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“Growing Together”
January 14, 2009

The Old Avoca (Nebraska) Schoolhouse will be hosting a Jamming Workshop on Saturday, February 28, from 1 PM - 3 PM. Championship fiddler and fiddle book author, Deborah Greenblatt will share some hints to help you play in a jam session with minimum stress, and maximum music. Pre-registration is required, and enrollment is limited. For more information, call 402-275-3221, or send an e-mail to


But wait….there is more!!!

The Old Avoca (Nebraska) Schoolhouse will be hosting a Twin Fiddling Workshop on Saturday, March 21, for fiddlers (or violinists or violists) who want to learn to play nicely together with their fellow-fiddlers (or violinists or violists). Fiddlers (or violinists or violists) of any age and experience level are encouraged to enroll. Championship fiddler and fiddle book author, Deborah Greenblatt will share some tunes, hints about arranging for two fiddles, playing back-up, etc. The Workshop takes place on Saturday, March 21, 1 PM - 3 PM, in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in Avoca, Nebraska. Pre-registration is required, and enrollment is limited. The fee is $20.00 per fiddler. For more information, call 402-275-3221, or send an e-mail to


Youth-To-Carnegie Hall T-Shirts

The Youth-to-Carnegie Hall kids and Mrs. Colbert, the choir director, appeared on Channel 10/11 news Monday this week. So if you are reading this on Wednesday it is already over. But you can still catch it on the website for Channel 10/11 or click on this link. (Note to my family…you can see Millie in this news clip!)

Youth-to-Carnegie Hall Choir on Channel 10/11

We are still taking orders for t-shirts so if you are interested in purchasing a shirt just let me know and I’ll hook you up! They are $12 for youth, $15 for adults up to size XL and $16 for larger adult sizes. The shirts are very cool and we would appreciate the support!

Just shoot me an email or give me a call… or (402)867-4123

Brrr!!! How can you warm up?
Try the Soup Supper at the High School!

Saturday, January 17th
Tickets are on sale now…$5.00 each.
If you haven’t been asked yet then contact me and I’ll set you up! Or you can buy one that night, too.
Proceeds to benefit the Youth-To-Carnegie-Hall Fund.

Roller Skating Lessons Start this Week!

The roller skating lessons are provided through the Continuing Education from Southeast Community College program. Classes start Thursday, January 15th; 6:30 to 8:30, and will run for 4 weeks. The cost is $24 for the class. All ages welcome! There will be instruction for beginners through intermediates.
The Winter Session schedule with enrollment information should be in your mail this week. Or check out this website for more info.

Mikey turns 8
and we all helped him celebrate!

Mikey Rice, son of Mike and Tiffany Rice, and grandson of Big Dan and Karen Rice, turned 8 this week. Mikey is a regular at the rink so we helped him celebrate at an impromptu party.

Mikey eyes his cakes and gets ready to make his wish. Since he had two cakes he gets two wishes!

Mikey blows out his candles and hopefully gets his wishes!

Mikey and Shelby enjoy their cake.

Mia, Meghan, and Alexa were also up for a party!

Alexa, Rebecca, and Roxie complete the circle of friends.

John took a break from eating his ice cream to see if his spoon would stick to his nose. And it did.

Nate stopped by for a little fun, too.

Saturday Night!!
January 17th
6:30 – Midnight
$6.50 admission + skate rental
Go eat soup and then come skating!
Skating then Dancing then Dodgeball. J

Elmwood Rescue Weekly Winner
January 10th #2 Elaine Bornemeier of Lincoln

Brody Traps His First Beaver!

Brody Baer, local woodsman, hunter, and trapper, trapped his first beaver on Christmas day. He was a little embarrassed to be so old and had never got a beaver yet. So he was really proud of his accomplishment and wanted to show it off to everyone. He had been after the elusive creature for awhile now. The beaver build annoying dams on local creeks which inhibit the natural flow of the water. One down, several more to go. Brody will continue to search for the beaver, no matter what it takes, to make the creeks clear so the water can flow.

The Pancake Man Will Flip for
Youth-to-Carnegie-Hall Choir

Jim Kuper is the Pancake Man. He found his calling about 20 years ago and has been flipping ever since. He soon realized that the success to pancakes is 50% made from scratch buttermilk pancakes and 50% entertainment. Over the years he has taught himself how to flip pancakes behind his back and overhead for customers to catch. His accuracy is up to 30 feet but is challenged by the audience to do better. Jim says his grill is his stage and his customers are his audience.

We hope you can make it out to the pancake feed. The proceeds will benefit the Youth-to-Carnegie-Hall choir.

Sunday, February 8th
8:30 am – Noon
Free Will Donation

Perfect "Wedding" at the Park

KBC Productions at Mahoney State Park opens a new comedy on Saturday, January 17. "Perfect Wedding" is a romantic farce in which a man wakes up in the bridal suite on his wedding morning to find an extremely attractive girl in bed beside him. However, in the depths of a stag night hangover, he can't even remember meeting her. The crisis escalates with the arrival of the best man, bride and his future mother-in-law! This rare combination of riotous farce and touching love story will provoke waves of laughter.

Starring in the production are Timothy Malm of Omaha, Chevelle Schreiner of Lincoln, Erin Malm of La Vista and Kasey Vance, Joshua Smith and Melinda Mead all of Plattsmouth. Performance dates are January 17-18, 23-25, 30, 31, February 1, 5-8 and 12-15. Friday and Saturday night performances begin at 7:30pm while Sunday performances are at 2pm.

Tickets for the shows may be purchased by calling the park at (402)944-2523 ext 7122. Show tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for children. Dinner theater tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children (12 and under). Special romantic getaway packages are also available for purchase.

Pictured on Attachment: Chevelle Schreiner of Lincoln and Timothy Malm of Omaha in Mahoney State Park's "Perfect Wedding."

Observations of a winter storm…

Today I drove home from Columbus in the blowing snow and I have some questions or observations that came to me…

1. What the heck am I doing driving in this white out?
2. Why do people think they can go faster than you when you can’t even see 10 feet ahead of you?
3. How long can that guy keep going 75 mph in this snow storm without his lights on?
4. As I was driving along I thought that if I were to wreck my first thought as I was sitting in the ditch waiting for a tow truck would probably be…I wish I would have stopped in David City to use the bathroom.
5. I bet this would be a really cool storm if I were home snuggled up with the family.
6. Two sets of headlights side by side appearing in front of me is not a good thing.
7. I wonder if that last accident was caused by that little old lady in the ditch or the guy driving the Walker Tire Truck? I’m guessing it was the little old lady.
8. If the weatherman keeps warning us about winter storm warnings and then nothing happens I’m going to quit listening…and obviously that is not a good idea.
9. Sometimes it is a good idea to just stay put.
10. Home sweet home.

There were a couple of hairy moments but I finally made it home. It was a white knuckle ride that took twice as long as usual but I was just happy to get home. As of right now they are predicting blowing snow and frigid temperatures for morning…my boss said I could work from home tomorrow…I think I will take him up on that.

See you at the Soup Supper! Wait…I’ll be there for a little while but then I’ll be at the rink. Hope you enjoy it!!


Julie Anderson


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