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Guy L. Clements, at  age 19, was Elmwood's first librarian according to the Nebraska Gazetteer.  Guy managed this circulating library from 1907 through 1913.  At a later date the Elmwood Public Library was organized by the Federated Woman's Club with Mrs. Bess Aldrich as one of the promoters.

From the minutes of the Elmwood Women's Club comes this record:

"March 2, 1915:  Mrs. Baily made a motion that President (Aldrich) appoint a committee to confer with the Village Board to see about using G.A.R. Hall as library.

May 18, 1915:  Permission received to use hall provided they retain their present rights to use of building, and we make arrangements for our lights.  The committee suggested we purchase a street sprinkler rather than have a library.  Motion carried.

Nov. 25, 1916:  Mrs. Neeley made a motion for committee to confer with Superintendent and school board about use of a room for library.

December 19, 1916:  All right to use room in school, with school board reserving the right to dictate the hours library will be open.

Jan. 16, 1917:  Letter from State Librarian with helpful suggestions.

From January to April the Women's Club of Elmwood discussed ways to supply books for library, the matter of bookcases, prices of books, having Manual Arts Dept. at school make shelves.

April 3, 1917:  Grace Hylton named librarian, to be paid 50 cents per P.M.  Library open Saturday afternoons.

May 15, 1917:  Library Board named:  Mrs. Aldrich, Mrs. Tolhurst, Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Capwell, Miss McAfee, Mrs. Clements.

May 19, 1918:  The school board asked the club to remove the library from the school room.  So we moved out."

Mrs. Earl Horton became librarian in 1927.  She encouraged youth to become readers until her retirement in 1967.  Recent librarians have been Elaine Clark, Gwen Huber, Joan Williams, Muriel Fischer, Ginger Hoyt, and Cindy Mumford.

The library was originally housed in a room of the American Exchange Bank building, moved to the Community Building, temporarily deposited in the City Building in 1976, and shelved in a building owned by the Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation since 1982.
(excerpts from History of Cass County Nebraska, by Berdena Samuelson)








Cass County Fair 2011 - Schedule is published!  Click here to see it!

August 9th - 13th, 2011








These girls were celebrating their awards at the Senior High Awards Program.  They all did very well.

Cherisa Beherends: Carolyn Pointer Memorial, E-M Education Association, Grace University Academic Award, Grace University First Choice Award, Jake Ita Memorial, Knight Stars Basketball, Murdock Moderns, and Spanish Club

Katie Schmitt: Elmwood Christian Church "Bits and Pieces", Grace University Academic Award, Grace University Premier Music, Jake Ita Memorial, Lofte Scholarship, Maxine Cline Memorial, Murdock United Methodist Church, and Patty Wolcott FBLA

Kolbi Furgerson: American Red Cross and Northeast Community College Music

Kalee Brewer: Chadron State College Academic Award, Chadron State College Eagle Presidential; Leroy H. Vogt Memorial, Murdock Fire Department, and Murdock United Methodist Youth

Emily Meyer: WNCC Ted Egging Scholarship



AJ Ita, Rebecca Fortney, and Nikki Novak on graduation day


Erika Stubbendick receives an award at the Senior High Awards Program


Zach Zobel receives an award at the Senior High Awards Program































Look who was in town for graduation!  Emma and Dawn Slominski!  The Slominski's lived in Elmwood for several years and made life long friends before moving away.  It was good to see them this week!



The EM Spirit Squad sold plants last weekend to raise money for their squad. They plan to do this again next year, too.  Thanks to everyone who stopped and bought some flowers and plants.  The plants came from the Plantman.


Congratulations, Millie!  I would love to show you pictures from other receptions but we didn't make it to any of them.  We only had time for Millie's.  I hear that they were totally aweseome though.


Millie's table of pictures.


Millie, 2011 High School Graduate


Millie with Marcy, Aunt Pat, and Annie


Millie with Christina Vosler


The impromtu hula hoop competition was a hit.


Hanna has only been hula hooping for a couple weeks but she is the best I've ever seen!


Our friend Kristine rocked that hoop!


Joseph and Millie with their grandparents, Dean and Shirley Effken of Holland, Michigan



Millie and Brody..they are skating buddies and dirt bike buddies.








Booster clubs are made up of parents, coaches, school teachers and administration, local church pastors and other community leaders. Their main objective must be to strive together to see the gospel advanced in their community by utilizing the FCA mission, staff, programs and resources.

The Elmwood Murdock Fellowship of Christian Athletes is considering starting a Booster Club.

An informational meeting will be held Wednesday night, May 18th at 7pm at the High School commons area.

FCA State staff will be present to explain the concept of the Booster Club idea, and how it can support, encourage,  and help grow the FCA at Elmwood Murdock.

Anyone is welcome.

For more information about FCA; www.fca.org. or www.nebraskafca.org.








New House in Town


Hmmm...This has to go through the gate....this is going to require more beer.


Okay, they've cut the porch off...now will it go through the fence?


YES!  Time to admire their work.  And possibly drink one more beer.


This is the point in time when the men realize that the woman wants this heavy object back in the corner of the yard.  Not as simple as just dropping it off of the trailer.  The solution is clear...more beer.


Now, to rock it off of the trailer...Brody is sticking to the side like Spiderman.


Just a little more...boy, these kids better be worth it.


And there it is...in the back of the yard...in the corner.  Job done!  Now, who wants to paint it?




It only took 5 miles of practicing for Shay to learn how to blow a bubble!  Something that will stick with her for a lifetime.  I'm proud to say that I taught her this skill.


That accomplishment was rewarded by a trip to Rocket Fizz...another first for Shay.  Rocket Fizz has every bottled pop ever made.  And every candy ever created.


It has become Shay's favorite store.


In case you are wondering this Rocket Fizz is at 70th & A.  There is another one about a mile west of South Pointe Pavillion on Pine Lake Road.


Won't you be my good neighbor?

Good Neighbor Award Do you know someone who is always willing to go out of their way to help others? If so, please consider nominating them for the annual Good Neighbor Award. This award recognizes individuals who help make the Elmwood Murdock community a better place in which to live. Who is your "good neighbor"? Consider nominating them today by downloading a nomination form at www.elmur.org. The nominees must not have already been a past winner of the Good Neighbor Award. The deadline for submitting nominations is June 15th.


Previous nominees include:


Oral Kuehn

Kurk Shrader

Bits & Pieces Clerks

Ken and Chris Kunz


Lou Allgayer

Joann Hill

Roger Bornemeier

Carol Hoffman

Darlene Romick

Bonnie Brewer

Sylvia Stubbendeck

Judy Cline


Duane Blair

Cindy Hovorka

Karey Koehn

Patty Wolcott


Arlo Fleischman

Lucille Laughlin

Frances Pratt


Ed Blunt

Mike Krass

Norman Brockhoff

Kathy Goudie

Angie Friesell


Jim Wolcott

Fred Wilson

Linda Blunt

Susan Ernest

Marie Gregoire



Buckle Up...It's time for Garage Sales!!

Garage Sale Day Register your garage sale and "put it on the map"! Garage Sale Day will be held on Saturday, June 11th this year. Download a form at www.elmur.org and bring it...with the $5 fee...to Bit's-N-Pieces ...before the June 4th deadline.

Do you have something to Advertise?  Try the Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association Newsletter!

Just in time for July 4th! The "EMMA" - Elmwood-Murdock Merchants' Association - newsletter will be delivered to over 900 mailboxes in Alvo, Elmwood and Murdock. The deadline for submitting news items and ad orders is Wednesday, June 15. You'll find more details on the order form at http://elmur.org/.


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