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"Growing Together"

January 10, 2007,
6th Ed.

Old man winter just doesn’t know what to do! They say it’s not global warming, but rather another El Nino year that is responsible. But as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end!” Don’t put away all those heavy coats, mittens and snow shovels. I’m no weather forecaster, but just a reminder that we still have many more weeks of official winter. If we would experience a winter storm leaving us without electricity for days into weeks, as central Nebraska is experienced, would you be prepared?

Plan Ahead! Extremely cold weather can come literally over a few hours. The Blizzard of 1888, also known as the “school children’s blizzard” started out as unseasonably warm but dropped temperatures so rapidly across the Midwest (Nebraska and Kansas in particular) the morning of January 12th that nobody could predict the disaster that would happen. Nobody knows for sure, but it was estimated that over 200 people lost their lives – many trying to rescue their children stranded in one-room school houses.

Of course, today we have much better technology for predicting weather. But as we all know, even predictable weather forecasting is unpredictable at times. Best to be prepared and Plan Ahead!

Emergency Supplies List:

  • Alternate way to heat your home during a power failure:
    • Dry firewood for a fireplace or wood stove
    • Kerosene for a kerosene heater
  • Supply of furnace fuel (coal, propane, etc.)
  • Elec. Space heater with automatic shut-off switch and non-glowing elements
  • Plenty of blankets
  • Matches
  • Multi-purpose dry-chemical fire extinguisher
  • Battery powered radio and extra batteries
  • Non-electric can opener
  • Snow shovel
  • Rock salt
  • Special need items (diapers, medications)
  • Food that does not need cooking or refrigeration (breads, crackers, cereal, canned and dried foods. Baby foods and formulas. Pet food.)
  • Water. Purchase bottled water (5 gallons per person) in case the water supply is lost or your pipes freeze and you need to turn off your main water line. Water has a long expiration date.
  • Medications.
  • Flashlights or battery powered lamps (camping)

Prepare your Home for Winter

  • If you have a fireplace or wood stove, have your chimney or flue inspected each year. Look in the yellow pages under “chimney cleaning.”
  • If you are using alternate heating such as a fireplace, wood stove, or kerosene heater, install smoke detectors and battery operated carbon monoxide detectors. Check batteries and test monthly. Carbon monoxide detectors should be located in bedrooms.
  • Your ability to feel temperature change decreases with age. Older people and those with some medical conditions are susceptible to cold related problems. If you are 65+ place an easy to read thermometer in an indoor location where you can check it frequently.
  • Insulate water lines along exterior walls to prevent freezing. Insulate your home, add weather stripping, and replace old non-insulated doors and windows.
  • Don’t forget your pets! Invest in a heated water dish. Pets need extra food/nutrition and plenty of water to help them maintain the extra warmth. They also need shelter and a blanket to help them keep warm. During extreme cold you should bring your pet inside. Pets can die of hypothermia just like humans.

NEW Senior Center Cook! Michelle Spiering is the newly hired cook and I’ve heard she is doing a wonderful job!

NEW Librarian! Welcome April Anderson as the new Elmwood Librarian!

CD’s Express is now located on the web page under the “Business” tab. Menu items include pizza, hamburgers, chicken strips, fish and shrimp, and many other yummy things to include fries, onion rings, and some other types of appetizers. Lunch specials Monday – Friday. They also offer bakery and grocery goods (you know, in case there is ever an unpredictable winter storm!) Call ahead to have carry-out orders ready to pick up. NEW Winter Hours: Mon – Thur 6am – 9pm, Fri & Sat 6am – 10pm, Sunday 7am – 9pm.

Feature Business of the Month: Acorn Ridge Quilting, Sara Velder, owner

What you need to know about Sara is that she has been making quilts since the 70’s. She retired from her job in January 2006 and knew that with her love of quilting she could work from out of her home. This past May she purchased a longarm quilting machine and a computerized version of the Gammill machine with the Statler Stitcher which she says greatly reduced her learning time and allowed her to be able to immediately begin quilting. The grand opening of Acorn Ridge Quilting was held this past November. As you can see from the pictures above she has a quilting studio and is open by appointment only. Sara says her main objective is to quilt other people’s quilts for them. She also would like to have people bring her t-shirts to make “memory” quilts from their shirts. Besides selling and making custom quilts, Sara will also help you with your quilt repairs.

Sara is looking to form a small quilt group to meet once a month in each others homes. She is also looking for people to come to her home for a sew night. If you are interested in either the quilt group or the sew night, please contact Sara at Acorn Ridge Quilting: Phone: 402-994-2281, Email:, Web site:, Address: 4032 310th Street, Elmwood, NE (appointments only please!)
*You can also access Acorn Ridge Quilting on Elmwood’s web page: under the Business links!

*If you would like to have your business featured in a newsletter, please send me information about you and how you got started in your business, tell me about your business, location, hours, services, and at least two pictures!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday January 15th

Martin Luther King, Jr., an African-American clergyman, is considered a great American because of his tireless efforts to win civil rights for all people through nonviolent means. After his assassination in 1968, memorial services have marked his birthday on January 15th. In 1986, that day was replaced by the third Monday of January, which was declared a holiday.


Gina Fahrenholz

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