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NL Selfie

Thank you Julie!

First, let me thank Julie Anderson for her nine years of contributing to the newsletter.

I have really big shoes to fill as she has set the bar very high as the Lake Wobegon of Nebraska. 

Her humor, unending energy and dedication not only to this newsletter but the the Elmwood-Murdock community is admirable.

Thank you for asking me, I hope I can meet everyone's expectations. Please be patient as I gradually adapt and evolve this new adventure.

Next, let me introduce myself. I am Dawn Romine (aka Hromanik for those who might know my kids) and I have been married to my husband Randy for five years. I have lived, worked and worshiped in the Elmwood-Murdock community for 25 years. My three kids attended Elmwood-Murdock school all twelve years. My husbands kids attended high school and graduated as Elmwood-Murdock Knights. 

I LOVE my community and think it's the best place to raise a family and live. My kids were in the EM band and choir and I LOVE our music program. I've sat at hundreds of football games, chased the marching band down the street with my video camera and now we are empty nesters.

I am passionate about many things mainly photography. If you see a car stop suddenly in front of a barn to take a photo, that would be me. I take photos of barns, storms, my puppies, and just about anything that moves.

I also love photo editing, social media, my dogs and my family. On any given day that order might change. I have a blog, or two, or three and don't have enough hours in the day.


But this newsletter is about you, it's about Elmwood, and there is a LOT going on! Everything from new businesses popping up on Main Street to the Tailgate party at the football game.

From what I understand readers live all around the world. Servicemen and woman stationed in the Armed Forces keep up on home town events via this newsletter, my Marine son was one of them. I also know one lady who read this newsletter every week before moving to the area.

Julie described this position in another newsletter as needing someone creative and fun who would carry her torch. I want to make this a fun, entertaining newsletter but,....

I Need Your Help

I am thinking of new sections new ideas and as I get content I will create new featured columns. Nothing is too minor. Remember, many people reading this miss their home town want to know what it going they are missing. Here are just some ideas.

  • Library News
  • Church News & Suppers
  • Community Potlucks (you know it's getting to be that season again)
  • Elementary School Events
  • High School Events
  • Birthday Announcements (Card showers are still fun)
  • Business News & History
  • Elmwood History or Trivia
  • Sporting Events
  • Did You Know? (Did you know this or that about here or there in town)
  • Photos of area events (maybe Rick Clements enjoying pancakes??)

Your help is not only greatly appreciated but NEEDED. Please send any articles, updates, photos etc to me by Sundays at 4PM via email at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com

(I apologize for missing anything in my first edition, I tried to get everything in, please forgive me as I get into a routine these first couple of weeks.)

So what has happened in the past two weeks? A LOT!!

Bubble Soccer

BubbleSoccer 2016

If you drove by the Elmwood Park on September 11th and saw this sight you might wonder what was going on? Giant clear balls were randomly bouncing into each other on the grass. 

Where else can you run head long into each other with the sole intent of knocking someone down?

Okay, maybe it's to kick a soccer ball and get a goal, but I don't think too many people had a ball in mind.

Bubble Soccer returned to Elmwood Park on September 11th as a Fire and Rescue Fundraiser and a great time was had by all.

Elmwood Park Project Survey 

JulieNewlyPaintedParkThe Elmwood Park Committee still needs your input on what changes and additions you would like to see in our local park. Specifically how do you you use the park?

Do you just use the bathroom going to the trail. I heard Julie put some lavender scented toilet paper in there. Have you checked it out yet?

Head over to the survey here and let us know what you think.

Survey will only be available until the end of the month so make your voice heard!


Thairapist Grand Opening

Thairapist 0916


Does your hair need some therapy, do you need some "girl time" with an amazing hair stylists?

Thairapist2 0916Cindy Mather and Cindy Hovorka have combined forces to open a hair salon on Main St, just north of the Car Wash. Their Grand Opening and Open House was also September 11 and was a hit. 

Lots of people stopped by to shop the vendors, get henna tattoos, nail wraps and other beauty products. These ladies are going to be busy come Homecoming and I'm looking forward to all the fancy hairdos they will come up with for dance.

Cindy Hovorka has regular hours every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning so stop on by, and say Hi, or better yet make an appointment.

Cindy Mather is available by appointment at the current time, she has three kids she's still chasing after but would love to give your hair new life.

Stay tuned for tips and specials coming up.

Don't you love the cool sign? Cindy Mathers Dad made it and Miss Nicole painted it. 

Cindy Cindy Tharapist 0916

 Say hello to Cindy Mather and Cindy Hovorka

Harvest Moon Party

This years Harvest Moon Hustle was a success, over 1,300 racers, walkers and participants were registered.

HarvestMoonRun3 0918

The Harvest Moon Hustle filled the town with runners Friday night. This event is sponsored by BRIN, Born and Raced in Nebraska.

This was a 10k which started at the Elmwood Park and took the runners through Elmwood for a short bit and then out on the MoPac Trail and back. The race route does not normally go thru Elmwood but due to a bridge being out on the trail they runners had to make up some of the distance on this end.

After the race the runners met at the Elmwood Fire Hall for dinner catered by Dicky's BBQ and an awards ceremony. A band played great music for the crowd. The Elmwood Rescue Squad provided stand by service just in case.

Harvest moon1 0916

The Rescue Department helped with the set up and tear down of the event. There were several Elmwood volunteers for the Event. Eugenia Bornemeier assisted in the park by passing out envelopes to the runners before the race. Marie Gregoire, Tom Burtch, Bernie Glaser, Kurk and Kristyn Shrader, Duane and Cindy Hovorka, Mike and Annette Durst, and Julie Anderson were volunteers at the after party.

HarvestMoonRun2The Fire & Rescue Departments received rent for their facility and also a donation on top of that for their assistance. The Elmwood Rescue and the Elmwood Park will also be receiving a donation.

It was a slight inconvenience for residence to have so much traffic in town but it was short lived and the group responsible for organizing the event were good at directing traffic and showing people where to park.

Next year there will be more advanced notice as a courtesy to the residence. A big thanks to everyone for their patience and for the volunteers who helped make this event a success!

Lots Happening at the Aldrich House

AldrichHouse 091816If you haven't had a chance to drive by the east side of town by the park there is a LOT of construction going on at the Aldrich House.

The porch is being restored to it's original glory and bricks matching the original house were brought in from Pennsylvania (information gleaned from Bess Streeter Aldrich House and Museum Facebook page)

BessStreeterAldredge 0916

Take It, or Leave It Pantry of Elmwood

LittlePantry DH 0816

If you wondered what this cute little box is tucked between Town Hall, Bits N' Pieces and The Elmwood Meat plant wonder no longer.

This is a brain child of Beth Philson who saw a video about The Little Free Pantry Project and thought this would be a wonderful idea for Elmwood. She suggested it to her friend Dr Bryan Hufstader, our local chiropractor at Lifetime Wellness and he was very excited. They presented it to the Village Board and received approval.

Within a week Dr. Hufstader and his son had it built. Beth painted it and started to fill it with food on Monday. 

This free pantry is here to serve our community. It is for neighbors helping neighbors.

Those who wish to contribute may do so at their discretion when convenient.

Take what you need or leave what you can. If the box is full please bring your items back later.

What you you contribute? Some ideas are canned vegetables and proteins, personal care items, paper goods, after school snacks, sealed bags of food, dish soap, laundry soap, pet food. You may also consider donating school supplies, kids-friendy items. Whatever your family needs, another family needs also.

Please avoid donating sharps, chemicals, clothing, or anything illega

That's it! Tell your friends and neighbors. 

 Annual Craft Show

backpack4kids 091816

Saturday November 26, 2016

9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School 

This year the annual craft show will be to benefit the Elmwood-Murdock packpack program. 

The Backpack program is a statewide program that was started by the Food Bank in Lincoln.

The mission is to help alleviate child hunger in our community by providing hungry children with nutritious and easy to prepare food at times when other resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. 

Vendors Needed

If you would like a booth please contact

Cyndi Dwyer at cdwyer@lps.org for more information and an application

Download and print your application herepdfCraftShow_all.pdf

Library News


The Elmwood Library has started a new program for preschoolers this school year. 

Every Thursday morning at 10:30 

This is a half-hour adventure for pre-schoolers which will include, stories, games and songs. We are going to explore animals, feelings, alphabets, colors, numbers, opposites and so much more!

Anne Pope reads and has puppet play with youngsters on the mat. I'm going to have to check out those puppets. They look like a lot of fun.

For School age kids the library just just received a new collection of Roald Dahl books! If you liked the movie, check out the book "The BFG"! We also have Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox and so many others.

Roald Dahl said, "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." 2016 marks 100 years since Mr. Dahl's birth and we're celebrating by reintroducing some of his wonderful books to our collection. Please, come in and check them out!

inquire here

Elmwood-Murdock School News

2016 2017 ElmwoodMurdockcalendar

The Elmwood-Murdock 2016-2017 School Calendar has arrived!! For all of you you were in with drawl and had an empty space on your refrigerator or kitchen fear not any longer.

There were some glitches I heard, don't know what, don't care now because I have my calendar and all is right in the world. 

If you would like to bookmark the electronic version of the calendar it's an easy way to keep track of what events are happening on a daily basis so you know when the next Tailgate party will be held.

CONGRATULATIONS to Whitney Koehn as the Witte Physical Therapy Student of the week!! 

Student of the Week SelectionHigh School Football Season

Get your Elmwood-Murdock school gear and apparel here for the football season. 

RM939 Elmwood Murdock 3

Tailgate Party with Hanks Ribs returns to Elmwood-Murdock

You've heard about them, you've eaten them, you dream about them. Yes they're back on September 23 at the Varsity Football Game. It's a fundraiser for the EM Post Prom kids, you know the gala in the spring. So help these kids out and feed your belly.

2016 Ribs Flyer

The Elmwood-Murdock Football team has kicked off their season with gusto! Thank you in advance to all the parents, students and fans who cheer them on each week. 

Here are the statistics for the 1st three games of the season for those sports statistics junkies.

Wilber-Clatonia Varsity Football Game Stats

Palmyra Varsity Football Game Stats

Did you know that Elmwood-Murdock Varsity Football games can be watched live on STRIVE TV.

Obviously it's best if you can make it to a game, but if you live out of town and still want to cheer on the Knights you can do so from the comfort of your living room, or any computer.

Marching Band Takes 2nd Place at Applejack Festival

EM MarchingBand 2016

The Elmwood-Murdock Band placed second behind Heartland and above Palmyra, stayed tuned for news on the Harvest of Harmony marching band competition.

Caleb Jones is shown above as Drum Major.

Congratulations Mr. Hansen and the rest of the students on a job well done.

Church News

ChristianChurch 091816

Elmwood Christian Church

Construction is all the rage on the east side of town. Not only is the Bess Streeter Aldrich House getting a make-over but the Christian church is adding an addition.

The stone fireplace and mantle is made from an old pew from the original church

Check it out on their Facebook page or stop by for service on Sunday at 10:00 am


St Paul Methodist Church Church

I'm always looking for news for the local churches in the area. If you have anything to share please make sure to send me an email or photos to share with the community.

GrubBubles 0916b

Business News


hauntedhalloweentour 0916Just in time for Halloween a new business in town. If you like haunted houses, spooky stories, or the mystery of the paranormal this is just for you.

Ghost hunt an old building built in 1890!  In ELMWOOD! Yes, a sign has gone up, have you seen it yet?

This old historic building is two levels and full of paranormal activity, from disembodied voices to Apparitions seen. You will be the first to explore, tour and investigate this amazing & creepy location! 25 miles west of Omaha (please note only 12 tickets will be sold per event) September and October dates available.... tickets here: http://www.tripparanormal.com/public_events.html

There are rumors of sneak peeks for people in Elmwood. Everyone will receive some sneak peeks about our upcoming tv series!

Nate has been seen on A&E, Discovery, National Geographic, and has done voice over work for Dream works and also starred and directed a Hollywood film "A Hanging" based on a true story!

Get your tickets to this event ASAP they will go fast! http://www.tripparanormal.com/public_events.html

The Waffleman Flyer 2016


Area and Community News

BloomWhereYourPlanted 1016

baseball flyer


Deb Hlavacs Retirement Open House3Attention High School Students

If you know of a student interested in majoring in Animal Science (I was one of them) this is a great event for them to attend.



October 3, 2016

6-8 p.m.

Animal Science Complex UNL-East Campus


Did you know you could attend the University of Nebraska and get a degree focused on companion animals, horses or livestock? Or maybe you just want to take a few classes to learn more about these?

You need to come to the University of Nebraska Animal Science Open House on October 3, 2016 from 6 – 8 p.m. to learn more. You can get questions answered and find out more about the vast opportunities, classes that are offered, careers and much more.

During this Open House you will get some hands-on experiences, view demonstrations and meet with faculty and students involved in UNL’s equine, companion animal and livestock programs. Also you will get to find out more about the various animal-related organizations such as Equestrian team, Livestock and Horse Judging teams, SEECA (Students for the Education of Exotic and Companion Animals), Pre-Vet club, and Block and Bridle. 

During the open house, you will get to travel through the Animal Science building on a bit of a “scavenger hunt” to seek out facts related to our classes and majors. Be sure to mark your calendars to not miss this night at the UNL Animal Science Complex, UNL East Campus!

Please see the attached press release and flyer. A map for directions to the Animal Science Complex and parking is also attached, or you can click on this link to access a wireless version.

For more information, contact Dr. Lisa Karr (lisa.karr@unl.edu) or Dr. Lena Luck (lena.luck@unl.edu).




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