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“Growing Together”
January 1, 2008

Another year….another chance to do better. Have you made your resolution yet? You know the most popular resolutions…eat less, lose weight, exercise, save money, get organized, spend more time with the family, or my favorite – take more naps.

This year I want to have a resolution that is achievable. Something that I can accomplish without thinking too hard. Here are my top four resolution choices for 2008.

1. Potential Resolution for 2008 #1 – Talk less and listen more. No one that knows me very well at all will think this is achievable. They will think it is a good idea for me but probably not possible. I have so much to say but I forget that most of it isn’t that interesting. It is better to say less and appear wiser. I’m not as funny as I think I am.

2. Potential Resolution for 2008 #2 – Dance more. This option is definitely doable. Vince and I are around music every Saturday and Sunday and we could dance while the kids are skating. I haven’t mastered the moves for “Pop, Lock & Drop It” or “Crank That” but if I watch the kids a little closer maybe I could do it. If nothing else it will give them a good laugh! Maybe I just better stick to the two step.

3. Potential Resolution for 2008 #3 – Do dishes less. This is a great goal! I have this burning to keep the dishes washed up…not necessarily dried and put away, but at least washed. I don’t have a dish washer nor do I want one. I just want the sink to stay cleaned out. I think this comes from a childhood of taking turns washing dishes with my brother. My mom had us trained. I’ve not done that with my kids…potential resolution for 2008…no…it would lead to a lot of arguing, I’ve waited too long to start this one. No one else in my house shares my concern about clean dishes so I am fighting an up hill battle. I would like to be able to have the same care less attitude towards dishes that everyone else has.

4. Potential Resolution for 2008 #4 – Drink more water. It’s healthy and I feel better so I will do this one. Then on the reverse, should I drink less pop? Or just chug the water in between the pop?

As I’ve been looking over what I’ve written I see that #1 would be almost impossible for me. I’ve very long winded! But I think that I will try to do all of these. If I only make one resolution then I could become obsessive about it. If I have several to work on I will have variety. So, in 2008, I resolve to eat less, lose weight, exercise more, save money, get organized, spend more time with my family, nap, talk less; listen more, dance more, wash dishes less often, and drink more water. Wish me luck!

Traditionally at the Flying Wheels we have an All Nighter on New Years Eve. This year we moved it to the Saturday before New Years Eve. Hopefully no one drops their kids off on New Years Eve! We had almost 100 kids and plenty of adult supervision. I’m sure you were wondering, just where do they find adults crazy enough to stay up all night? We are so lucky to have some very crazy friends who also love kids and can stay up late. When I start talking about having an all nighter they say, “Just let us know when it is.” Not everyone stays all night but by the time they leave the kids are pretty much subdued and into their activities. A big thanks go out to Donna, Cara, Robbie, Christina, Brody, Chad, and Kerry. And one person that is very special to us, Richard (affectionately known as Wizard). Richard is the first to volunteer for everything. The people who work or volunteer are a great help, too. Special thanks to Julee, Rebecca, Lacey, Kalee, and Jacob for their dedication and sense of adventure!

The kids were awesome Saturday night! I want to thank all the parents who let their kids come to the all nighter. We had kids anywhere from 5 years old to 16. The little guys didn’t stay all night but they did stay long enough to have a lot of fun. We had kids from Elmwood, Eagle, Murdock, Weeping Water, Auburn, Peru, and Arkansas. We skated, danced, ran, bounced balls, had scooter relay races, and played Sorry, Connect 4, cards, pool, video games, Guitar Hero II, Dance Dance Revolution, and Karaoke. Some kids drew me pictures which are displayed on the bulletin board. Vince and I sang “I Got You, Babe” just like Sonny and Cher. A really nice kid named Austin, from Weeping Water, sang “Born to be Wild” with me. The giant Twister game led to some twisting and turning for awhile, too. We had Macaroni & Cheese and pizza rolls for something different. I think we sold ten pizzas and gallons of pop. Kabrianna Mumford was awarded the “Near Perfect Attendance” Award. She’s only missed one Saturday night in over a year. She is awesome!

Heath Vogt and his girlfriend, Tiffany, appeared at 9:00 and gave some line dancing lessons and some swing dance lessons. We can tell that the kids are picking up on it because more and more are joining in the lessons. We started serving waffles at 4:30 a.m. because the kids were starving! They gobbled those right up and came back for more. Skating and dancing can work up quite an appetite!

Cody Ahmen won the Pool Tournament for the 10 and Under age group and Garrett Brummer won the 11 and older tournament. Then the two faced off for a really tough game. Garrett came out on top but Cody swears it was close.

We gave away some door prizes, mostly they were “I survived the All Nighter” t-shirts. I’m taking orders for more so if your kid(s) were there and want one let me know. I didn’t realize they would be so popular.

The Cass County Deputies stopped by a couple times on their way through town to check on things. The kids were curious as to why they would come by and I explained to them that they don’t get to see kids being good too often so they wanted to come in and watch.

Below are some pictures of our wild evening. If your kids were there I’m sure they have some stories to tell you. Believe me; we have some stories, too!

Insert pictures of the all nighter.




Start the year out right…get some exercise, talk to your friends! Come skating! Our first adult night of 2008! Hope to see you there!

Look who else was in town this week! The Snowman family showed up in Kerry Keil & Julee Sage’s yard on Christmas day. They even brought their snow dog! Kerry & Julee’s family took advantage of the nice weather on Christmas to build the family.


Since this is New Years Eve I can still be a bit wordy. My resolutions don’t start until tomorrow. Tonight we are taking several friends and going dancing in Nebraska City at the Lied Conference Center. One of our friends, Randy Drewell, is DJ’ing the event and asked us to bring “a lot of fun people.” Apparently he likes a lively crowd for New Years Eve. So that is our plan. I hope you all have fun plans, too. Or simple, stay at home, watch a movie and chill out plan. Both options sound good to me.

Take a minute and make your own resolution…what can you do to make a little difference in your life? Or your family’s lives? You don’t need to be as brave as I am and you don’t need to tell anyone. I’m telling you because those of you who know me will hold me accountable. “Do you really need that cookie? Didn’t you resolve to lose weight.” With friends like this who needs Jenny Craig? So make a little promise to yourself and make it a point to remember it everyday. Even if it is to kiss your wife or husband goodbye each day. Wouldn’t that be special? What a difference that could make.

Have a Happy New Year! Let’s do it right this year!

Julie Anderson


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