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"Growing Together"

January 31, 2007

I am the kind of person who never has a camera when there is something special, or in this case, spectacular, to take a picture of. This past weekend we decided to go check on our cabin located on the Missouri River north of Lynch, NE. While there, we spotted several “something’s” sitting on the sand bar out in the middle of the river. With the help of binoculars we spotted several adult and juvenile bald eagles. I think altogether we counted 12, maybe 13. At times one or two adults would decide to fly low across the snow and ice covered sand. The juvenile raptors would actually seem to be playing with one another flapping their wings and dancing about. What a sight these majestic creatures are! I can understand why so many businesses, the military, and our nation are symbolized by the bald eagle.

….if only I’d had my camera!

February 2nd is National Wear Red Day – Women’s heart disease awareness. So wear your red!

Ground Hog Day is also this Friday, February 2nd.

NO School on February 8th due to Parent/Teacher conferences.

Attention Booster Club Members! The February meeting has been cancelled. The March meeting has been moved from the original date of March 14th. It will now be held on Thursday, March 15th at 7pm.

Can You Spell Congratulations Jake Vavak & Jordan Bowman?! Both of these students competed last Wednesday at the Elmwood Elementary for a place to represent E-M at the Cass County Spelling Bee, to be held Wednesday, February 21st at the Louisville Elementary gym, 9:30 am. Jake is in sixth grade and Jordan is in seventh grade. Each Cass County school is permitted to send two students to the county level spelling bee.

Syracuse Speech Tournament Results! (Tournament was held Jan 27th)

Mat Pegler: Finals in Impromptu – two 2nds in prelims, 4th overall in finals, 5 superiors.
Nathan Hromanik and Mat Pegler: Duet – 2 thirds in prelims, 1 superior, 1 excellent.
Art Burtch: Impromptu – 4th in prelims, 2 excellents.
Nathan Hromanik: Impromptu – 3rd and 4th in prelims, 1 superior, 1 excellent.

Beep! Beep! …..It’s time for Drivers Education sign-up! If your child will turn 14 years of age by October 15th of this year he/she can attend this summer course. Cost: District residents $225.00, Non-district residents $275.00. Registration is considered complete when payment in received at the Murdock school office. (Checks will be cashed on May 1st.) In-class instruction will be May 29 – June 1st, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Behind the wheel instruction will be mid July. Students must be able to attend all classroom activities in order to take the class. Please direct questions to the Murdock school office at (402)867-2341.

UFO (United Faith Organization) Annual Valentine’s Day Banquet
Roast Beef & Ham Lunch
Includes green beans, corn, rolls/butter, variety of salads, desserts, & drink
11:30 – 1:00pm, February 11th
St. Paul United Methodist Church
Elmwood-Murdock Speech Team will perform at 12:30

The UFO is a combined church group from both the Methodist and Christian Churches of Elmwood, NE
Proceeds will support the mission trip to Red Bird Mission, Kentucky, summer 2007
Anybody interested can attend!

Annual Omaha Shootout!
Elmwood-Murdock vs. Louisville
Qwest Center, February 10th

There will be six high school basketball games played during the shootout:
1:00pm Louisville vs. Elmwood-Murdock
2:30pm Creighton Prep vs. Kansas City Rockhurst
4:00pm Lincoln Northeast vs. Bishop Miege (Kan.)
5:30pm Boys Town vs. Sioux City Heelan
7:00pm Skutt Catholic vs. Harlan (Iowa)
8:30pm Omaha Central vs. Montverde Academy (Fla.)
TICKETS: *Adult Reserved - $16
*General Admission Student - $7

(*These tickets are only available purchased in advance at the Murdock school, 867-2341. A ticket will allow you to see all six games. You will be able to purchase a general admission ticket on game day at the Qwest Center Box Office for $11. To see full details, including the necessary changes to the regular E-M basketball schedule in order to accommodate the Shootout, click on the website: click on “What’s New,” click newsletter dated Jan 24.)

The Spectacular Bald Eagle

When adopted as the nation’s symbol in 1782, the bald eagle inhabited every large river and major concentration of lakes in North America. The population flourished and there were an estimated 20,000 nesting pairs in the U.S.
By 1963, it was estimated that only about 417 nesting pairs were left in the lower 48 states. The decline of the bald eagle is blamed on encroachment and habitat destruction; Killing bald eagles for trophies; Widespread use of an insecticide called DDT which eagles were ingesting through their main source of food – fish. This resulted in eggs with such thin shells they rarely hatched.
Federal protection brought the bald eagle back. In 1940 congress passed the Bald Eagle Protection Act that prohibited the killing or selling of. In 1967 the Endangered Species Preservation Act listed the bald eagle as endangered. The Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of the insecticide DDT in the U.S. Finally, in 1995 the US Fish and Wildlife Service determined that the number of bald eagles sufficiently returned in number that the species was downlisted from endangered to threaten in the lower 48 states.
Eagle nests are huge structures of sticks, usually built near the top of a large tree near water. Nests are re-used and enlarged each year. The record nest measured 20 feet deep, 10 feet wide and weighed 4,000 lbs!
Adult eagles can reach 3 feet in height with a 7 foot wing span. Males weigh 8-9 lbs. with females weighing 10-14 lbs. They can live for up to 30 years in the wild. Bald eagles really aren’t bald. Bald is a derivation of balde, an Old English word meaning white and referring to the feathers on an adult bald eagle head, which happens at approx. 4 – 5 years of age. Bald eagles live and nest near coastlines, rivers, lakes, wet prairies, and coastal pine lands in North America. They can fly 20-40 mph in normal flight and dive at speeds over 100mph. And, they can swim. They use an overhand movement of the wings that is very much like the butterfly stroke. Their diet consists of fish, small mammals, waterfowl, wading birds, and dead animal matter.
More than 80% of the bald eagle population in the southeastern U.S. is concentrated within the state of Florida. (The rest, I’m sure, I saw at the cabin this last weekend!)

From the Editor: The web site is desperately in need of a point of contact from each Elmwood church. These individuals would simply email me and let me know of items to post/remove under the respective church link. The church links are located under the “community” tab on the home page. If you would be interested in helping with this, please email me!

Have a Good and (Brrrr!) Cold Week!
Info for the next newsletter is due no later than Sunday!

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