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Updates from the Legislature merged

News from the Capitol
By State Senator Rob Clements

The 2018 Legislative Session is drawing to a close. But I have quickly learned that much can still happen in the last few days. Many priority bills are still waiting to be discussed, so the remaining days and evenings will be full.
Here are some highlights from last week’s activities.

LB 1009, which will allow the Department of Transportation to raise some highway speed limits, has made it through two rounds of debate. Many of you had concerns regarding increasing the interstate highway speed to 80 mph. Senators had concerns that truck traffic governed at 65 mph would create safety issues. Because of these concerns the interstate highway was taken out of the bill.

What remains in the bill are rural highways, expressways, and the new super-two highways. Allowing 65 mph on our rural highways and 70 mph on our expressways and the new super-two is something I support where they are engineered for it. States like Kansas and Colorado have done this for quite some time.

The first super-two highway will be constructed on Hwy 83, between North Platte and McCook. These types of innovative ideas are good for transportation and commerce in Nebraska.

Another issue has been the mainline budget bill LB 944. It has been filibustered through the first two rounds of debate because of language that mirrors federal law regarding the use of Title X funds for family planning services for low-income individuals.

This language ensures that Nebraska stays in compliance with the federal requirement that Title X funds are not used in relation to abortion services. Our state auditor found that Planned Parenthood had used some of these funds in related abortion services and had not kept Title X the funds separate.

The language in LB 944 keeps these funds separate for their designated purpose so Nebraska is not at risk of losing them.

LB 944, reduces spending with a two percent cut in both 2018 and 2019, except for higher education that has a one percent cut in 2019. Nebraska’s Cash Reserve Fund is estimated to be down to $250 million, this is a drop from $680 million in 2016. The good news is that we had a positive revenue forecast for February, up $55 million. I continue to support balancing the budget without raising taxes.

As always, I really appreciate hearing from you on important matters. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff for information on legislative bills or if I may be of assistance. Please reach me at Senator Rob Clements, 1523 State Capitol, Lincoln, NE 68509 (402-471-2613), or at my email: rclements@leg.ne.gov.



Digital and Audio Books

The Elmwood Library's inventory is bigger than you thought. Did you realize that you can check-out e-books via your Kindle, iPad, eReader or computer? It's true! There are several hundred titles available for both fiction, non-fiction, children's lit and even audiobooks. All you need is an active account with the Elmwood Public Library and maybe the following cheat sheet. Happy reading!

OverDrive eBook system that allows you to borrow books from the comfort of your home, or anywhere.

Below are the instructions and you can download the PDF instructions here to print.

OverDrive Help pdf April 2018 1



OverDrive Help pdf April 2018 2You can also visit the Overdrive website for more information. 

Be sure to stop by the library and check out the new book series that just arrived. The DVD set is also available.

NOT telling you what series it is, but once you find out there will be a list to get them. It's THAT popular

Library hours

Monday 3- 8pm

Tuesday 2-6pm

Wednesday 2 pm -6 pm

Thursday 10 am - 2 pm

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm  

14457384 1742180292712323 7353159884822308127 nThe Quonset Bar & Grill

NEW OWNERS & new management 

As of April 1st, the Quonset bar-and-grill is under new ownership.

Elmwood natives Troy and Becky Callaway will be taking over and will continue to run it as a bar and grill. 

Everyone knows Becky! She has been a fixture at the Elmwood convenience store for 22 years! She has been the manager for many years and now she is going to take her expertise to making The Quonset better than EVER!!

Seriously I talked to her just last week and can you say STEAK and PRIME RIB?

Some of your favorites will still be available. Taco Tuesday will remain. But be prepared for a new menu. I've been teased with chicken wings done right. Oh, I SOOOOO love chicken wings.

Several graduation parties have already been booked, DARE roller skating will return and many other community opportunities.

Next week will be a taste test, review, and photos (of food, what else...)

EMKnights Banner 

2018 Athletic Banquet invite Click on the Image above or the 2018 Athletic Banquet invite  link for a printable PDF version

School Events - Calendar Reminders

For more dates and schedules of all school club activities visit the Events schedule on the Elmwood-Murdock website


EMSchoolWebsite 2018

There is a wealth of information on the new Elmwood-Murdock website. It is updated on a daily basis by various teachers and department heads.   

Check out the calendar on the Elmwood Website (it's to the right) ---->>>>

If the date is TAN (Beige) then there is something to do in town that day!!


Send me Elmwood-Murdock events you would like me to place on the calendar at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Bess Streeter Aldrich House

BessStreeter March18 3




StPaulMethodistChurch Elmwood copy St. Paul Methodist Church

JOY OF MUSIC - Sunday, April 8th at 6 pm Come enjoy a variety of music from our community at the Murdock United Methodist Church, 220 Kansas ST, Murdock, NE

joy 2018 page0001 1


The Great Plains United Methodist Women Spring Mission trip to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) has room for other women.

This trip is April 16-20, 2018. Carpool with others and leave Monday, April 16 about 7:30 am. Work 3 days in the warehouse or sewing room. There is a variety of work available that anyone can do. Arrive home about 5:30 pm Friday, April 20. Kelli Brewer is going.

Contact Teena Faubel at 402 217-3775 or tfaubel@yahoo.com for details.

MMDC is near Springfield, IL. It is a disaster relief facility where different kits (cleaning, health, school) are made to help victims during disasters. Anyone is welcome - there’s always great fellowship. 

 Elmwood Christian Church Update 

ElmwoodChristianChurch 2017

ABits and Pieces 402-994-5755

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 – 4:00

Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 Friday 9:00 – 5:00
Closed on Monday  

Elmwood Village Board News 

Thank you to Julie Anderson for always supplying Village event information!

Clean up the Streets Day!

The Elmwood Neighborhood Watch Team is teaming up with Keep Cass County Beautiful organization to sponsor a Clean Up the Streets Day on Saturday, April 21st. We will be walking all of the streets of town picking up trash, scooping up dirt and leaves, and generally spiffing up the streets around town.

We are looking for teams of volunteers to join in the project. KCCB will provide the gloves, vests, trash bags, litter grabber tools, water, and basically anything we need to accomplish our task. Talk to your neighbors, clubs, friends, anyone you can think of and put together a team. Contact Connie at the Village Office (402-994-6705) to sign up your team.

We will meet Saturday, April 21st at 9:00 am in the Elmwood Park and divide up the town and get busy! We plan to work until noon. It will be a fun time and Elmwood will shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!

T.E.A.M. Celebrates World No Tobacco Day:
The Tobacco Education & Advocacy of the Midlands (T.E.A.M.) is celebrating World No Tobacco Day on Thursday, May 31st by encouraging local teams to join their team in cleaning up all the parks in Cass County. We will have a team working in the Elmwood Park and public areas around town. Contact Connie at the Village Office if you would like to participate.

Elmwood Clean Up the Streets NWP

Throw Away, Recycle, Shred It Day!

The Village Board is sponsoring the Annual Throw Away Day on Saturday, June 2nd for citizens to bring all of their items piling up around their property that they don’t want to a dumpster. We will fill the dumpster and haul it away and fill another one. They will keep bringing us empty dumpsters until noon as long as we fill them.

We even will go to the resident’s homes to pick up if they have no way to haul it. Every year we fill several dumpsters and recycling dumpsters. Elmwood Recycling will take the items that can be recycled. Cross Recycling will be here that day, too. They will take electronic items such as televisions and computer monitors. There will be a fee for some of these items.This a great event and a fine way to spiff up the town.

This year we are also having a free paper shredding event on our Throw Away Day. The Paper Tiger Shredding company will come to Elmwood and people can bring their documents to them for shredding. They are AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. They will accept 100 lbs. per person. The paper shredding event is sponsored by the Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association, Burrows Tracts Realty, and the American Exchange Bank.

Paper Shredding Event

Cat dog event 2018

Let’s talk about licensing of dogs and cats in Elmwood. The licensing of dogs and cats is required by law to ensure that the animals have received the required immunizations and to identify who owns them in case they get loose. We want them to be returned safely and quickly to their owners.

If there is a cat that hangs around your house and you think it isn’t yours but you feed it…it is yours. If there are a lot of cats that hang around your house that you think are not yours but you feed them…they are yours. If you provide a shelter for them to sleep in at night…they are yours. Since they are yours you are responsible for taking care of them…this includes vaccinations, licensing, etc…If you find that you have more pets than are allowed or more than you want, there are resources available to find new homes for them.

There is a limit on the number of dogs and cats that are allowed per household. Elmwood allows a total of four…either dogs or cats. Even if kept outside…only four are allowed. All four must be licensed which means they must have proper vaccinations. There is a discount in licensing fees if the animal is spayed or neutered.

If you let your dogs or cats outside into a fenced in area ensure your fence follows the ordinance guidelines of allowed fencing. An invisible fence is not considered a fence. Both dogs and cats must be on a leash or tethered lead. Neither is allowed free roam of the neighborhood. The pet owner must be in control of their pet and they can’t leave your yard. Yes, we know that it is difficult if not impossible to train a cat to stay in your yard so that means they must be in a kennel or on a leash or tether. It is possible to keep a cat on a leash or to provide it with a safe, contained area outside. The animal ordinance for Elmwood is located on the Village website.

Licensing fees for 2018 have gone up to accommodate increases in supplies.
Dogs $12.00 per dog or $10.00 if spayed or neutered
Cats $7.50 per cat or $5.00 if spayed or neutered.

You will be required to show a current valid rabies vaccination certificate, and proof of spaying or neutering issued by your veterinarian to receive the discount. We will also keep a copy of the records on file in case there is ever a question. You may also provide a photo of your pet to attach to our records for help in identifying pets found running at large. We had a couple of instances last year that it would have been handy to have a picture in the file to identify the animal that had been found.

The dog or cat owner is required to license their pet by May 1, 2018. If you have not secured a 2018 license for your pet by May 1, 2018, you will be responsible for the license fee per pet in addition to a late fee charge of $50.00 per animal; other charges may apply.
Applications for the pet licenses are available on the village website, in the newsletter, or at the Village Office. They will also be available at the pet licensing/vaccination event. The tags will be available for pick up at the Village Office after the licensing application has been turned in. They will not be mailed out due to the added costs of mailing.

The pet licensing/vaccination event will be held Saturday, April 28th; 9:00-11:00; at the Village Office. Dr. Trent Shrader, DVM, will be doing the vaccinations with assistance from Andrea Stowell, vet tech, and Mary Lenz will be trimming nails. We will also be on hand to license pets. Please sign up if you need the vaccination or nail trimming services! We need at least 10 to be able to make this event happen. Call the Village Office to register: 402-994-6705


2018 PT Maint Posting page 001

ElmwoodNE Community Center

 Elmwood Community Center

The Elmwood Community Center provided daily lunches Monday through Friday for anyone who wants a good home cooked meal for a very reasonable price...$5 per person! The Center not only hosts daily meals but it is also a facility that is rented out for meetings, receptions, and family reunions. It is a wonderful facility that provides a great service to the community.


ECC Help Wanted 3

The Elmwood Community Center is searching for someone to join their team to prepare meals, clean up, and help coordinate activities. The hours for preparing meals would be 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. The number of days a week will be negotiable.
Contact Helen McKinney at (402)560-7672, or Brenda Brill at (307)359-9111 for more information. Or stop in at the Center for an application.

Morning Coffee Bar 8:00 am

Coffee, Tea, Milk

(Milk available, please ask the cook)
Free will offering - suggested $1.00

Noon Meals (Eat in or Take-out)

 ElmwoodCommunityCenter Menu 042018

Please call by 9:30 am to reserve

Suggested price for noon meal is $5.00

Don't forget to send me your news 

April is next week! Spring is about to spring!!

There are things happening. Who is in the news, who is making news? This is what I need for the upcoming year

Baseball sign updates

Softball sign updates

Game Schedules

Business special events or Open Houses

4-H meeting dates (photos from meetings)

School Accomplishments (high school, college)

Alumni News

Holiday Events & photos (What Memorial Day Activities are planned, garden tours, plant sales etc)

SEND ME THE NEWS and PHOTOS to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com 



We are currently serving hard ice cream in dishes.
we have 8 different flavors to choose from.

Elmwood C Store

ECS banner1

Box Tops Page 1

Submit Your Stories and NEWS

This is a reminder to PLEASE email me upcoming news and events. Or, if you happen to see an event happening, or something fun going on in Elmwood, take a photo and email it to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Welcome to our newest community advertiser Burrows Real Estate.

If you would like to advertise your business on the Elmwood website just CLICK here 

Prices started at just $25 per month

Area News and Events  


Murdock Fire Hall Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, April 8th 

8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Come join us for us for breakfast! Fill up on pancakes made right in front of you, sausage and eggs. Wash it all down with orange juice and coffee!

See any member of the department to buy a raffle ticket or buy them at the door when you come for breakfast.
$1 a piece for your chance to win!
Raffle prizes this year are:

32" flat screen tv
$250 cash prize from Stock Seed Farm
$250 cash prize from Corn Growers State Bank
Gas Grill
$100 cash
Several other prizes to be determined...

The drawing will be on the 8th following breakfast. Need not be present to win.

As always, this is free a will donation event. All money raised will go towards new equipment and air packs for the department.

Hope to see you there!


Lofte Community Theatre Holds Auditions for The Miracle Worker

 Manley, Neb., March 19, 2018 -- The Lofte Community Theatre, located in Manley, NE, just 25 minutes south of Omaha, will hold auditions for William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker April 16 and 17, at 7 pm.

Lofte Community Theatre Executive Artistic Director, says “This piece of theatre is ripe with juicy characters that will really allow local actors to stretch their abilities and bring to life a classic tale.” Set in 1887 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, The Miracle Worker chronicles the true story of Annie Sullivan and her student, Helen Keller.

The play, based on Helen Keller’s autobiography, The Story of My Life first opened on Broadway in 1959 and starred Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan and Patty Duke as Helen Keller. The duo went on to reprise their roles for the 1962 film adaptation where they went on to win Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively.

Struck by illness in infancy, young Helen Keller is left blind, deaf and mute. With no discipline, by the age of six, Helen has grown into a wild, tantrum-throwing child in control of the household. The Kellers hire Annie Sullivan to serve as their daughter’s teacher. After several fierce battles with Helen, Annie convinces the Kellers she needs two weeks alone with Helen in to achieve any progress in the girl's education. During that time, Annie teaches Helen discipline through persistence and consistency and language through hand signals, a double breakthrough that changes Helen's life forever.

Colbert will be casting roles for seven males and seven females. Additionally, there are roles for several children, who will be cast as blind students. To see all roles available, visit the ‘Get Involved’ page at www.Lofte.org. Those interested in auditioning should come prepared to read from the script. Children auditioning for the role of Helen Keller should come to the audition prepared to move on stage. Please dress appropriately.

For questions regarding auditions contact the Lofte Community Theatre at 402-234-2553, email director Kevin Colbert at loftedirector@lofte.com, or visit The Lofte Community Theatre’s website at www.Lofte.org and click on “Get Involved”.

About The Lofte Community Theatre: The Lofte Community Theatre is located in Manley Nebraska, approximately 25 minutes south of Omaha. The theatre, a new post-and-beam style performing arts facility can seat approximately 330 patrons for each performance. Actors and audience members enjoy a beautiful climate-controlled venue year around. The Lofte offers a full concession stand, and also sells beer and wine. The theatre offers six core season productions each year as well as many special events featuring visiting artists including week-long children’s theater workshop, a free Veterans Day concert, and host high-school one-act play competitions in the fall. Approximately 12,000 visitors come through the doors annually.

Public Speaking Contest

The Cass County 4-H and Extension Office is hosting a Public Speaking Contest on April 17th, 2018 beginning at 6:30 pm. The office is located by the fairgrounds at 8400 144th Street, Suite 100, Weeping Water, NE 68463. This contest is open to students in the community, as well as Cass County 4-Hers. Public Speaking Contests are great for developing the life skill of communication, confidence, and poise.

One of our 4-H leaders asked this question ... "What is the difference between the Cass County contest, and the 4-H Contest?" Here's a quick answer:

For the Cass County Public Speaking Contest, any student can give a speech, including non 4-Hers. It can be on any topic; even recited poems and/or prose readings are acceptable. Ribbons are given, but contestants do not advance to the district level, it’s a county only contest. This opportunity provides a great practice and refining time for any public speaking event.

For the 4-H Public Speaking Contest, the student must be enrolled in 4-H. All speeches must be original and include 4-H as the major component of the speech. Winners advance on to the 4-H district level.

Speech Contest publicity notice

Pre-registration forms, contest guidelines, and speech writing helps are on the Nebraska Extension Cass County website. Pre-registration forms are due April 13th.

If you have any questions about the Cass County Public Speaking Contest, please call the extension office at 402-267-2205.

We have a great workshop coming up called “Growing in Small Spaces … Backyard Gardening and Farming”

It will be held Thursday, April 26, 2018 beginning at 6 pm. The class will be held at the Cass County Extension Office.

FarmingSmallSpacesFlyerCass2018City Chickens 101 Class Flier

Lofte The Odd Couple

Student of the Week Selection 24


Work to Begin on N-63 Alvo North Realignment

March 15, 2018 (Lincoln, Neb.) — Weather permitting, work is scheduled to continue the week of March 19 on N-63, between Alvo and I-80, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Knife River, LLC of Sioux City, Iowa has the $11,758,926 contract. Work will include realignment of N‑63, culverts and box culverts, and wetland mitigation. This will be the second of two phases of work.

During this phase, N-63 will be closed to traffic from Reference Post 4+20 (Alvo) to Reference Post 9+68 (Church Road). A marked detour will be in place along I-80 to N-66 to N-50 to US-34 for southbound traffic and along US-34 to N-50 to N-66 to I-80 for northbound traffic. This portion of the project is anticipated to be completed in November 2018.

The Department’s project manager is Jesse De Los Santos of Lincoln. Motorists are reminded to drive cautiously through work zones and along detours.

The Sarpy/Cass Health Department offers free transportation assistance to women with a mammogram appointment. The service includes home pick up, hospital/clinic drop off, and return home drop off.

Eligibility includes women aged 40-75 years living in Sarpy or Cass counties.

Please call the Health Department at 402-537-6968 for more information.


2018 02 14 CCMT Flier1 

Country Musc Theatre - Louisville

*** 2 PM SHOW! April 7 - Cornhusker Jammers Show, (NOT a jam session)

April 14 - Jeanette Hill & August Moon Band

April 28 - Rayne Magill & Friends

May 12 - Down Home Band, Fred & Dorothy Techau & Friends

May 26 - Bill Hill & Fine Wine Band

June 9 - Alex Vanderbeck & Friends

June 23 - Al Kelley & Reilly Creek Band

July 7 - Kenny Briton & Friends

July 21 - Rodger Roberts & Friends

August 4 - Irish Donahoo & Friends

August 18 - Terry Hovey & Friends

September 1 - Steve Jensen & Friends

September 15 - Larry Hanson & Friends

September 29 - Fred Larson &Friends

October 13 - FREE ADMISSION! CCMT Anniversary Show!
October 27 - Frank Bigelow & Friends

November 10 - Warren Brewer & Friends

November 24 - Josh Krohn & Dirty River Ramblers

December 8 - Christmas Show,

(Young musicians, up to 16 years old will be entertaining!)

** 7 PM, Monday, December 31, New Year's Eve Party! 

Cass County CASA
Court Appointed Special Advocates in Cass County to speak up for the best interests of abused and neglected children.
Training starts April 2018.
It consists of 15 hours of online training and 15 hours of in-person training.
If you are interested, please contact Angie Neumiller at 402-296-9521,

Our Assisted Living/Nursing Care Facility
seeks caring, devoted individuals.
We have competitive wages, excellent benefits
& a superior working environment.

PT/FT Activity Assistant, M-F 9-5, Some Saturdays
FT CMA, 10 pm – 6 am
FT CNA’s, 2 pm – 10 pm
Weekends Only CNA’s, All Shifts
PT Dietary Assistants, 1 - 8:30 pm
FT Cook, 12:30 – 8:30 pm

FREE medical, dental & vision coverage
for Full-Time employees.
We also offer PayFlex; 401K Plan; &
Educational Assistance.

Apply in person at 1300 Avenue D, Plattsmouth, NE 68048
or call (402) 296-7330 for more information.
www.thenebraskamasonichome.org for an application – then hand deliver or mail.

Must pass pre-employment physical, drug test, and background checks.

GPimp 040718

Download List of vehicles at www.gpsold.com

Coming Soon:

GPflower auc042818 GPauc pella042918
Details at www.gpsold.com

Quit tobacco 2018

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