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“Growing Together”
February 6, 2008


We had a big surprise Friday afternoon. I was in Lincoln at the DMV with Millie and Joe when I got a phone call from my neighbor, Lori. She said, “Hey, you know how your van is parked in your yard by the road…well, there is water bubbling out from underneath it. Kind of like the Beverly Hillbilly’s when Jed shot at food and up through the ground came a bubbling Crude. Only this is water.” Apparently the water pipe deep underground burst. She moved my van for me and her husband went to find Dan Spaulding. By the time we got home there was a deep hole and a huge pile of mud. It was cool. I’m sure the guy in the hole wasn’t thinking it was so cool. It didn’t take them long to fix the pipe and turn the water back on. Thanks for everyone who helped out with this!!! Especially to Lori who noticed it! And the guy in the hole who had to be freezing. And to Dan for taking it all in stride and making to look like it wasn’t an inconvenience at all. Now, does anyone need any mud? Does anyone have any rock?


Do you love living in Elmwood? Are you sad to see it slowly becoming less than it was before? If so, here’s your chance to get involved! Terry Meier, a representative of SENDD (Southeast Nebraska Development District), is coming to talk to the village board on Wednesday, February 20th, about the opportunities Elmwood has to get grant money and funds to develop our community. He has been one of the leaders behind the great development of Weeping Water's main street and Louisville's. He's worked with SENDD for 17 years and does a lot of grant writing for small communities. I’ve wanted to start a project to improve the park and this might be a good resource.

The process starts with Terry's presentation to the village board to explore the option of even using SENDD as a resource for community development. A HUGE step is getting the board to approve the process and for the community to commit to completing surveys. And from our town, we need 90% of them returned and completed to even qualify for this opportunity. So, we're far from a lot of action steps, but this is a small step towards the beginning. It all lies on the board's approval and for the board to even consider something like this we need to show them we are interested in pumping some life into the town. If you can come and show your support, that would be great. If it doesn't work for you, that's just fine too!!

Here is a link to SENDD's website if you want to explore the organization further:

Mark your calendar and come see the possibilities!


Elmwood Rescue Weekly Winner: Feb, 3rd #5. William Sampson, Lincoln Ne. Don’t spend it all in one place!

Did you get a chance to order Girl Scout cookies this year? I have heard several people say they didn’t even know a Girl Scout and no one came to their door to sell them cookies. Well, the door-to-door campaign is over but there is still another chance for you to get your cookies! Get them while their hot! Not the cookies, but the thought of buying them. The local Daisy Scouts will be selling Girl Scout Cookies at CD’s Express on Saturday, February 23rd from 10:00 – 2:00. You can buy them and take them with you! Eight girls were selling cookies in the Elmwood area this year and they sold 1092 boxes! Plus whatever they sell on the 22nd. Those proceeds will be used for an overnight trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Opportunity to help:
Lisa Nickel’s mother, Barb, had been living with her son in Malcolm and they had a house fire over Christmas that destroyed everything. Luckily Barb was here for the holidays so she was not hurt. But now she is in need of replacement items such as clothing, bedroom furniture, a twin size bed. Lisa and her son, AJ, are making room for Grandma so they could use shelves, dressers, anything to help organize the house. Most importantly a dishwasher would be greatly appreciated! If you have anything you think might be helpful give Lisa or her friend, FM Bykerk, a call and see if you can help. Lisa’s number is 402-326-6248 (after 6:00) or FM 402-994-2002 (anytime).

Well known for being a coach with the Huskers Ron Brown has also cofounder of a Christian ministry called Mission Nebraska. The Elmwood Murdock Fellowship of Christian Athletes is sponsoring the event. Mr. Brown was elected president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in 2004.

For more information about Ron Brown check out this website: click here





Reminder of upcoming activities:

Parent/Teachers conferences are scheduled for Thursday, February 7th from Noon – 8:00 pm at the Elementary School. The S.O.S. will again be selling Valentinos pizza. Orders must be turned in by noon on February 6th.

Send your kids to the rink that day to “blow the stink off” as my Grandma used to say. The Flying Wheels will be open from 11:00 – 4:00.


The Elementary Parent Organization (S.O.S.) will be having a Soup Supper at the Murdock School on February 15, 2008 during the Louisville basketball game. The soup supper will be held in the old gym from 5:30 – 8:00 pm.

If you would like to help out with the Soup Supper people are needed to work on Thursday, February 14th at 2:00 pm at the kitchen in Murdock. They would be preparing and cooking the soups. Can you imagine how good that will smell? They also need help at the Soup Supper on Friday, February 15th. Donations of chicken and broth, hamburger, brownies, and soup crackers are being accepted, too! Contact Kim Rust (994-4395) or Miki Bruns (994-2770) if you want to help out or donate.


Friday night, February 8th is Teen Valentine Skate/Dance Night. That is for 7th grade and above. We open at 6:30 and will skate until 10:00. Then we’ll dance until midnight! Plus other games and activities in between. This is a great time for the kids to enjoy themselves without the little guys zooming all around them.

THEN….Saturday night, February 9th, is a Skate/Dance for all ages! I didn’t have this scheduled originally but the elementary kids begged for a Valentine’s Skate/Dance that they could come to so I said, “What the heck! Let’s do it!” We open at 6:30 and skate until 10:30 then we’ll dance until midnight. So we are having two skate/dances in one week. Don’t call me on Sunday, I’ll probably be sleeping!

Some of you parents might be wondering if the little guys actually dance…of course not. They run, chase balls, play games, just anything to keep moving. Some kids draw pictures for me and help decorate the walls. The older kids do dance…mostly to the slow songs but they are learning line dances and swing dances, too.

Speaking of learning how to dance…we have a great event scheduled! Friday, February 15th, a group of kids from UNL are coming out to skate and dance! They will be giving dance lessons in return for their admission. If you want to learn some new steps or just take advantage of some dancing time come on down! Bring you honey and take a spin around the floor.

6:30 – 10:00

$3 admission and no skate fee charge.



Guess what big day is coming up? Super Bowl Sunday is over…that can only mean Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Too busy to shop? That’s okay…here’s an idea for you…Round the Bend is hosting Bill Chrastil that evening! This is a 50’s and 60’s variety show and a Vegas tribute to Elvis.

They have a dinner and show special or just come for the show. Check out their website for more details…

Check out Bill’s website, too.

We have been to this show several times and it is great! We’re planning on going and dancing the night away. Hope to see you there!



Sherry Ehlers gives her grandson, Eli, his first skating lesson. Eli is 17 months old and the son of Sherry’s son, Eric and his wife Amanda. Eli loves to play at the rink and was thrilled to get to wear the skates. Grandma Sherry showed him how to fall and get up. Another generation of skaters is born!

Some of you may have noticed Christopher tied to a pole this week on main street in Elmwood. I had to get a picture of this! Christopher’s buddy, Cody, was glad to help out when Christopher asked him to tie him to the pole. He trusted Cody. I’m not sure why though. Just the day before Cody encouraged Chris to lick a pole and he got his tongue stuck to it. But he asked for it so Cody helped out. It was so much fun they did it several days in a row. Chris smiled and posed for the camera and waived us on. He didn’t want any help. Someone would eventually come along and untie him. What an optimist!

Want to see what happens when you leave a teenager alone in the car for 45 minutes alone with a camera? This is one of 50 pictures I found on the camera today when I downloaded my pictures. How did she do that?


Have great week!

Julie Anderson


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