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wildlifesafari 2017It was a busy week in the Elmwood community. The Elmwood-Murdock Football team won their game on Friday and the Little Cheer Camp and youth football program was highlighted during halftime.

In addition, we had community members participating in the Safari Park Open House just up the road. Dr. Trent Shrader showcased the veterinary services and wildlife rehabilitation center during the Omaha Zoo Membership Days. Carol Eager from Murdock, one of the lead keepers at the Safari Park also spoke about the new Cheetah breeding program she manages. There is a LOT of important work behind the scenes besides the elk and bison.

On Saturday you might have noticed more traffic in the way of vans and maybe actually lines at the Elmwood Convenience store. The Market to Market race come through town which brought over 4,000 visitors to through Elmwood. Although they didn't stop long they did get to interact with various community groups who were fantastic ambassadors for our community.  Who knows, these might be future neighbors or even a business owner who wants to relocate to our community. Thanks to all who helped out. These are events which benefit Elmwood in many ways. 

Waffleman is in TOWN

October 8th at the Firehall from 8am -Noon

The Waffleman Flyer 2017

homecomingbonifre 2017

Spirit Squad News


 The Elmwood Murdock Spirit Squad had a fun-filled and very busy week!

We spent the first part of the week working with our favorite Little Cheerleaders 3 nights to help prepare them to perform at halftime of the home football game vs Malcolm. We had over 70 Little Cheerleaders sign up and we had a great time working with all of them...they are so cute!

 littlecheercamp EM 2017 1

littlecheercamp EM 2017 2

littlecheercamp EM 2017 3

On Saturday, the Spirit Squad put on their work clothes and headed out to Grandpa's Woods to run Check Point #12 for the Market to Market race! Market to Market is a relay race that celebrated it's 10th year this year - over 400 relay teams from across the nation come to run from the Old Market in Omaha to the Haymarket in Lincoln. They run a total of 76 miles as a team relay race and can take 10 - 13 hours to complete the course.

M2M Cheer Elmwood 2017 1

We spent the day directing traffic for the vans coming through to meet their runners and announcing runners to the relay teams that were waiting to run on the next leg of the race.We loved seeing so many teams come through in costumes and had a great day cheering them on!

 M2M Cheer Elmwood 2017 2

Thank you to everyone that came out to support us and The Little Cheerleaders on Friday!

homecomingbonifre 2017 Bess Streeter Aldrich House and Museum

The Aldrich House is open on Wed., Thurs., Sat. & Sun. from 1 to 4.

BessStreeter OCt2017


Library clip art symbols bing images

  Pre-school Storytime 

Every Thursday

 10:30-11:30 am

It will continue every Thursday except when the public school is not in session.

Storytime Banner.690

 Do you have a review of a book at the library, submit them by emailing editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Elmwood Village Board & Library Survey

The Elmwood Village Board and Library are seeking community feedback regarding how we can grow and improve our community and library. We value your feedback, so please consider completing these surveys to continue making Elmwood a great place to live!

The Elmwood Library is seeking feedback on how to better serve the community. The following survey contains questions regarding what the library does well and how the library can improve. Please be as thorough as possible with your answers so we may get the best results. Thank you for helping us improve the Elmwood Library!

The surveys can also be taken online outside of the newsletter by clicking on the categories below.

Elmwood Village Survey Here

Elmwood Library Here 


Need pumpkins for fall decorations? Visit the Oehlerking Pumpkin Patch

It's serve yourself, hours are open all the time. Put your pumpkin payment in the jar for pumpkins of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Support your local farmers and head west of Elmwood on 34 for the freshest pumpkins around. As someone said it's also a great location for a photo -op with the kids.


 The Elmwood Park Renovation Project:

Thanks in part to a matching grant from the Land and Water Use Conservation Fund—Nebraska Game and Parks, we have begun a park renovation project. The first phase is to bring in the new playground and to put electrical service in the picnic shelter. We will be removing some of the old equipment. Due to age and safety concerns, we are not able to keep it in the park or reuse it. We cannot sell it or give it away. It will be removed and recycled.

The plan is for the merry-go-round and the large play structure to stay. The geometric dome and the rocking toys will be removed and stored for later use. The swings, baby swings, horse swings, and teeter-totters will be removed. There are two metal benches and one wooden one which we will try to save for reuse in the park.

View 1

The new playground equipment will be on the west side of the current equipment. The park has a nice slope to it so we will be doing some grading work to make it level. We will be installing a two-tiered retaining wall on the west edge which will serve for seating and to channel the water around the playground to the swale for drainage the parking lot.

ElmwoodPark 0917 2

As soon as the project gets underway the park will be a construction zone and will be posted to warn people to stay out of the area. We will have a fence around the project. Please let your kids know to stay out of that area and if you see anyone in there please call me or the Cass County Sheriff’s Office – non-emergency number.

We are lucky to have local businesses and talent that are interested in helping with this project. Loren Miller with Prairie Technology Solutions, Inc. will be doing the electrical work which involves moving the source of electricity of the restrooms from the existing pole to a different pole. The light pole in the middle of the park will be moved by OPPD. Loren will also be running electricity to the picnic shelter and adding lights to it.
John Mcnaught, of Elmwood Small Engine Repair & Recycling, has volunteered to remove the old equipment and the concrete that was held the pieces in place. He will also handle the disposal of it.

ElmwoodPark 0917 1

Ryan Anderson of RUTALKIN has offered the use of snow fence to surround the project. Nebraska Digging Services, owners Cody Price and Tyler Rosenow, will be providing the grading and landscaping services. They have expressed interest in this project since it was just a gleam in my eye so they are pleased to see it finally happening. Once the electrical and grading work is done the install can happen!

Here’s where you come in. In order to save over $10,000 we opted for a community build.

This means we are seeking volunteers with a certain set of skills. Who am I kidding? I’m seeking any volunteers that are willing to help. We will have a professional playground installer on hand to give direction but we need to be ready to do the work.

View 2

We will need three teams of Super Stars.

The first team will be The Brawn Team. This team will be actually putting the pieces in the ground, pouring the concrete, and assembling the structures. I am told that the equipment is fairly easy to assemble.

The second team will be the Brainiac Team. This team will be studying the plans and organizing the pieces. They will also be the runners and take the pieces to the Brawn Team.

The third team may be the most important team of all. They will be the Care Team. This team will make sure everyone is fed and hydrated. Good food keeps volunteers happy! The Care Team will have the first aid kit and are not required to but may if they choose, wear a fanny pack containing band-aids and Tylenol. They will also be ready at a moment’s notice to call 911.

I know you are all waiting to hear what the dates are for the community build. The playground equipment is due to arrive after October 17th. I will have the exact date soon. I see that there is no Husker football game on October 21st…probably several weddings though and definitely Garth Brooks. But that seems to be a prime date to shoot for to start the build. The dates will be firmed up very soon so we can make definite plans. The build will take several days due to the need to let the concrete set so there will be opportunities for everyone to volunteer!

If you are interested in being a Super Star please contact Julie Anderson or email me at the newsletter editor@elmwoodnebraska.com

Super Stars come in the form of people who can donate time, muscle, brains, food, money, and ideas! Anyone needing community service hours can satisfy that requirement by helping out! We will definitely need some strong help as we near the end of the project and need to move the new wood chips around.

We do ask that small children be kept at a distance. If it appears that we have a lot of people who would like to volunteer but have small children that will need a sitter we will see if we can find a place and volunteers to keep the kids busy. We definitely want them to see the progress but from a safe distance. This is their park, too, and they need to be part of it. 

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American Legion Post 247 Elmwood Cemetery Cross Project

elmwood cemetary AmericanLegionpost247

In 2002 and 2003, the Legion worked diligently to make and place crosses at the grave of each veteran in the Elmwood Cemetery. This added to our already beautiful cemetery and shows the continual respect our community feels for our veterans. Unfortunately, the elements have not been kind to these crosses as they have cracked and some have even broken off. We now find many are beyond repair and must be replaced. 

After talking with several fabricators over the past several months and tweaking the design, our first order of the new crosses has been received. They are made of a 1” thick solid PVC-type product that is used in place of teak on the decks of yachts, so should be able to withstand the weather of Nebraska – and they are beautiful! We designed them similar to the crosses in the American Battlefield Cemeteries in Europe and North Africa. The surface is slightly textured to resemble stone and the edges are all rounded. 

Over the next few months, we will be removing the old crosses and cement and replacing them with new crosses.The crosses will be installed in an 8” column of concrete approximately 2 feet deep. The column needs to be kept high enough so the mowers don’t hit and damage the crosses.

This will be an approximately $12,000 project to complete. Thanks to a very generous donation, the 200 crosses needed have been ordered. Other generous donations have been received toward installation and removal expenses – cement, rebar, and circular tubes for the concrete, as well as extra crosses to have on reserve. We are continuing to accept donations toward the $3,500 still needed for installation of these crosses.
If you would like to help with this project either through funding or manual labor, please let us know.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please make it out to American Legion Post 247, and send to

American Legion Post 247

c/o Bonnie Brewer, Commander

402 East D Street

Elmwood, NE 68349

(please note “Cross Project” in memo) 

If you know of other families who have a veteran family member laid to rest in our cemetery, we would appreciate you passing this information on to them. 

EMKnights Banner

 New School website!!

If you didn't know the Elmwood-Murdock School has a new website and it's fantastic!! It's a fresh look and updated and linked to the schools' social media accounts. 

Check it out and bookmark it for future use. There is even a phone app you can keep Elmwood-Murdock school news at your fingertips for all the school events and schedules. AWESOME!!


EMwebsite 2017

Elmwood Murdock Football

Elmwood-Murdock Football - Coaches Comments

 The Elmwood-Murdock Knights defeated the Malcolm Clippers 14-0 Friday night in Elmwood.

I was very pleased with how our offensive line came out of the chutes and controlled the line of scrimmage from the start. EM rushed for 289 yards and averaged 5 yards per carry. Sam Behrends, Caleb Marlatt, Dylan Bruns, Payton Frahm, and Tyler Marlatt cleared the way for Gavyn Florell, Andy Meyer, and Austin Meisinger. Florell and Meyer each had over 100 yards rushing for the evening.

Defensively we had some key stops in the Red Zone. Malcolm’s QB was a good run / pass threat and difficult to contain. Caleb Marlatt and Payton Frahm put good pressure on Sackett all night. Overall, we played our best game. The offensive and defensive lines dominated the line of scrimmage. The Knights did not have a turnover and improved their special team play.

We did get a field goal attempt blocked in the 4th quarter which can be a momentum changer. I was pleased with how the players responded and continued to play hard after that miscue. This was one physical, hard hitting game. I’m surprised there was only one turnover tonight.

The Knights travel to Lincoln Friday night to take on Lincoln Lutheran at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Game time is 7:30 p.m.

Full Season game states can be viewed HERE

Every varsity home football and volleyball game can be watched anywhere in the world. So tell your family, friends, and alumni. 

Past games can be watched "on demand" at Jim Rusts' Vimeo channel. 

Hanks Ribs are BACK!! 

HanksRibs 2017

It is that time of year to be thinking about Hank’s Famous Smoked Ribs!!  

This is a great fundraiser for Post Prom.It is that time of year to be thinking about Hank’s Famous Smoked Ribs!!  

This is a great fundraiser for Post Prom.We will be selling this year for our Friday, October 13th Homecoming game against HTRS.Please pre-order to make sure you get yours reserved!! 

GAR Banner

Battlefields to Ballfields

Battlefields to Ballfields – A program that provides scholarships to veterans who return from defending our country with an opportunity to get integrated back into their community through officiating.  It offers training and equipment scholarships for veterans to become sports officials.  Learn more at:  https://www.battlefields2ballfields.org.

Husker Fans Salute the Troops 2017

 Husker Fans Salute the Troops 2017 –  The mission is to salute Nebraska Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines: active duty, national guard, reserve, retired and veterans, to say “Thank you for your service to our Nation” so they know the Husker Nation will never forget their sacrifice and dedication.

This is an unprecedented event in the history of military support to the Armed Forces.  This weekend hosts troops and their families from all services, of all ranks, to come together and cheer on their team as they play Purdue on October 28th, 2017.  

This weekend is more than just a watch party, though.  It is a chance for these servicemen and women to be treated like the heroes they are with an all access, private tour of Memorial Stadium and a brunch in their honor.

2017 marks the tenth year for this event.  2008 was the first year held during the OU game and attended by about 70 troopers and their families. Since then we have had to limit our attendance as it has grown to nearly 500 attendees. Each year we try to improve the troopers experience and being our tenth year we are expecting this to be the best.

Registration for the 10th annual Husker Fans Salute the Troops is now open to first-time attendees --http://www.huskersalute.org/.


We are currently serving hard ice cream in dishes.
we have 8 different flavors to choose from.

Elmwood C Store

ElmwoodChristianChurch 2017

Bits and Pieces 402-994-5755

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 – 4:00

Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 Friday 9:00 – 5:00
Closed on Monday

coffee 156158sm

Elmwood Community Center

(right next door to Elmwood Inspired)

Morning Coffee Bar 8:00 am

Coffee, Tea, Milk

(Milk available, please ask the cook)
Free will offering - suggested $1.00

Noon Meals

Eat in or Take out
Daily Menu


Please call by 9:30 am to reserve

Suggested price for noon meal is $5.00

Box Tops Page 1

Submit Your Stories and NEWS

This is a reminder to PLEASE email me upcoming news and events. Or, if you happen to see an event happening, or something fun going on in Elmwood, take a photo and email it to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Area News and Events 

Trinity Lutheran Church 125th Anniversary Celebration and Service

Sunday, October 8th 

10:30 am Service  Luncheon Following Service

Trinity ChurchPlease join us at Trinity Lutheran Church, Murdock NE will celebrate her 125th anniversary on Sunday, Oct 8, 2017, with a festive divine service.

Reverend Scott Porath, First Vice President of the Nebraska District will preach. 

ForLoveofJunk 10 2017

Cass County News and Events

‘Boeing Boeing’ Ready for Take Off at the Lofte Theatre!

Manley, NE [October 2, 2017] - The Lofte Community Theatre announces the opening of its Fall farce, Marc Camoletti’s fast-paced comedy, ‘Boeing Boeing!’ The production opens Saturday, October 14 on the Lofte’s main stage.

Set in the bustling1960s, Bernard is a swinging bachelor who has the world on a string: a flat in Paris and three gorgeous stewardesses whom are all engaged to him at the same time without knowing about each other. However, Bernard’s life encounters turbulence when his friend Robert comes for a visit and a new speedier Boeing jet throws off his carefully planned itinerary. Catastrophe looms when all three stewardesses come into town simultaneously and friend Robert keeps forgetting what helpful lies he’s told to whom!

Starring in the show as the troubled Bernard is Doug Rothgeb of Omaha. His best friend Robert is played by Robert Carrera of Bellevue. The bevy of beautiful stewardesses are played by Aubree Sweeney of Plattsmouth, Brenna Thompson of Lincoln and Abigail Fletcher of Omaha. Fan favorite Melinda Mead of Plattsmouth plays the bad-tempered housekeeper, Berthe.

Lofte 1004

Pictured on Attachment: Front: Brenna Thompson (Lincoln) and Aubree Sweeney (Plattsmouth). Back: Melinda Mead (Plattsmouth), Robert Carrera (Bellevue), Doug Rothgeb (Omaha) and Abigail Fletcher (Omaha).

Directed by Kevin Colbert, production dates are October 14, 15, 19-22 and 27-29. Thursday through Saturday curtain times are 7 pm. Sunday performances are 2 pm matinees. Tickets are $19 each and advance reservations can be made by calling the Lofte box office at 402.234.2553.


 Dan Witte Student of the Week

WittePhysical Therapy Studentofweek



This week our Student of the Week Winner is Lauren Votta.She is a freshman at Louisville High School. Her activities include softball.She is the daughter of Angie Kilton.

She was nominated for these reasons:
- Good work ethic
- Positive attitude
- Has stepped up for the Varsity team as a freshman
- Provided an offensive spark for our team

 Lauren and Angie are invited to stop by (we are located under the water tower in Louisville), call (402.234.3333) or email (dan@wittephysicaltherapy.com) to get their Witte Physical Therapy t-shirts OR water bottle!

 The next Student of the Week will be selected on 10/13/17.All nominations are due by 10/9/17 to dan@wittephysicaltherapy.com

 Cass Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

 Cass Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is currently recruiting CASA advocates to speak up for the best interest of abused and neglected children in Cass County.

 The next training session is scheduled to begin October 1 and will run for five weeks.  The training consists of 15 hours of online training and 15 hours of in-person training.  We are also seeking male volunteers for this class as over 60% of our CASA children are males.  If you are interested, please contact Debbie Green at (402) 296-9521; email

 If you are interested, please contact Debbie Green at (402) 296-9521; email dgreen@casscasa.org or if you would like to learn more information about our program, please visit www.casscasa.org

   GP imp100717

See details at www.gpsold.com 

  Support Our Neighbors

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