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“Growing Together”
February 18, 2009

A Sight reading Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2009, from 1 PM - 3 PM in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in picturesque Avoca, Nebraska. This will be a wonderful opportunity to play with other music students, and sight read music that you've never seen before, and don't have to ever see again. During the workshop, musicians will be discussing how to negotiate new compositions with minimum stress, and maximum music. The beauty of this workshop is that all you have to do is show up. There is no preparation necessary, although pre-registration is required. For more information, call 402-275-3221, or e-mail

Only One Week the Marathon Scrapbooking Day!!!
Saturday, February 28, 2009
Elementary School Elmwood, Nebraska
Dig out those boxes of pictures, gather up your scrapbooking supplies, and come scrap with us! You’ll have plenty of time to organize and create your scrap books.

Registration fee includes brunch, an afternoon dessert bar and dinner.
Proceeds from this event will go towards helping the Elmwood-Murdock students have a great post prom party. For More Information contact: (Cindy (402) 994-5995) or (Kristy at (402) 994-2545).

Valentine’s Day Skating & Dancing & Dodgeball
@ the Flying Wheels is Sweet

Valentine’s Day brought many kids out to the Flying Wheels. They were looking for love…in the form of sugar! Jackie Wilhelm won the “Guess How Many Candy Hearts are in the Bucket” contest. Everyone enjoyed the Valentine cupcakes, too. Many kids won door prizes of stuffed animals, t shirts, and candy. The kids skated and played games and then danced. They have finally taught me how to do the Cupid Shuffle…which was an amazing feat. I can’t line dance very well but this one is simple. And then there’s the Cha Cha Slide. Maybe I’ll work up to that one. In honor of the holiday we had a couple slow songs but not many took advantage of the opportunity. So then it was on to DODGEBALL!

In anticipation for the big night Bradly emptied the quarters out of the sticker machine. Then he said something about going to the casinos and disappeared!

This young lady from Louisville won a candy bouquet from Traveling Treasures for a door prize.

More Louisville kids clown for the camera!

Jackie and Courtney get silly!

The Cotton-Eyed Joe just about kills them!

Those who can’t do the Cotton-Eyed Joe make up their own steps and try not to look dorky.

Mia, Meghan Stout, Grace Althouse, and Ericka Ritnour try to get picked for Dodgeball. They are a package deal!

Jackie Wilhelm shows off her prize for guessing the number of candy hearts in the bucket. It is also from Pat Spellman’s Traveling Treasures.

Kalee and Skyler are goofy girls!

Click here for more pictures from the Valentine’s Skate Dance:

Meet the Schneiders!

Update on a story from last week…Tony and Gail Schneider and their kids, Andy and Samantha, came to town last weekend just to see what Elmwood is like. They live in Albany, Minnesota and are thinking about moving here. They arrived Friday night after driving through the snowstorm. What a welcome that was! Tony had the GPS set so they knew exactly where they were going. They stayed in a hotel in Lincoln and came out Saturday. They stopped by our house for a visit and then headed over to the Strategic Air Museum by Ashland. Later they came back for skating and dodgeball. Tony and Gail would like to move here but they are waiting for the kids to offer their support. Andy seems ready for a change but Samantha is a little more reluctant. Andy is an eighth grader who loves dodgeball. I think he would fit in nicely. Samantha is a third grader who loves to skate. I introduced her to fellow third graders, Kabby and Jackie, at the rink and they hit it off. I even taught Kabby and Samantha how to do the Cupid Shuffle.

Even if they decide not to move here it was a memorable trip for them and it was great to meet them. I hope they keep in touch and keep reading about Elmwood. It is a great little town full of great people.


Twins? Maybe just Cousins…
Both girls are Stohlmans but only cousins. Raynee Stohlman, 5 years old, is the daughter of Nicole Folden of Elmwood, and Darren Stohlman of Weeping Water. Riley Stohlman, 6 years old, is the daughter of Craig and Stephanie Stohlman of Weeping Water. They are third or maybe fourth cousins but when we saw Riley at the rink for her sister, Mackenzie’s 9th birthday party we thought it was Raynee! Raynee is a regular rink rat so we are very familiar with her. I gave Nicole a call to see if Raynee could come down so we could look at them together. There are slight differences but there is a definite resemblance. They say everyone has a twin and I think we found Raynee and Riley’s twin.

Raynee and Riley – Who is Who?

Kids scootering

Buddies Ham it up

Buddies skating and hamming it up!

Constance Baker shows how she can skate!

Charity and Wyatt Baker make their way around the rink.

Brooke got new skates and before she could even show them off she had boot covers on them. And pink pom poms, too.

Click here for more pictures of Saturday morning skating and Mackenzie’s birthday party:

Science Fair Proves Science is Interesting

This was one of the best Science Fairs I have ever seen…do I say that every year? This year it is true! It is particularly true because no one at my house participated! If you have ever had a child enter the Science Fair you know what I’m talking about. It is fun and exciting for your child but it forces you to do some homework, too! How should the display board look? What comes first the Hypothesis or the Procedures? Are the pictures big enough? Does it make sense? Am I doing too much of this project? Does it look like a 40 year old mom did it or a 5th grader? The first year we made Flubber. That’s hard to top. Then there was the dancing spaghetti. Then the year we investigated whether it is better to brush your teeth or chew gum. Every year I dreaded it just because I knew that I would have this overwhelming need to control everything. I would want to take over their project because I know how to do it better than they do. Can we make the oozing lava actually steam? When the judges come around and expect the presentation from the kids I would try to coach them and say things like, “You remember when you added the baking soda to the water…what happened then?” And they would respond with, “We didn’t do that, you did.” Oh, yeah…I guess I did kind of take over on the experiment process, too. For the most part though I was able to back off and let them do their own thing. I would run a similar experiment on the side though to see if I got the same results.

Back to this year’s Science Fair…the experiments were very fascinating. The kids were engaged and eager to talk about what they did. They obviously knew what the experiments were about and how they were conducted. They may have had help from their parents but they were very involved with the projects.

Student Council Members run the concession stand at the Science Fair. Zach Dwyer, Carlie Kuhlman, Brenna Backemeyer, and Patrick Hynes

AJ Olson shows off her exhibit.

Mr. Debonair, Cody Fries, calmly waits for the judge.

Ben Willey came with dad, Randy, to support his brothers.

Sheridan Spohr and Laura Fortney team up to make boiled eggs slide down into a milk bottle.

Ben Spaulding learned about batteries.

Mr. Friedrich seems to be offering Dillon Bruns some advice that Dillon just doesn’t seem to think he needs.

Zach Baumgard presented the M&M Survival challenge. It was complete with flashing lights!

Click here to see more pictures from the Science Fair:

Skating Lessons Continue…and the adults are joining in, too!
Before the roller skating lessons can get started Miss Rhonda had the kids do stretching exercises. Miss Rhonda will be going on vacation to the Bahamas for a couple of weeks after this week we will take a couple off. Everyone can come back on March 12 ready to start fresh! (yes, I’m jealous about the Bahamas but she promised she would take lots of pictures for me and you know what a freak I am about pictures!)

If you or your child would like to learn how to skate or brush up on your skills come on down on Thursday, 6:30 – 8:00. Check out our website for more details!

The kids and parents stretch out to warm up.

Rhonda and her teaching assistant for the night, her son, Casey, pose for the memorable moment.


What are the 5 D’s of Dodgeball?

1. Dodge
2. Dip
3. Dive
4. Duck
5. Dodge

Maybe not in that order but those are it. Who knows this better than anyone? The kids at the rink! They’ve been asking for it so we are giving it to them…a dodgeball tournament.

@ the Flying Wheels
Sunday, March 1st
1:00 – 3:00
Doors open at Noon
Registration must be completed by 12:45
6 people per team
$5.00 per person to play
$2.00 admission to watch
Standard Flying Wheels Dodgeball rules apply
Put a team together or just come on down and find one!
Flying Wheels Dodgeball Shirts for Sale - $10
Regular Skating session starts at 4:00 on Sunday as usual


Two Familiar Rink Rat
Return for the Skate/Dance

My psychic powers were working very well this week. I was thinking about Abby and Spencer Bobbett who used to be regulars at the rink until they moved to Fremont last year. I was in Fremont for a basketball game at Midland Lutheran so I was thinking about my promise to come to Fremont and go skating with them. Then Saturday night they walked in the door!

Apparently Abby had sent her dad a text last week and asked if he would take them to the Valentine’s Day Skate/ Dance. He said yes because the skating rink in Fremont was only five blocks from his house. How hard can that be? He went to pick them up and their step dad commented on how nice it was of him to take them skating. He didn’t think too much about it until they were driving away. As they approached the rink Abby asked him where they were going. He said Skating. That’s when she informed him that they were coming to Elmwood. By then he was committed so he had to bring them here. What a good dad!!

It was so good to see them! Now we really are going to plan a trip to Fremont to go skating with them…it is our turn! Want to go?

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Did your hubby bring you flowers and candy? Vince knows that I’m not necessarily the flower and candy type of girl. I’m more of a nut. So he got me a bag of mixed nuts from the gas station. I think he got picked them up when he took the dog out for biscuits and gravy for breakfast. He put the bag of nuts in an envelope and stuck it on my nightstand where it would surprise me! Is that love or what!

Have a great week!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!! Here’s a picture for you to enjoy!

Isn’t it beautiful? I would like to say I got this for you but you know that wouldn’t be true! We’ll just have to dream about it. You can go touring in your own.


Julie Anderson


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