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“Growing Together”
January 30, 2008


I have an error in the last newsletter. I said that it wasn’t too late to sign up for the weekly drawing sponsored by the Rescue Squad but it is too late. They will start selling chances again in October. I must have misunderstood!

Speaking of “My bad…” have you noticed how that has become the new phrase for “I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake.?” When did that start? I think I became aware of it last year but I have noticed it lately in movies that are much older than that. I just haven’t seen those movies until now. It seems that using “My bad…” implies an admittance of guilt and an apology all at once. Since it is so cute people just smile and forgive. With my daughter, Millie, poised to start driving soon, (yes, that is a warning for the general public), I’ve tried to explain to her that “My bad…” doesn’t cut it when you cause an accident, especially if you hurt someone. It isn’t cute or easily forgiven. Some things can’t be fixed with “My bad…” so she better pay attention. One of the many things that bugs Millie about me is that I talk to people. Many people. All the time. As you know I’m working on that for my New Years Resolution but old habits die hard. And people talk to me. We talk in person, we email, and we talk on the phone. Sometimes teenagers don’t understand that they are not invisible and someone may see them doing something stupid and they will call the parent. That’s just what we do. Especially when it comes to driving. I remember when I was 17 and very stupid. I passed a guy on the highway that was going too slow for me. By the time I got home my dad was waiting for me. I remember how mad I was at John for calling my dad. One time I was stupid. One time and I got caught. Looking back on it now I think how lucky I was that I got caught. That was the end of my teenage lead foot. My bad…


Parent/Teachers conferences are scheduled for Thursday, February 7th from Noon – 8:00 pm at the Elementary School. The S.O.S. will again be selling Valentinos pizza. Orders must be turned in by noon on February 6th.

Send your kids to the rink that day to “blow the stink off” as my Grandma used to say. The Flying Wheels will be open from 11:00 – 4:00.

Betty Navrkal wins $100 in the Weekly Drawing sponsored by the Elmwood Rescue Squad. Congrats, Betty! Don’t forget your neighbors while you are trying to figure out how to spend that fortune!

By the time you get this we will know if the weather man was right. But right now on Monday night it looks like he is going to be! What a beautiful day it was on Monday afternoon. I drove around taking pictures of people doing things outside. I caught Scott Heise and his boys, Ethan and Conner, washing their car. Sidney and Grace were at the school enjoying the warm weather and sitting outside to write in their notebooks…but not doing their homework though they were quick to inform me. Birthday girl, Stephanie and her friend Paige were relaxing after a wild Sunday night at the rink! I tried to get a picture of the boys running around the playground but they were way too fast. Brooke Campbell took advantage of the weather and took her girls, Shay and Jordyn, for a walk. She kept the new puppy, Rocky, inside her coat to keep him warm. Christopher pretended his walk home from school was a mountain hike, complete with the walking stick. Then within an hour the clouds rolled in, the sky was dark up north and the air had cooled off. It was just a brief reprieve in the midst of winter. Just enough to give us a reminder of the warm weather to come!

Are you a writer, or do you know someone who is? The Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation’s sixth-annual short story contest is going on now. Contest deadline is Feb. 19, 2008. Stories by Nebraska authors are eligible for prizes in three categories--adult, high school, and middle school. Complete contest details can be found at


Have you ever wondered just how do they make an boiled egg slide through the narrow bottle neck of a pop bottle? Have you ever wondered just which paper towel is the quicker picker upper? Have you ever wondered which brand of microwave popcorn pops the best? Here’s your chance to find out! The Elmwood Murdock Elementary School Science Fair is being held on Tuesday, February 5that 6:45-8:00. I bet you will find the answer to some of these questions there.

If you have a child participating in the Science Fair I know what you are doing this week! I guess that depends on how involved you are with your child’s project. Some of the Science Fair projects are truly awesome. Possibly too awesome for a second grader to have constructed but as long as the parent and the child are working together I’m all for it! The fifth graders are required to participate in the Science Fair. Luckily my son, Joe, has been participating every year except last year so we know what is expected. He is very nervous about it because “the government is grading us!” He has been even more attentive to what is required for the project this year.

The great thing about the Science Fair is that it gets the kids thinking about doing experiments and asking “why?” or “how?” The downside about the Science Fair is that it gets the kids thinking about doing experiments and asking “why?” or “how?” Joe wants to see what accelerant works better, or see what makes a bigger boom, or better yet, how long it takes the fire department to respond. He loves to do experiments and he wants to try them all from explosions to mold samples. There are so many possibilities for projects for the Science Fair that it takes him forever to choose. This year he ended up with the Vortex project. We are creating tornadoes inside empty pop bottles. We have the experiment almost constructed except that we need plastic glitter to finalize the experiment. We know the Purpose, the Hypothesis, and the Materials. We even know the Expected Results. We just need to execute it so we know the actual results. Thank goodness I talked him out of the oxygen/acetylene bomb experiment. I knew I never should have told him about that one time on P Street when George Simmons made those bombs for us and we put them in an empty field and the Sheriff just happened to be driving by and saw the fuse burning. It’s not our fault he bent over it just as it went off! Boy, did we run fast that night! But that’s another one of those “stupid kid” stories that my parents probably don’t need to know about. J

But if you want to see how smart the kids in elementary school are you better come out to the Science Fair. You will be amazed!

This was a big birthday weekend at the rink…Josh had a crew of fifth graders there Saturday morning and Stephanie had her posse and family there on Sunday night. There was lots of skating and scootering for everyone.

Have a great week!!!!

Julie Anderson


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