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"Growing Together"

January 3, 2007,
5th Ed.

A Very Happy 2007 to Everyone!

I hope the New Year celebrations were uneventful – except for the fun that was intended! Hopefully you’ve also put away that aspirin bottle! Even more, I’m hoping that this New Year is prosperous, joyous, healthy and safe for all of you. I’m sure everyone has a new list of resolutions to make or break again this year!

Internet Predator Meeting: This is a public meeting presented by Assistant Attorney General Corey O’Brien, Wednesday, January 17th at 7pm at the Murdock Jr/Sr High School gymnasium. The speaker will tell you how you can keep your children safe from online predators and other tools you can use to protect your family. While this presentation is directed towards parents, anybody who has a desire to hear this topic can attend. There is no cost to attend.
(Editor's Comment: Since I work with the Jr. High students I was privileged to hear Mr. O’Brien speak to the Jr/Sr high students a couple weeks ago. The presentation was wonderful and very informative. I would especially encourage anybody with a child in their home, regardless of the child’s age, to try to attend this very beneficial presentation. Whether you have a computer in your home or not, children have access to computers everywhere these days, to include public libraries!)

Family Watch Dog! The following website maps the location of registered offenders:
When you enter the website, at Step #2, enter your address, click search. A map will pop up with your house as a small icon and, hopefully not, but possibly colored dots. If you click on each colored dot, a picture of a person, their address, and crime they committed will appear. This website was developed by John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted television program, whose own son was the victim of abduction. There is also a safety quiz for kids under 12 and teens & older to take.

Second Semester Begins! Our school students are back to school today! Please be watchful of children playing and walking to and from school!

On the Elmwood Home Web Page ( Information about the Annual Community Banquet is posted.
…..and also…… this is a reminder to those of you with Businesses and Classifieds listed to please look at what you have posted. Does it need updated? Removed? You can email me, with any changes or removal requests.

Own A Business? I Want to Hear From You! I would like to begin featuring a business each week, month, or whenever I have information from you business owners out there. I’d like you to tell me about you and how you got into your business, the services you offer, phone numbers, hours, email, website, and any other tidbit info to share to “advertise” your business through this newsletter. You do not have to own a store front. You can be a small, one person business located in your home. Why? Because the Cass County community web sites all link to each other. This newsletter is posted on the Elmwood web site which other Cass County communities are linked to, and the people of these other communities may also be signed up to receive our newsletter via email! What better advertising than to be featured in this newsletter. And it’s FREE. We are Cass County Communities linking to each other to help better support and serve each other. Please email me at I want to hear from you!

Three Kings Day – January 6th. Three Kings Day is celebrated twelve days after Christmas. It is often viewed as the last day of the Christmas season (the end of the 12 days of Christmas.)

Also known as The Epiphany, Three Kings Day (Dia de los Reyes) is a Christian celebration that commemorates the Biblical story of the three kings who followed the star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to the Christ child. According to the Biblical story, the Three Kings – named Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar – presented the Baby Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Traditionally in Mexico, Three Kings Day was the gift-giving time, rather than Christmas day. Just as it is common for children to leave cookies for Santa in the U.S., in some regions of Mexico, it was customary for children to leave their shoes out on the night of January 5, often filling them with hay for the camels, in hopes that the Three Kings would be generous. Mexican children would awake on January 6 to find their shoes filled with toys and gifts.

Also traditional in Mexico is for families to gather together and share the Rosca de Reyes – a crown-shaped sweet bread decorated with pieces of orange and lime and filled with nuts, figs, and cherries.

Flying Wheels Skating Rink – Did you survive the New Years Eve All Nighter??!! How about some feedback to share in the newsletter? Cheers to You for being brave enough to do it!

Don’t forget to start putting 2007 on all your correspondence!

Gina Fahrenholz


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