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“Growing Together”
January 23, 2008



The Elmwood Christian Church will serve a soup lunch
from 11:30am – 1:00pm
on Sunday, January 27th.
Chili, chicken noodle, and creamy broccoli soup will be offered
as well as salads, cinnamon rolls and desserts.
Cost is $5 per person.

Bits & Pieces Book Club

Buy 12 books and get one free!

(free book up to $1.99)
Sponsored by the E-M FBLA

The Elmwood Murdock FBLA has partnered with the Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association (EMMA) to create a business project. This is a three phase project. The first phase was to help an existing business which they did by creating a promotional video for Oxbow. Then they sent out surveys to the communities to see what type of businesses people would like to see on main street in Elmwood. They received almost 80 responses and are working on creating a virtual main street to show what the possibilities are for Elmwood. Rick Hawks, local architect, will give them some pointers on how to make their virtual main street look real. The third phase of the project is to design their own business. They chose to open LESTERS at Bits N Pieces. LESTERS stands for Learning Entrepreneurial Strategies, Taking Entrepreneurial Risks for Students. This is a book club that offers free coffee on Saturday mornings and breakfast treats for a nominal fee…usually a quarter. You can browse the book section and sit and read while enjoying your morning coffee. It is very similar to Barnes and Noble but the price is right! If you buy 12 books you get one book (up to $1.99) free! The FBLA is responsible for the setting up the books and making the coffee. They dust the books and keep them rotated. Stop by and get lost in a book!


After all this snow and all the scooping we’ve been doing, how’s your back? Do you need an adjustment? Then it’s time to call the Lifetime Wellness Clinic. Oh, didn’t you know? We have a new chiropractor team in town. Corey and Brooke Campbell have sold their chiropractic practice (say that 5 times fast!) to Drs. Bryan and Sally Hufstader. The clinic is located at 105 West E Street. I stopped up and visited with Sally today to get the scoop for you. The Hufstaders moved to Lincoln last summer from Boise, Idaho where they both had practices. They met in chiropractic school in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated in 2005. They decided to move to Lincoln to be near family. When they heard about this practice in Elmwood they thought it was a wonderful opportunity to start a practice.

Bryan is not only a chiropractor but is also a Cardio Vascular Health expert. Sally is also a chiropractor and has her pregnancy certification. Both are experts on nutrition. They are making a presentation on Cardio Vascular Health at the Eagles in Eagle on February 12th and at the Community Center in Elmwood on Valentine’s Day. Both presentations will be over the lunch hour.

Sally had a helper when I stopped to visit. Their 2 year old son, Garrett, greeted me at the door. He seems to be a little flirt so all of you parents with 2 year old girls better watch out! He helped Sally lead a tour around the facility for me. They have a consultation room, examination room, reception area, lobby, and two treatment rooms. Their office hours are 9:00 am to noon and 2:00pm to 5:00.

If you have a pain and it just won’t go away don’t wait, go visit the Hufstaders’. If you have questions about nutrition and supplements for better health they can help you out. They do not sell any supplements, they just give you advice on what works for your ailments or to keep you healthy.

I think you should stay tuned because Sally and I have been brainstorming some great activities. How does a Stress Reliever evening sound? We’ll have more information later!


There is a vacancy on the Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees. This is your opportunity to make a difference, to voice your opinion, to receive little thanks for all you’ve done…wait…strike that. This is your opportunity to serve your fellow citizens. Please give Bonita a call at the Village office if you are interested. We do need you!


The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees has a vacancy in the position of Village Trustee. The unexpired term to end December 2010 will be filled by appointment within four (4) weeks from the receipt of the Notice of Vacancy received on January 16, 2008.

Bonita Drake, CMC

Who else does Uncle Sam need? Jase Blunt, that’s who. Jase is the son of Ed and Linda Blunt first. That’s the way most people in Elmwood know this young man. Second, he is brother to Jennifer Brettmann and Jared and Jacob Blunt. Third, he is a 1997 graduate of Elmwood-Murdock High School. That’s his local history. He is also a veteran of the Iraq War having served 18 months returning around 2004. After serving in the war he worked for the State Fire Marshal and then became an Omaha Fire Fighter. He was recently called back into service so he has put his life on hold again. You may have seen him on the news this week cleaning out his apartment and packing up. His family attended a send off party for him on Saturday in Bellevue. Uncle Sam isn’t the only one who needs Jase. We’ll all be praying for his safe return. Maybe he’ll even check in with us once in awhile.

Speaking of Jacob Blunt…he’s the new guy down at the rink. That’s not unusual though for a Blunt to be working at the rink. All of his brothers and his sister worked there. It’s his rite of passage and we are breaking him in well! Here’s a picture of him and also his first pizza! The kids snatched it up! It was delicious!

Elmwood Fire and Rescue 2008
January 19th - Winner of $100
Pam Henning of Plattsmouth
It’s not too late if you would like a chance to be a winner. Contact any Fire or Rescue member for more details. Or check out the website:


My son and I were in Omaha this week to pick up his new leg braces and what started out to be an ordinary trip turned into something memorable. We were sitting at 90th and West Center behind two cars at a stop light when someone behind me thought that I was pulling ahead. True, I did take my foot off the brake but I have a manual transmission so I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Silly man. He slammed into the back of the brand new Kia. Joe and I weren’t hurt but we did feel the effects. We pulled over into a center lane and went back to meet the dude. I swear to you that the guy who hit us was one of the investigators from CSI. Joe thought so, too. We exchanged information but I insisted on calling the police so we would have a police report. I learned my lesson the hard way on that so I always insist on calling the police. Wait…that sounds like I’m in a lot of accidents. Not true. This is the first one that wasn’t my fault. Wait…that didn’t sound good either. Let’s just say that experience has taught me that it never hurts to have a police report. His van wasn’t damaged and the Kia has minor damage. The worst part was sitting in traffic for an hour waiting for the police officer. It was a good lesson for Joe and I hope the CSI guy learned something, too. He admitted fault, but denied being on CSI, and I even talked to his insurance agent who told me he was fully covered. Thank goodness! Big Dan is going to fix it right up so it will be good as new. Just another adventure in life. You should hear Joe tell the story!


I’m not bragging, I’m actually a little surprised. We have gone for years with only a old fashioned Nintendo with only one or two games. The kids hardly ever used it because it was boring and there was dirt to dig in. But I broke down and got them a Wii for Christmas. They tried it the first day but then it sat there unused for almost a month. Until last night when the two of them decided to get it out. They played all night long. They laughed, they shared Marios, and they helped each other figure out the games. Who would have thought it could bring the family together. I couldn’t figure out how to do it but I cheered them on. I suspect that means I’m old. That’s okay, there’s still plenty of dirt to dig in.



Ladies….do you know how to tell when you have crossed over into thinking like a young person and thinking like a middle aged person? When there’s a new guy at work and instead of thinking “Wow! He’s so hot!” You think, “Wow, his mother must be so proud of him.” That happened to me this week. I’m officially old. Deep sigh…….





Julie Anderson


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