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Massage by Jolean


The Elmwood Murdock Knights Won Their Homecoming Game Over HTRS!!!

Click here to see the EM vs HTRS Game Summary

Click here to see the HTRS Game stats

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knights window

The Cheer Squad decorated that windows of main street for spirit week.  Now that it is over the clean up begins!  Bright and early Sunday morning they were up town washing windows.  Kudos, girls!

Cheerleaders working

Working hard!!


The smiles are as bright and cheery as the windows!


New Ice Cream Flavors at 4th Street Market!

4th street

If you haven't heard the news, the 4th Street Market has 8 new flavors of ice cream!!!!  Fresh this week!!  Stop in and try them out.

ice creamx


 You may have noticed me around town last weekend doing some more painting.  Here is what I did at the park:

 park 1

Notice the pre-painted handles compared to the painted handles?

park 2

The completed product.  If the weather permits I will put one more coat of red, blue, and yellow on the merry go round but it may wait until spring.

park 3

 The teeter totters are bright and shiny!


 From the park I moved up to the main street.  Have you noticed how bad the light poles look?  Well, you will have to take a second glance.  They are very pretty now...as high as I could reach anyway!

 old polex


painted polex

Looking sharp...at least 10 feet up looks sharp.


scarecrow on mainx

I'm sure you have all heard about the Scarecrow project that Louisville and Weeping Water do every fall.  Murdock has joined in the fun this year and the have scarecrows all along main street.  Some are sponsored by groups or businesses and some are just sponsored by interested residents.  They are very creative and make the main street fun.  Sherryl Vogt has already started that here in Elmwood.  If you would like to get involved and create a scarecrow for main street contact the business that is in front of a pole and see if you can use it.  The businesses get first dibs on the poles in front of them but there are other poles.  I call dibs on the Elmwood sign in the Elmwood Park! 

If you would like to see what Murdock has done click here to see the story in the Murdock Newsletter!


Brush pile 1

This sign is posted at the brush site.  Pretty clear wording?

Brush pile 2

Not for everyone obviously because someone dumped their building material here.

    Brush pile 3

We are lucky in Elmwood to have a place where we can haul our brush and limbs and get it out of our yards.  Last weekend we had someone dump some building material at the brush site on the east edge of Elmwood. That is not allowed per EPA regulations. We can be fined for this and they can shut our nice brush pile down. Please remember that only brush and limbs are allowed here. If you have something like this to dispose of and need help call the Village Office and we'll see if we can help you. 

You may have noticed that the pile is getting big again. Soon a company will come in with a huge grinder and mulch it all up for us. You may remember from last year how cool it was to watch. The company will take all of the mulch with them so we can start over.

The good news is that we will not start all over at this site. We are moving the brush pile! With all the new houses going up in that area who wants to look at the brush pile? So we are moving it to the south west corner of Elmwood behind the Coop at the south end of 2nd Street. This is NRD property and they are in agreement that it is a good idea. There is a lot more room and it is fenced in. We will be able to dump leaves and grass clippings but in separate areas. And we will move the recycle containers here from the park. How awesome is all that? We will keep you posted on when this will happen but we are already working on getting the property ready. The old brush pile will be ground up soon so we will definitely have it ready to roll by then.

 New brush pile 1

This will be the new brush pile but the trees will be gone.  We still have more clean up to do...do not use it yet!

New brush pile 2

 The new brush pile will be at the south end of 2nd street.

New brush pile 3

It will be south of this grain bin.  The entrance will be where the arrow is drawn.

 Noll ad



New Drone Business in Greenwood!


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