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Elmwood Marathon Ladies Rock!



Kim Rust 2:44:34
Erin Clymer 2:00:23
Casey Clements 2:44:43
Keri Hogue 2:09:59
Susan Ernst 2:09:58


Keri Hogue must be tweeting her success story!




Annie Auditions

The Lofte Community Theatre will be holding auditions for its summer musical, "Annie" at 2pm and 7pm on Sunday, May 8, and 7pm on Monday, May 9.  There are six roles available for girls ages 7-13.  It is suggested that children come to the Sunday afternoon audition session.  There are roles for eight men and eight women of various ages.  A complete cast list can be found on the Lofte website, www.Lofte.com.

The production will be directed by Kevin Colbert.  Those who audition should bring a prepared song of no more than one minute in length.  An accompanist is provided.  Dress comfortably and wear appropriate shoes for dancing.  If necessary, callbacks will be held between May 10 and May 12.  Rehearsals will begin as early as June 6.  Production dates for the play are July 22-August 7.

If further information is needed, please email Artistic Director Kevin Colbert at LofteDirector@Lofte.com



A little clean up after cutting down the dead tree by the G.A.R. Hall.





Shannon Josoff shows off her brand new daughter, Hayzel Louise, born April 26th, 7lbs 13 oz. 21 inches long.  Sisters Haylee and Hanna are big helpers!  Brad and Shannon Josoff of Manley own the Josoff's Fitness Center and Social Hall in Elmwood.





Mary Lenz is racing again!  Her dad, Tom, is her pit crew.  She started the season by finishing 5th in the B feature.



Brendyn, grandson of Tony and Wendy Waites, spent the day with me on Saturday.  He loved the new swing set!


And the slide.


Then we went to the park where he found a couple guys to play basketball with.  It's always nice when you get a lift from a friend.


High five!  Good game, guys!


GREAT Time for a Park Clean Up!

The eighth graders at Elmwood Murdock participate in the G.R.E.A.T. program.  That stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training.  Deputy Wes Tuttle leads the class in training that will help them resist gang influence.  Each kid is tasked with completing a community service project and then reporting on it to the class.  You may have seen kids picking up trash along the highway and wondered what motivated them.  My son, Joseph, and his friend, Curtis Spracklin, chose to clean up the Elmwood Park.  It is in very good shape because James and Grace Ronhovde do a bang up job but there were a few little things the boys decided to do.


The weeds under the playground equipment were getting out of control.


So Joe and Curtis attacked the weeds and cleaned up that area.  They hauled out two and a half garbage bags full of weeds!


Thumbs up for a GREAT job, boys!


It looked much better after they were done!


Then they decided that the horseshoe pits were in very sad shape.


So we started digging...and digging, and scooping...luckily Kalee Brewer stopped by and lent us a hand.  We looked up the correct dimensions and found that the pits should be between 4" and 8" deep.  After digging only a few minutes we decided 4" would be adequate.


After 2 1/2 pits we were getting pretty tired so we called in reinforcements.  Vince brought his tiller and made quick work of the project.



Vince was a big help!  I have a fence that needs painted, too...wonder if he would want to help with that...because he is so good at it.  Wink


We are hoping the Village will be able to put sand in the pits and make them functional.


The pits are ready for the sand!


The 125th Birthday Celebration for Elmwood would be a GREAT time for a horseshoe tournament!  Curtis and Joe are ready for a game.


We piled the dirt that we dug up around a tree that had its roots exposed.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a bench built around this tree and flowers planted in the dirt?  Anyone...anyone....?












Millie takes after her mama...we just attract the deer.


But what a great way to explain "liability coverage" to a teenager.  Sad day for Millie.




Deb and Coleman Lenz close the book on this chapter of their lives.  After 6 1/2 years of running the local gas station/convenience store they are moving on to another adventure.  They are opening a new store in Elmwood called the 4th Street Market.  It will be a floral, gift, and wine shop, among many other things.  There will be wine tasting events, gifts, flowers, just about anything you could ask for...including gift wrapping!  The grand opening date has yet to be set but if you send Deb an email she will add you to her distribution list and keep you up to date on their progress.  We will keep you posted here, too.  Deb's email address is: dlenz5@hotmail.com

CD's Express will become Midwest Coop and Becky Callaway will manage it.  She has worked there for 15 years and is very excited to step up. Niki Baumgart, employee at the gas station, made the cakes/cookies below for Deb to show her appreciation.


Yes, these are cookies!



I received an email from the Gretna Sanitation company.  They are starting a service for composting.  I'm including the attachment they sent me.  This may be something that our community could take advantage of.







Elmwood Murdock School Calendar


5/5/11 MS/HS Spring Concert @ Murdock
5/9/11 Boys Golf at Lincoln Christian Invite
5/9/11 Boys Golf Dual vs. Ashland-Greenwood @ Ashland CC
5/9/11 ECNC Music Clinic @ Conestoga
5/10/11 HS Honors Night @ Murdock
5/11/11 School Board Meeting @ Murdock
5/12/11 Elementary Spring Concert
5/12/11 HS Track @ District
5/13/11 FBLA Meeting
5/13/11 MS Track @ Conestoga -- ECNC
5/13/11 Spanish Club Meeting
5/14/11 Graduation
5/17/11 MS Honors Night @ Murdock
5/20/11 Elementary Field Day
5/20/11 Last Day of School


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