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Elmwood Village Board Update Cass County Fair Farmers Market SUBMIT NEWS

The Elmwood place is getting more and more popular all the time. The strategic planning meetings that have been held this year have started discussing the next phase of development and it is VERY exciting. 

Did you enjoy the String Beans in the Park? What about the Farmers market? Well, more music is planned, more food trucks are being discussed and the vision is coming together. Make sure to attend the meeting to view preliminary plans for the new landscaping which will make the park more accessible, and usable.

We need your input!

Join us at the Park at 7:00 pm for Ice Cream and Input. 

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 Superhero/Princess Fundraiser

Son-Shine is hosting a Superhero/Princess Fundraising event

Saturday, July 21st 9:30-11:30

St. Paul United Methodist Church

Spiderman, Batman, Moana, and Elsa will be at the event interacting with kids, signing autographed pictures, singing and posing for photos.

We will also have theme crafts, activities and donuts. Tickets are required for each child and can be purchased ahead of time at the link below for $22 each, or $25 each at the door the morning of the event.

All proceeds benefit Son-Shine daycare. The link to the tickets can also be found on the Son-Shine facebook page.

Register and buy your ticket here below



Local athletes compete in Cornhusker State Games

SwimteamOn July 14, 2018 4 Elmwood-Murdock students competed in the Aquatics competition of the Cornhusker State Games. Those competing were Charles Cawley, Jacob Stewart, Katelyn Stewart and Sophie Frank. All four swimmers are members of the Syracuse Swim Team and all four returned home with several medals.

Charles competed in the 9-10 year old boys category and won a gold medal in the 25 meter backstroke and a gold medal in the 50-meter backstroke. He was also a member of the 200 meter Medley Relay Team and the Freestyle Relay Team. His relay teams also won gold medals in both events.

SwimMeet 2018

Jacob was also in the 9-10-year-old boys' category. He was on the 2 winning relay teams with Charles and brought home 2 gold medals. He also brought home a silver medal in the Butterfly and a bronze medal in the Freestyle.
Katelyn won a gold medal in the Individual Medley and a silver medal in the Butterfly. She was a member of the Syracuse Relay Team winning a bronze in the Medley Relay and a bronze in the Freestyle Relay.

Sophie won a silver medal in the backstroke and was on the Relay Team bringing home a pair of bronze medals in the Medley Relay and the Freestyle Relay.

20180714 193311

The competition was after the completion of their swim team season in which they attended several meets and all day invitationals. This is Sophie's first year on the swim team and at Cornhusker State Games.

It is Charles's first year at Cornhusker State Games and second year on the swim team. Jacob and Katelyn both competed at the Cornhusker State Games last year. Jacob has been on swim team for 2 years. Katelyn has been swimming for 5 years.

 Elmwood Farmer's Market

ElmwoodFarmersMarket 07142018 3

Every week we have between 5-8 vendors. We are starting to see weekly regulars to stop by and get fresh produce, baked items, and bread.

ElmwoodFarmersMarket 07142018 2

The local gardens are starting to produce and there is some amazing looking squash and cucumbers.

ElmwoodFarmersMarket 07142018 1

There was fresh local zucchini, cucumbers, and herbs. I hear next week there will be fresh green beans. So get there early. Many items sell out quickly. 

FarmerMarket Jelly

Some customers have even had requests for special jams and jellies. Stop by this week to taste test and purchase "Corn Cob Jelly" and "Watermelon Jelly"



 Elmwood Park 

The Farmer's Market will be open from June to October and anyone is welcome to participate.

There is no sign-up sheet or a fee...just show up and set up and sell your items.

Elmwood #LittleFreePantry

Elmwood has a  "Little Free Pantry" in town. Bet you didn't know about it? Or maybe you did and didn't know what it was all about. It's a little cabinet located between Hufstader Chiropractor, the Elmwood Meat Market, and the Village Hall. 

Elmwood FoodPantry

The items in it are FREE for those who are needy, don't have food in their cabinets and need just a little something to get them by till the next day. Various people donate items to put in the cupboard, and they notice that several items do disappear. 

Spread the news. Stop by and put something in when you come back from grocery shopping. If you know a family or anyone struggling, let them know this resource is available in town. 

What can you donate, what may you find?

Generally, canned vegetables and proteins, personal care items, and paper goods. Kid-friendly non-perishables, crayons, and inexpensive party favor items are great for Summer...school supplies for August!

It goes without saying that during the summer months any items you place inside should be heat friendly and non-perishable. 

ElmwoodNebraskaLibrary What’s New at the Library?

The library is constantly refreshing its collection. Here’s just a sample of what’s new this week!

IMG 6172

Devil in the White City
2003 Best Seller which tells outlines the true story of serial killer H.H. Holmes with the backdrop of 1893 Chicago and the World Columbia’s Exposition.

The Shipping News
1994 Pulitzer Prize Award for Fiction. A hard-luck reporter follows his maiden aunt and moves to a small town in Newfoundland. Dramatic and deep, it gets two thumbs up from the librarian!

Come in and see what else is new and exciting at your local library! 

Visit the Overdrive website for more information on checking out electronic books and media. 

Library hours

Monday 3- 8pm

Tuesday 2-6pm

Wednesday 2 pm -6 pm

Thursday 10 am - 2 pm

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm


Bess Streeter Aldrich House & Museum

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Elmwood-Murdock FBLA Competes at the National Leadership Conference in Baltimore


ElmwoodMurdock FBLA Nationals2018L to R: Payton Frahm, Sydney Anderson, Morgan Mills, Sydney Kunz, Lauren Justesen, Faith Offner, Katrina Hansen, Jac Clements

More than 9,200 of America’s best and brightest high school students traveled to Maryland to Elevate Their Futures as they competed for top honors in several business competitions.

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference was held June 28–July 1 in Baltimore. Participants from across the United States and abroad attended this exciting conference to enhance their business skills, expand their networks, and participate in more than 70 business and business-related competitive events.

Eight nights qualified for the National Leadership Conference in Maryland due to their success at the state-level contest this past spring:

  • Katrina Hansen (Community Service Project, Business Ethics, Local Chapter Annual Business Report)
  • Payton Frahm (Community Service Project, Business Ethics)
  • Jac Clements (Business Ethics)
  • Faith Offner (Community Service Project)
  • Sydney Kunz (Local Chapter Annual Business Report)
  • Morgan Mills (Client Service), Sydney Anderson (Database Design and Application)
  • Lauren Justesen (Local Chapter Annual Business Report)
  • Morgan Mills also represented the chapter at the conference as the Nebraska FBLA State Secretary

FBLA Ahrbor

The Elmwood-Murdock chapter earned three prestigious national awards. The Knights earned the National FBLA Outstanding Chapter and Chapter Challenge awards. To earn these awards, the members had to complete numerous activities during the year in the areas of membership/chapter management, community/school service, and education/progress.

Local chapter officers and advisers then compiled a large portfolio of their work for national officials. The Knights also secured Gold Seal of Merit recognition, which is awarded to FBLA chapters that rank among the best in the country.

ELmwoodMurdock FBLA FortMcHenry

While students spent several days at FBLA educational workshops and competitive events, they also found time for recreational activities. Students toured Fort McHenry, attended an Orioles baseball game, and enjoyed a Medieval Times dinner and show.

FBLA Baseball 1  School Events - Calendar Reminders


EMSchoolWebsite 2018

There is a wealth of information on the new Elmwood-Murdock website. It is updated on a daily basis by various teachers and department heads.    

Check out the calendar on the Elmwood Website (it's to the right) ---->>>>

If the date is TAN (Beige) then there is something to do in town that day!! 

Send me Elmwood-Murdock events you would like me to place on the calendar at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com    

Heads up

 Elmwood Christian Church Update 

ElmwoodChristianChurch 2017

VBS MethodistChurch

Join VBS on July 23-27

All kids ages 4 through 6th grade are invited to join Vacation Bible School on July 23-27 from 6:15-8:15 p.m.

The event will be held at the Murdock Methodist Church. VBS will be hosted by the Murdock Methodist, Elmwood Methodist, and Elmwood Christian churches.

This year’s theme is “Hero Central” and kids won’t want to miss the chance to meet local heroes and learn about having power in their own lives. Join the fun for singing, crafts, games, science discoveries and daily lessons.

The week will end with a family program and celebration on Friday, July 27.

The cost to attend is $7 per child or $14 per family. Contact kareykoehn@gmail.com with questions.

Welcome Wagon2



Bits and Pieces 402-994-5755

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 – 4:00

Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 Friday 9:00 – 5:00
Closed on Monday  

ElmwoodNE Community Center

 Elmwood Community Center 

The Elmwood Community Center provided daily lunches Monday through Friday for anyone who wants a good home cooked meal for a very reasonable price...$5 per person! The Center not only hosts daily meals but it is also a facility that is rented out for meetings, receptions, and family reunions. It is a wonderful facility that provides a great service to the community. 

Morning Coffee Bar 8:00 am

Coffee, Tea, Milk

(Milk available, please ask the cook)
Free will offering - suggested $1.00

Noon Meals (Eat in or Take-out)

 Please call by 9:30 am to reserve

Suggested price for noon meal is $5.00

Village Board News


We are halfway through the mowing season now, or we hope we are at least halfway through, and something has become an issue that needs to be addressed.

Grass clippings and leaves blown or swept into storm drains or into the street harms waterways and our creeks. Storm drains flow into pipes and into drainage ways. When anything but rain and snowmelt goes down the storm drain, it can become a drainage problem. Improper disposal of yard wastes, including leaves, have the potential to impact both the water quality in the local creeks and cause drainage problems during a storm event.

Did you know?
• When yard waste is discarded or blown into a stormwater inlet, the street system, or along a stream bank, it can cause flooding problems. Leaves and yard debris can block the natural flow of water in the storm drainage system, which can cause water to back up and flood within the drainage system or the creek.

• When yard waste is discarded within the stormwater drainage system, it will decompose. Decomposing yard waste can supercharge the creek with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, causing algae blooms resulting in low dissolved oxygen. Severely low dissolved oxygen levels in creeks can cause fish kills. According to the U.S. EPA, phosphorus is one of the most troublesome pollutants in stormwater runoff and it is considered the primary cause of water quality problems in our waters.

• When yard waste is discarded within the stormwater drainage system, it can bring harmful chemicals into the creek, including fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. While these chemicals can be used to protect the grass, they will harm aquatic life and cause additional adverse effects to water quality when released into streams.

• The freshly cut grass is slippery and can cause a motorcyclist or bicyclist to lose traction and crash. Some motorcyclists that have happened upon freshly cut grass clippings unexpectedly have described it as like riding on an ice rink.

Engineers have calculated that the coefficient of friction of fresh grass clippings is almost as slick as grease. You may be liable for injuries and damages caused by your grass clippings.

If your actions cause a motorcyclist to lose control and to wreck, even if the rider wasn’t physically harmed, you could be held liable to replace a totaled motorcycle.

Proper Management and Disposal
• Grass clippings can be left on the ground improve the health of the lawn itself. There is no excuse for sweeping grass and/or leaves into the storm drains or waterways.
• Grass clippings, leaves, and brush can be deposited in the Village Brush Site.

Where does it say that we have to keep grass clippings out of the street? In Village Ordinance IX: General Regulations Chapter 92, Public Ways and Properties, Section 92.77

“It shall be unlawful to place, push, or deposit snow, sleet, ice, or mud, or any debris, including leaves, grass, and branches, from private property onto the streets of the Village.”

What are the consequences of failure to follow this ordinance? Besides the possible harm to the sewer and water systems…Enforcement procedure is in Village Ordinance Title I: General Provisions; Chapter 10, General Provisions, Section 10.99; (A) “Any person who violates any of the provisions of this village code, unless otherwise specifically provided herein, shall be deemed guilty of an offense and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $500. A new violation shall be deemed to have been committed every 24 hours of failure to comply with the provisions of this code. (B) (1) Whenever a nuisance exists as defined in Title IX) of this code, the village may proceed by a suit in equity to enjoin and abate the same, in the manner provided by law. (2) Whenever, in any action, it is established that a nuisance exists, the court may, together with the fine or penalty imposed, enter an order of abatement as a part of the judgment in the case.”

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the streets of Elmwood safe and for maintaining the quality of our water by practicing yard waste disposal methods discussed above. Failure to comply with this may result in a citation or additional enforcement action. The village of Elmwood residents can play a big part in keeping our water system clean and healthy and operating to its best capacity. If you have any questions or require additional discussion, please contact the Village Office at (402)994-6705.

Elmwood BubbleSoceer 2018

Bubble Soccer is coming back.

Mark your dates on the calendar now!! 

Get your teams together, it's a LOT of fun!

Elmwood Rescue's 4th Annual Bubble Soccer Fundraiser
Sunday, September 9, 2018

Red Cross Blood Drive Elmwood 0818


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We are currently serving hard ice cream in dishes.
we have 8 different flavors to choose from.

Elmwood C Store

ECS banner1

Box Tops Page 1

Submit Your Stories and NEWS

This is a reminder to PLEASE email me upcoming news and events. Or, if you happen to see an event happening, or something fun going on in Elmwood, take a photo and email it to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Welcome to our newest community advertiser Burrows Real Estate.

If you would like to advertise your business on the Elmwood website just CLICK here 

Prices started at just $25 per month

Area News and Events  


Lofte Community Theatre to Host, Food, Glorious Food!- An Oliver! Lunch Event

 The Lofte Community Theatre, located in Manley, NE will host Food, Glorious Food!- An Oliver! Lunch Event

July 22, July 29, and August 5.

In correspondence to the Lofte Community Theatre’s summer musical Oliver!, the Lofte is hosting a lunch fundraiser event called Food, Glorious Food! where patrons can purchase a lunch ticket and eat with the cast of Oliver!

These lunches will be held Sundays of the musical on July 22nd, 29th, and August 5th from noon to 1:30 PM with the musical beginning at 2 PM.

Tickets are $20 per plate, not including the price of admission to the musical, and meals will include smoked brisket/pork sandwiches, coleslaw, beans, chips, cookie, and lemonade/water. Seating is limited.

Tickets for Oliver! and the Food, Glorious Food lunch event can be purchased by calling the Lofte Community Theatre box office at 402-234-2553, or by visiting the theatre’s website at www.Lofte.org and clicking on “Tickets”.

Lofte Community Theatre to Present the Classic Musical, Oliver!

Opening Soon Oliver The Lofte Community Theatre, located in Manley, NE will stage Lionel Bart’s classic musical, Oliver!

July 21 - 22, July 26 - 29, and August 2 - 5.

Set in Victorian England, the musical follows the story of young Oliver who escapes from an abusive orphanage and soon finds himself on the streets of London, settled in with a band of pickpockets and thieves, led by Fagin. When the boy is captured for a theft that he did not commit, his benevolent victim becomes his only chance of discovering the true love of a family.

The Tony and Olivier Award-winning show is one of the few musicals to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and is widely hailed as a true theatrical masterpiece by actors and audience members alike. Lionel Bart wrote the music, book, and lyrics for Oliver!

Oliver!, premiered on London’s West End in 1960 before moving to Broadway in 1963. This year marks the 55th anniversary of the show making its American debut which is why Lofte Artistic Director Kevin Colbert thought it was time to bring the show to the stage in Manley once again, “This classic piece of musical theatre has been charming audiences for more than five decades.

It’s full of memorable tunes, a heart-warming story, and, of course, allows the Lofte to fill our stage with so much local talent. That’s a hallmark of a big summer musical at the Lofte. This cast has been hard at work since the beginning of June, and there are countless others who volunteer their summer to make Oliver! A huge success. We can’t wait for audiences to see this show!”

Joining Colbert’s artistic team is musical director, Betty Colbert, and choreographer, Noelle Bohaty.

The cast of Oliver! Includes John Bell, Natalie McGovern, Peyton Banks, Chris Berger, Wade Mumford, Atticus Heneger, Brandy Abbott, Rilynn Whitney, Kharis Jensen, Cyrus Monson, Drew Carlson, Haley Cecava, Xander Monson, McKenna Jones, James Nygren, Skyler Radloff, Therese Rennels, Kathryn Rappold, Kori Radloff, Aaron Spracklin, Eric Radloff, Khyenne Cottrell, Stephen Paal, Lilly Frields, Abraham Vidaurre, Hannah Segure, Piper Monson, Ken Patry, Jeff Johnston, Lynette Boyce, Brenda Jones, Bob Boyce, Lucas Hrabik, Dayton Carlson, Rachel Radloff, Lily Borland, and Andrew Schell.

Tickets for Oliver! can be purchased by calling the Lofte Community Theatre box office at 402-234-2553, or by visiting the theatre’s website at www.Lofte.org and clicking on “Tickets”. Curtain time for the show is 7 pm and Sunday matinees are at 2 pm. For more information, call the Lofte Community Theatre or visit www.Lofte.org .

About The Lofte Community Theatre: The Lofte Community Theatre is located in Manley Nebraska, approximately 25 miles south of Omaha. The theatre, a new post-and-beam style performing arts facility can seat approximately 330 patrons for each performance. Actors and audience members enjoy a beautiful climate-controlled venue year around. The Lofte offers a full concession stand, and also sells beer and wine. The theatre offers six core season productions each year as well as many special events featuring visiting artists including week-long children’s theater workshop, a free Veterans Day concert, and host high-school one-act play competitions in the fall. Approximately 12,000 visitors come through the doors annually.

Summer Antique + Vintage Tour 

IMG 20180706 0002 1280x1002

2018 Summer Antique Tour 982x1280 1

Cass County Fair

Cake Auction Flyer 2018

  2018 County Fair Quilt Raffle

"Remember last year's quilt block contest at the 2017 County Fair? Everyone who saw all the quilt blocks commented that the finished quilt would really be pretty. It is finished and ready for this year's raffle at the 2018 County Fair. Do be ready to purchase your raffle tickets when at the fair!"

2018 Quilt Raffle Poster 

 2018 Fair Special Contests2 2018 Special Quilt Block rules

Louisville lasthotsunday
LouisvilleONeHotSunday 2018

Pillage the village 2018 

Eagle Farmers Market 

Thursdays by the pool
 In the community park next to the swimming pool, 6th and D St, from 4 pm to 6:30 pm, through August 30th. New vendors are still welcome.



 Work on N-63 Alvo North Realignment

March 15, 2018 (Lincoln, Neb.) — Weather permitting, work is scheduled to continue the week of March 19 on N-63, between Alvo and I-80, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Knife River, LLC of Sioux City, Iowa has the $11,758,926 contract. Work will include realignment of N‑63, culverts and box culverts, and wetland mitigation. This will be the second of two phases of work.

During this phase, N-63 will be closed to traffic from Reference Post 4+20 (Alvo) to Reference Post 9+68 (Church Road). A marked detour will be in place along I-80 to N-66 to N-50 to US-34 for southbound traffic and along US-34 to N-50 to N-66 to I-80 for northbound traffic. This portion of the project is anticipated to be completed in November 2018.

The Department’s project manager is Jesse De Los Santos of Lincoln. Motorists are reminded to drive cautiously through work zones and along detours.

2018 07 04 WW MEM LANE Brown Bag 1


SVE banner v1


Our Assisted Living/Nursing Care Facility
seeks caring, devoted individuals.
We have competitive wages, excellent benefits
& a superior working environment.

FT Evening Cook, 12:30-8:30 pm
FT CNA’s, 2 pm – 10 pm
FT Dietary Assistant, 11 am – 6:30 pm
Weekends Only CNA’s, All Shifts

FREE medical, dental & vision coverage
for Full Time employees.
We also offer PayFlex; 401K Plan; &
Educational Assistance.

Apply in person at 1300 Avenue D, Plattsmouth, NE 68048
or call (402) 296-73Full-Timere information.
www.thenebraskamasonichome.org for an application – then hand deliver or mail.

Must pass pre-employment physical, drug test, and background checks.


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