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Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for the show of support on my last newsletter. I hope to keep meeting your expectations now and for the future. 

There are some amazing people in our community doing amazing things near and far and in this edition I'm going to highlight a recent Elmwood-Murdock graduate who is living his dream.

This is Where I need Your Help!

Do you know of a Elmwood native who is an author? Who is working a really cool job, or visited a very cool place recently.

Maybe we have more famous people than we realize? Elmwood people really get around and I tend to brag about our small town and people get really interested, especially when I tell them they can stay at two of our local AirBnBs (which is kinda like a self service hotel)

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Your help is not only greatly appreciated but NEEDED. Please send any articles, updates, photos etc to me by Sunday at 4PM via email at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com 

Veterinarian at the Henry Doorly Zoo

TrentSchrader OmahaVetWhat if you could work at your dream job every day? One of the newest veterinarians at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is doing just that and he calls Elmwood Nebraska home.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Dr. Trent Schrader (he hates being called that by the way, but I had to do it once,...sorry Trent) this past week and it makes me proud to say he is from Elmwood.

Trent graduated from Elmwood-Murdock High School in 2008 and went onto graduate from Kansas State Veterinary School specializing in exotic and zoo animal medicine. WOW!! He interned at the Dallas zoo and in Saskatoon Canada before coming back home to Nebraska.

Don't know about you, but the Omaha Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. 

Trent showed me around a little behind the scenes, showed me his office, where they do surgeries on snakes, tigers and even mammogram equipment for the animals. One of his latest surgeries was a gastric exploratory on a Black Python.

TrentSchrader OmahaZooVet2

When I asked Trent about his favorite animal he couldn't name one. He said they are all interesting in their own unique way.

There is no typical day in the life of a Zoo vet. Trent told me every day is different and the best thing he loves about his job is the variety and not knowing what he will be doing next.

IMG 3418 300Veterinarians work closely with the zoo keepers and problem solve on a daily basis trying to understand animal behavior, nutrition, and managing their health.

Will he walk into work and have to treat an aardvark? Or will he have to treat an infected joint on an impala? 

Or, maybe today is the day we trim the giraffe toenails! Break out the large dremel drill and a banana to distract the giraffe. 

Can we get a photo of you trimming giraffe toenails please?

I actually got a special behind the scenes tour in the giraffe building and learned some very interesting tidbits about giraffes. Giraffes are very cautious about where they walk, mainly due to their innate fear of falling and putting themselves at risk of getting eaten by a lion.

Because of this fear giraffes don't like walking on light colored surfaces. Light aspen shavings had to be replaced by dark mulch in order to convince the giraffes to go to their outside pen.


This is the type of problem solving Trent does on a daily basis. In the short time we walked about he interacted with visitors, gave directions, and answered a few questions. He may think of this as an every day event but I think it's very cool that someone I know has such a great job that so many people only dream about.

Museum of Shadows


Opening soon! 

I had the opportunity to meet Nate and Kaleigh at the newest business in Elmwood, the Museum of Shadows. 

Museumofshadows2It's not just for Halloween and plan on a lot of visitors and excitement to our town. You will also be seeing camera crews around town. Why? Because in the couple of months a newly released television show will be premiering. 

Can't tell you much, but it's a major production with film crews coming in from New York and California. Shows have been filmed all over the United States and the world.

Nate has been involved in paranormal investigations since 2006 and is the executive producer of the new show. His past experience includes shows on A&E, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic.

Nate and Kaleigh are very excited to be in Elmwood, they wanted to locate to a small town in an old building full of history. They love the small town feel, want to support the town and businesses and already have had visitors from as far away as Pennsylvania.

The front of the Museum of Shadows houses a  museum with historical artifacts associated with unexplained events, the back is a metaphysical and ghost hunting store, and the basement will eventually house the expanded part of the museum.


They can't wait for to be open and have you to visit museum Opening in October, and investigate with them some night. You may see something unexplained, or as Nate said one case they were called into investigate turned out to be the effects of an air conditioner.

Right now you can book a Ghost Tours of Nebraska. A perfect Halloween event for your friends. Tickets available now for evening events here :

You say you're a skeptic and don't believe in ghosts, or the supernatural? That's ok, many people don't, but you may just be convinced that people who "cross over" still visit and watch us from a distance, sometimes reminding us they are they in not so subtle ways. 

You can read more about them in a recent article in the Omaha World Herald.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and MORE Pumpkins!!

PumpkinPatch 2016

It's that time of year, officially fall! The thought of Halloween, and Jack O'Lanterns are in the minds of creative folks like myself. Every Halloween I try and carve at least one Jack O'Lantern.

Are you the type that likes to decorate for the seasons? Do you love the orange and brown colors of autumn? Then you need to head west of 34 towards Lincoln and stop at The Pumpkin Patch to pick up your fresh pumpkins.

Support your local community by getting a verified Elmwood pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch of Carae of John.

Remember it's self serve, on the honor system. 

Elmwood Park Project Survey 

ElmwoodParkNebraskaHave your filled out your park survey yet, you only have a few more days!

Head over to the survey here and let us know what you think.

Survey will only be available until the end of the month so make your voice heard!

BraidingWorkshop 1116Braids & Buns Workshop

Tuesday November 15, 2016

6:00-7:30 pm

Located at the Thairapest 

$25 Workshop Fee

Are you all fingers when it comes to braiding your little girls hair?

I know I was and I would of loved to had a hands on braiding workshop. These cute hairstyles are all the rage on PINTEREST and they are adorable.

There are several Mom's in the area that have mastered these braiding techniques and I see their daughters in church and they always make me smile. 

Sign up on the Cindy Mathers's Facebook event page and let her know you're excited on attending. 

Pass the word and if this is successful she will have more.

Take It, or Leave It Pantry of Elmwood

LittlePantry DH 0816

The Take It, or Leave It Pantry is next to Town Hall, and behind Bits N' Pieces and the Lifetime Wellness Clinic.

I've heard people talking about it, and there has been traffic. People have donated food, school supplies and other personal items.

This free pantry is here to serve our community. It is for neighbors helping neighbors.

Those who wish to contribute may do so at their discretion when convenient.

Pass the word to those who might need a helping had, and let others know they can donate.

What you you contribute? Some ideas are canned vegetables and proteins, personal care items, paper goods, after school snacks, sealed bags of food, dish soap, laundry soap, pet food. You may also consider donating school supplies, kids-friendy items. Whatever your family needs, another family needs also.

Annual Craft Show

backpack4kids 091816

Saturday November 26, 2016

9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School 

This year the annual craft show will be to benefit the Elmwood-Murdock packpack program. 

The Backpack program is a statewide program that was started by the Food Bank in Lincoln.

The mission is to help alleviate child hunger in our community by providing hungry children with nutritious and easy to prepare food at times when other resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. 

Vendors Needed

If you would like a booth please contact

Cyndi Dwyer at cdwyer@lps.org for more information and an application

Download and print your application herepdfCraftShow_all.pdf

Library News

Elmwood Library

New Books have arrived!!

I used to be a regular fixture at my local library when I was a kid.

Before the day of electronics I was a certified book addict. What has changed? Television, smart phones and Facebook. 

But, there is nothing like taking an adventure with a good book. Maybe that's why I love vacations so much. I get to read again when I can't get cell signal.

The Elmwood Library is completing the collections of: David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Sue Grafton, Susan Wiggs, Rick Riordan...and more! You won't believe all of the authors that are represented in this huge purchase.

 There is even a book from local Murdock author Steve Bruttig, did you even know we had local authors, besides Bess Streeter Aldrich?

Stay tuned for future author features in upcoming newsletters.

Library Hours

  • Monday 3:00 -8:00 pm

  • Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00 - 6:00 pm

  • Thursday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Saturday 10:00 - 2:00 pm

  • CLOSED Sunday & Friday

Elmwood-Murdock School News

Little Cheer Camp

The EM Spirit Squad once again held their Little Cheer Camp this fall and I don't know about yo,u but little tiny cheer leaders are adorable. 

cheercamp 16

The cheerleaders do a fantastic job all year round supporting the athletic teams and providing positive support for the athletes and students. Here are a few photos of this the cheer camp.

cheercamp 16d

More than 70 girls participated, 30 more than last year! 

Three practices were held before the performance on Friday. Each group performed an individual cheer, a large group cheer and a group dance to Thriller.

Everyone had a lot of fun and want to thank all the parents for their continued support.

The Spirit Squad has 7 cheerleaders: Seniors: Shailee Hayek & Alexis Campbell, Junior: Kabrianna Mumford & Tatum Munhall, Sophomores: Brianna Scattergood & Elyse Drake Freshman: Alyssa Closner

Homecoming Court Announced

Homecoming is October 7th and the 2016 Elmwood-Murdock homecoming court has been announced.

Cs aQ6 UAAA871n

Congratulations to the King candidates Justin Drake, Brady Dreamer and Austin Drueke and the Queen contendents Maddy Lutz, Grace Althouse and Shailee Hayek.

There are a lot of activities planned for that day including the Soup Supper that night.  

soupflyerforschool 1016

High School Football Season

Get your Elmwood-Murdock school gear and apparel here for the football season. 

RM939 Elmwood Murdock 3 

The Elmwood-Murdock Football team has kicked off their season with gusto! Thank you in advance to all the parents, students and fans who cheer them on each week. 

Here are the statistics for the 1st four games of the season for those sports statistics junkies.

Wilber-Clatonia Varsity Football Game Stats

Palmyra Varsity Football Game Stats

EM vs. Yutan Football Game Stats

Did you know that Elmwood-Murdock Varsity Football games can be watched live on STRIVE TV.

Obviously it's best if you can make it to a game, but if you live out of town and still want to cheer on the Knights you can do so from the comfort of your living room, or any computer.

Church News

ChristianChurch 091816

Elmwood Christian Church

Construction is all the rage on the east side of town. Not only is the Bess Streeter Aldrich House getting a make-over but the Christian church is adding an addition.

The stone fireplace and mantle is made from an old pew from the original church

Check it out on their Facebook page or stop by for service on Sunday at 10:00 am


St Paul Methodist Church Church

I'm always looking for news for the local churches in the area. If you have anything to share please make sure to send me an email or photos to share with the community.

GrubBubles 0916b

The Waffleman Flyer 2016


Area and Community News


SOTW 092716


BloomWhereYourPlanted 1016

baseball flyer


Attention High School Students

If you know of a student interested in majoring in Animal Science (I was one of them) this is a great event for them to attend.



October 3, 2016

6-8 p.m.

Animal Science Complex UNL-East Campus


Did you know you could attend the University of Nebraska and get a degree focused on companion animals, horses or livestock? Or maybe you just want to take a few classes to learn more about these?

You need to come to the University of Nebraska Animal Science Open House on October 3, 2016 from 6 – 8 p.m. to learn more. You can get questions answered and find out more about the vast opportunities, classes that are offered, careers and much more.

During this Open House you will get some hands-on experiences, view demonstrations and meet with faculty and students involved in UNL’s equine, companion animal and livestock programs. Also you will get to find out more about the various animal-related organizations such as Equestrian team, Livestock and Horse Judging teams, SEECA (Students for the Education of Exotic and Companion Animals), Pre-Vet club, and Block and Bridle. 

During the open house, you will get to travel through the Animal Science building on a bit of a “scavenger hunt” to seek out facts related to our classes and majors. Be sure to mark your calendars to not miss this night at the UNL Animal Science Complex, UNL East Campus!

Please see the attached press release and flyer. A map for directions to the Animal Science Complex and parking is also attached, or you can click on this link to access a wireless version.

For more information, contact Dr. Lisa Karr (lisa.karr@unl.edu) or Dr. Lena Luck (lena.luck@unl.edu).





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