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  The New Waffle Man Came to Elmwood

Sunday the new Waffleman came to do a fundraiser for the upgrading the defibrillators for the Elmwood Rescue.  The day was bright and sunny and the crowd kept rolling in.  Thank you to everyone who helped coordinate the event and to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day!

WM Miki

 Miki Bruns passed out plates and greeted everyone.

WM Jacob

Jacob Blunt shows off the new gurney lift that was purchased with partial funding that Jacob got from a grant.  Jennifer Brettmann helped him with the application process for the grant and Elmwood was selected!  The grant was for just over $42,000.  This lift will make it easier for the EMTs to get the patient into the ambulance without hurting their backs and it should make for a smoother ride for the patient.  Thanks, Jacob, for going after this grant!  Keep up the good work!

WM Justin

 Justin Baumeister demonstrated how the new automatic chest compression machine works.  This will help the EMTs save lives.  The machine doesn't get tired so during CPR it can keep on going!

WM line

 The line was quite long at times. 

WM 2

 The Waffleman kept up with the line of people though.  And the waffles were yummy!


 Ed Blunt passed out the sausage.

WM Theresa

 Theresa Brown kept the syrup flowing!

WM people syrup

 With five types of syrup it was sometimes hard for people to choose.

 WM 1

 Nathan Brettmann whipped up the whipping cream and served it with a flair!

WM Sara

 He was careful to measure out just the right amount to Sara...she preferred all of it but only got a couple big dollops.

 WM Jen Shara

 Jennifer Brettmann and Shara Scattergood poured orange juice and milk and kept the tables cleared.

WM crowd

 Everyone enjoyed the waffles and the good conversations.

WM Crowd 2

 At times there was no place to sit.

WM Ed award Kenny

 SURPRISE!!!!  Kenny Kunz presented Ed Blunt with an award to celebrate 40 years of being on the rescue squad.  What an accomplishment!!  Congratulations, Ed and Thank you for all you have done!

WM Ed award state

 Debby Kuhn, from the State office came out to also make an presentation and to reminisce with Ed about the times they worked together.

WM Ed award poem

 She also read a poem called "These Hands." 

WM Awards local

Also receiving an award and recognition were Jacob Blunt, Miki Bruns, and Kenny Kunz.  They were on the squad recently when they were called out to help someone.  They ended up saving that person's life.  Thanks so much for their efforts!  Just goes to show that we have an excellent rescue team and we should be very thankful for everything they do for us.

WM Helicopter 1

 StarCare flew in for the event.  The kids loved seeing it and hearing stories from the pilots.

WM Helicopter 2

 Buckle Up!!

WM Nathan and Roger

 Nathan paused for a moment in his whipped topping doling out duties to pose for a picture with Laurel McReynolds and Roger Bornemeier.

WM Lou

 Lou Allgayer stood still long enough for a picture.  Then it was on to more important things.  He had already eaten waffles so now it was time to get busy. 


The Scarecrows on Main Street of Elmwood are starting to pop up!  This was the first one...even though it wasn't an actual scare crow it was still in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.

Scarecrow 1

 Not a scarecrow but standing on a pumpkin so it is festive.  I love my mummy!

Scarecrow 2

 New scarecrows by the new Elmwood sign...Welcome to Elmwood!

Scarecrow 3

 Miniature scare crows appeared at the Community Center.

 Scarecrow 4

 This guy showed up on the corner of 4th and D Street.  Too cute!  If you would like to create a scare crow or buy one at Michaels..$5.99...and claim a pole just check with the business in front of the pole to make sure they weren't going to put one up.  Let's get the main street decorated with scare crows!


I wonder what they are serving up at the Elmwood Community Center?  I haven't received a menu this month but I stopped in to check it out.  Lydia was helping Grandma Helen get the table ready for the next day.

ECC Lydia

 Looks like there will be Witches Potions on the menu.

ECC Jar 2

 A little bat wings and some poison...what? 

ECC Jar 1

Some Eye of Newt and Fingers of Troll round out a healthy menu.  Yum!!!




Heartland 3

 RCL halloween 2015

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