initiatives. Darn, I wanted to talk about the park.

If the development of our community is something you would like to be a part of, PLEASE contact Keri Hogue at: She is creating a list of people that have genuine interest in this idea. Then, when these opportunities arise, she will email us the information. Keri’s family has a great interest in this project. They want to invest their time and energy in creating a place where people have a desire to live because of what Elmwood stands values, hometown pride, and a place where small town businesses thrive. Those are Keri’s own words! She is a great motivator! Let’s turn out and see what we can do to help make Elmwood a stand out community.

Community Development: Mainstreet Project
Terry Meier
Representative from SEEND
Wednesday, February 20th
Village Board Meeting – 7:00 pm

This was a great weekend to partake in the soup d’jour. Friday night was the soup supper to support the SOS group. Support Our Schools is the elementary parent organization to does many great things for our schools. Miki Bruns and Kim Rust were the motivators behind this fund raiser. They organized the soup, the cooks, the servers and the clean up crew. It may look like an easy task to put something like this together but it takes skill. Will there be enough chicken, do we have enough servers, don’t burn the cinnamon rolls! But the evening went off without a hitch. Except for Mr. Allemang spilling his soup. Luckily, he knew right where the mop was and cleaned up his own mess. Good thing he did, Roger, the school custodian, was busy getting his soup and couldn’t be bothered at that point. People enjoyed home made chicken noodle, chilli, and cream of potato soup. The cinnamon rolls and brownies were delicious. Kris and Marti Ita stopped in for soup and Katie Bornemeier and Candice Brockhoff also enjoyed the soup.

Saturday night there was also a soup supper to benefit the band. After the dinner the band performed for the crowd. I didn’t get to go but I heard it was awesome.

Due to the band soup supper we had a slow night at the rink. I’m not complaining…we always have fun! We just missed some of our usual kids. One of mine was home sick so her presence was missed, too. Because some of their friends were not there the kids were bored so we came up with some different games to keep them interested. There was keep away with the Jerky. That one we have Jacob Tiedeman to thank for. Kabbie found something fun to do. She helped Kady Shane, niece of Mary Furgerson, shop on line for her prom dress. Kady’s mom, Amy, helped her to find the right right website and then she shopped!


Friday night we will be hosting a group for UNL that is coming out to skate and dance. Please come and join us! They will be giving free dance lessons to anyone who wants to learn. Stop by 6:30 – 10:00 and two step around the rink! (not on skates though…the dancing is without skates!)

Do you know what is great about spending time with 11 year olds? You never know what they are going to say. Joe and I went shopping alone this weekend. First thing he asks me when I get in the car…”What color starts with F?” I had to think for a bit before I came up with fuschia. What made him ask that? I don’t know. But the whole day was like that. It was one of those days that just makes you fall in love with your kid all over again.

Millie is sick this weekend and Vince took her to the doctor for me on Saturday. I have never not been the one to take her to the doctor so it was very weird for me. For almost 15 years it has been me but now I have someone to help me out with this. She just has a viral infection that she needs to ride out but she is miserable. I’ll tell you how miserable she is…she asked me to stay home and take care of her today. She let me lay down with her to watch TV. My girl is back! I haven’t seen her for a couple of years and didn’t expect to see her again for a few more. It was nice to see her again and to talk with her without her eyes rolling at me. She’ll be fifteen next month and she gave me the best present this week when she let me into her world for a little bit. I know it was only because her resistance was low but I’ll take it. Those of you who have had teenage daughters know what I’m talking about. Those times are few and far between but they are the moments that make us hang on to the hope that they will come back to us. Without these moments the mothers would go crazy. I’m off to take care of my girl.

Have a great week!

Julie Anderson


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