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The same thing that just happened now! Someone in Cass, or Sarpy, or Otoe County opened their Community Newsletter. Like you just did.
I have been asked several times, "What is the Elmwood Newsletter anyway?" The Elmwood Community Newsletter is one of several that are part of the Nebraska Community Website Project www.NCWP.org that began in May 2000 with the "Louisville Daz" celebration. New American Citizen, Irina Harrington wanted to give something to her Community of Louisville to help celebrate the new Millennium and the annual Louisville celebration. A "Website" was not a common thing in May of 2000, and Louisville now had it's own www.LouisvilleNebraska.com - The first newsletter was successfully delivered to all 6 subscribers. Initially all expenses were covered by Irina's small Internet Development Company; www.WireBuilt.com and was simply an advertising expense, as it helped to deliver the message that WireBuilt Company was there to build your business website.

The State of Nebraska www.NEDED.org also supported the concept of using Community Websites to promote the quality of life available in small town Nebraska, and assisted www.NCWP.org to evolve the mechanism into a stand alone business.

As the project grew; more Communities granted Charters to Build a Community Website and a need for Editors grew.  It was important to find people who were well known in their Community and could find the local news to be the editors.  Sierra Ronhovde and Gina Fahrenholz were previous Elmwood editors.  Then when it came time to find a new editor Mike Winter recommended me.  I seem to have a gift for gab and was also in touch with people through the school system and the roller skating rink.

The Newsletter could not exist on news alone.  Sponsorship was something that required a company with a tremendous love and dedication to Elmwood, and Rob Clements of American Exchange Bank quickly stepped up to shoulder the cost allowing the Elmwood Community Newsletter to become a sustained reality. In Feb 2011 the site www.ElmwoodNebraska.com had 3415 Visits, and 219,097 Hits. This is exclusively about our Community of Elmwood Nebraska, by Elmwood and exclusively for the benefit of Elmwood in a way that no local newspaper can cover. We have dedicated subscribers all over the world who read the newsletter.  Small town America reaches the far corners of the Earth.  Thank you for reading the Elmwood Community Newsletter!  Because of you we are a success!   
I am always looking for suggestions, news, and ideas.  Please email me with your suggestions:  Editor@ElmwoodNebraska.com.  If you would like to join our sponsorship and advertise through the newsletter please contact me and we will set you up!

Thanks for Reading!




Spring is here and it's time to start thinking about the Alumni Banquet.  In 1931 the banquet was held at the Methodist church with 175 members present.  Professor Rex Bailey of Lincoln was the toastmaster with toasts given by William Atchinson, Howard Pool, Attorney Guy Clements, Prof. Spencer Leger, Jessie Jewell Creamer, Harry Linder, and Mary Capwell.  Following the toasts the initiation of the class of 1931 was held in the Elmwood Community Building.
In 1938 there were a total of 624 alumni invited.  Harry Wilcockson of St. Louis who graduated 37 years prior and was the owner of a automobile agency was invited to be toastmaster.  This was his first attendance at an alumni meeting.  The Women of the Christian Church served the meal at the Community Building followed by a program with a rodeo theme.   

26 May 1940 - Nebraska State Journal




1945 saw the end of the war, and the 1946 banquet honored the 33 alumni returned from the armed forces.  Three hundred members were present for that 52nd banquet.  Leroy Cook, Elmwood, was elected president of the association.  Mrs. Grace Dickson Kyser, Wayne, NE, was the only 50-year member present.  Mrs. Arnold Pratt, Elmwood, was toastmistress.  Speakers were Henry Irons (representing the present graduating class), William Atchinson, Sanford Clements, Herbert Lorenz, and Miss Helen Kunz.  Members of the 1946 class were Opal Shoemaker, Vernon Bornemeier, George Brinton, Henry Irons, Don Long, and Eldon Fleischman.


Heritage Nebraska Seeking Hidden Treasures and Fading Places Nominations

Heritage Nebraska, a statewide not-for-profit citizens preservation organization, is seeking nominees for its 2011 List of Hidden Treasures and Fading Places.
"We have selected 20 Fading Places and 22 Hidden Treasures during the first two years of this project," said Heritage Nebraska Executive Director J.L. Schmidt.
"The Hidden Treasures are those places that may not yet be on the radar, but they are places worth seeing and most of them provide things worth doing," Schmidt said. "The Fading Places represent icons of our history that are threatened with extinction through demolition or neglect often brought on by lack of money and vision. "

The nomination forms are available on the organization Web site: www.heritagenebraska.org or can be obtained by calling the office at 402-323-7338 or e-mailing  jlschmidt@USA.net.

Since the first list was released in May 2009, the Fading Places have ranged from Camp Lookout in Sidney to the Industrial Arts Building on the proposed University of Nebraska-Lincoln Innovation Campus. We've also included the state's 400-mile wide Interstate 80 sculpture garden, rural churches and schools and grain elevators and the Oregon Trail and archaeological sites statewide, Schmidt said. Preservation work has been started on at least seven of the 20 Fading Places projects to date.

The Hidden Treasures have ranged from the Chadron Hotel/Old Main Street Inn in Chadron to the Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus and places in-between. Historic Downtown Fremont, Downtown Scribner and Historic Downtown Sidney have also joined the list of places worth seeing, Schmidt said.

"Nominations are due in our office on or before May 1," Schmidt said. The winners will be announced at the next joint state conference of Heritage Nebraska Preservation and Heritage Nebraska Main Street in June.

Heritage Nebraska is a statewide not-for-profit citizen's organization that advocates and promotes heritage in order to build stronger communities and maintain the essential character of Nebraska. The organization is affiliated with the Statewide and Local Partners of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Trust Main Street Center.


Summer Job



$8.00 PER HOUR


Click here to print application



Main Street Motors

Tim Lockhart has opened Main Street Motors...on main street in Elmwood.  Tim previously worked at a dealership in Grand Island but decided it was time to slow down a little.  He and his wife, Linda, have been married for eight years and live in Elmwood.  His goal is to bring a variety of quality used cars to the lot.  If you have a specific vehicle in mind that you would like go talk to Tim about it.  He will find the perfect vehicle and bring it to you.  Stop in and take a look at his inventory.  You may just find what you've been looking for!


Tim Lockhart in front of Main Street Motors


Main Street Motors on Highway 1 in Elmwood.


If you haven't already heard Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning has expanded! We have now formed a full service construction company. Check out Advanced Contracting at






The Old Avoca (Nebraska) Schoolhouse will be hosting a Jamming Workshop on Saturday, April 2, from 1 PM - 3 PM.   Championship fiddler and fiddle book author, Deborah Greenblatt will share some hints to help you play in a jam session with minimum stress, and maximum music.  Pre-registration is required, enrollment is limited, and there is a $20.00 fee.  For more information, call 402-275-3221, or send an e-mail to debby@greenblattandseay.com.




These are three of the finest women I know...my cousins, Paula and Marcy, and my Aunt Pat.


We attended Marcy's 4th annual 36th Birthday Party.  She sprained her ankle the night before so she was hobbling around like an old woman.


For those of you with motorcycles who are itching to ride or those of you who like good food:



Nebraska Life Magazine is seeking applications for a Marketing and Subscription Sales Manager in the Norfolk office. This manager will coordinate subscription marketing and sales efforts for the statewide publication, now Nebraska's third-largest subscription-based print media.

Applicants should have education and background in marketing or business. Those with experience running non-profits also should consider applying.  For more information: www.nebraskalife.com/job_marketing.asp
Application deadline is April 4, 2011.













Pancakes Galore!

What a beautiful day for pancakes!  The warm weather with a tiny chill in the wind made for great pancake weather.  The Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association's free customer appreciation pancake feed drew in close to 400 people.    Mick Bornemeier fired up his famous homemade grill to make the golden hot cakes.   Mick, Bill Connour, and Jeff Clymer manned the grill, taking turns with the flipper all day.  Jeff walked a little on the wild side and tried to throw a couple but Mick was all business...pour the batter, watch them go around once, flip them, one more time around the heat, and then straight to the waiting plate of the hungry patron.  Bill attempted Mickey Mouse ears but they turned out more like balloons. 

The Elmwood Meat Plant generously donated the sausages for the event.  And they are the best sausages!  Chris Cramer, owner of the Elmwood Meat Plant, always makes sure we have the best.  Angie Friesell cooked the meat prior to the event so it just needed to be heated.  The big turnout was unexpected and we ran out of sausages so hot dogs were substituted for a short time until Deb and Coleman Lenz of CD's Express stopped in for pancakes.  Deb immediately ran back to the gas station and brought more sausages!  And we were back in business.  From the pancakes down to the orange juice the event proved to be a fun time for everyone.  The beautiful weather was topic of the day followed by everyone talking about their afternoon plans...cleaning up the yard, golfing, playing outside, or napping.  All were fine activities to do on a full tummy.

The winners of the Easter hams were Noah Tays and Donny McHugh. 

The Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association would like to thank everyone for their contributions to the event and for helping.  They are thankful for everyone that came and ate pancakes.  EMMA is grateful for their loyal customers and are glad to have this opportunity to show them.  Your continued support makes it possible to maintain the small businesses in small town America.



Bill and Mick are getting the pancakes ready for Angie's grandson.


This is Mick's famous grill.  There's no telling how many pancakes have been made on this.  It was made with parts from around the farm.  It was even used once to grill steaks for Post Prom.


Kris Shrader prepares the coffee.


Norman Brockhoff was the second customer.  Angie serves up the yummy sausages donated by the Elmwood Meat Plant.


Uncle Jacob and Grandpa Ed take Christian out for pancakes.



Glenn Murdoch was our first official customer.


Angie's grandson waits patiently.  Mick says the hardest part is waiting patiently.  You can't rush pancakes!


Jeff Clymer joins the early morning crowd before he works a shift flipping pancakes.


Henry and Teddy Clymer filled up and then helped serve pancakes.


Lou Allgayer is on hand to talk about the 125th Birthday Celebration for Elmwood.


Rick Clements waits patiently for his pancake.


Update on the Cousins Born on the Same Day!



Miss Lacey Reed and Annilei...What a beautiful mama and a sweet baby!  What an awesome birthday gift for Lacey.


This is Annilei with her cousin, Elijah.  Both were born on March10th, 2011. These two are going to have a lifetime of fun adventures.  Grandparents of these two are Gary and Marilyn Reed of Elmwood.


Birth Control...

That's what we ended up calling Millie's baby this weekend.  She stared out being called, Roo.  But sometime Saturday evening Millie decided that birth control would be a better name.  Millie is in a Parenting class this semester that is required for all Seniors.  One of the requirements is that they take care of a baby for three days.  The babies are more than just a doll.  They have built in sensors and timers that cause them to cry, coo, and burp.  The kids have a bracelet that they wave in front of a sensor that records the activity and response.  They have to feed the baby, change the diapers, and rock them.  They also keep a log of all the things they did and the time.  At the end of their time the baby will generate a printout that shows how well the kids took care of the babies.  Millie did a great job of caring for the baby and of documenting the activities.  She found out that she got a 100% on the project.  That means she didn't miss one event with the baby!  And it was set to "Hard", too!  What a good mama.  Even though she didn't get much sleep she said she was going to miss her when she gave her back.  I hope the next person takes good care of little Roo, too.

I decorated for Millie so everyone would know she had a girl.


Millie arrives home with Roo.


Little Roo










Suitehearts Opens at Mahoney State Park

KBC Productions and Mahoney State Park announces that the romantic comedy, "Suitehearts" will begin its winter theater season run on March 25.  The story revolves around two newlywed couples who are mistakenly double-booked in the same honeymoon suite.  The Taylor's are very young, naive and visiting the big city for the first time.  The Bellamy's are older and have a more jaded outlook on life and romance.  With the help of a meddlesome bellboy, the couples find themselves in some impossible, but hilarious situations.  Adult audience members will all see a little of themselves in each of these characters as they learn the difference between a wedding and a marriage.

Starring in the production are Director Kevin Colbert from Weeping Water, Shari Hoelker from Omaha, Marikita Payne, Emma Hoffman and Adam Kovar all of Lincoln and Dave Hibler of Manley.  Performance dates are March 25-27, April 1-3, 8-10, 15-17, 22 and 23.  Tickets $8 for adults and $6 for children.  Curtain times are 7:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays; 2pm on Sundays.  Please call Mahoney State Park for reservations:  (402) 944-2523 ext. 7122.  A state park sticker or day pass is required to enter the park.

Pictured below:  Shari Hoelker, Marikita Payne, Dave Hibler, Kevin Colbert and Adam Kovar all star in "Suitehearts" opening at Mahoney State Park on March 25th.





If you would like to keep tabs on the water sample results from Elmwood click here!


Otoe County Genealogical Society

2nd Annual Otoe County Rural Schools Reunion

"The Otoe County Genealogical Society will host its 2nd Annual Otoe County Rural Schools Reunion from 10:00am to 2:00pm on April 2nd, 2011, at Harmony School, which is located at 6265 'Q' Road (8 miles south of Nebraska City on Highway 75, and ½ mile west on 'Q' road). Harmony School is a rural schoolhouse that was built in 1879 and was eventually closed in 1997. It was purchased at a public auction in 1999, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

This reunion will include a picnic-style lunch provided by the society, a Spelling Bee, and a tour of the 130-year old rural schoolhouse. In addition, it will also give visitors a chance to assist the society in identifying numerous unidentified rural schoolhouse photographs from several different school districts throughout the county. The society received these photographs through a donation made by the Otoe County Clerk's office, where these photographs had been stored in their vault for several decades and were just recently discovered last year. So please come join us at the Harmony School and help us pay tribute to the outstanding contributions that these rural schoolhouses made in the education of our county's youth for the past 100 years now!"



To the New 2011- 2012

Elmwood Murdock Spirit Squad!


Front Row: Sheridan Spohr, Brianne Ross, Lindsey Mills, Peyton Lambert. 
Back Row:  Kayleigh Wilhelm, Jennifer Hromanik, Mikayla Butts, Samee Martin

The Spirit Squad is not sponsored by the school so the girls are raising money to purchase their uniforms.  You may get a knock at your door and find one of these young ladies there.  Help them out and donate to their cause! Get the Spirit!





Elmwood Murdock School Schedule

3/23/11 ECNC Art Clinic @ Weeping Water
3/24/11 HS Track @ Platteview
3/25/11 7-9 Honor Roll Trip
3/29/11 HS Track @ Yutan
3/30/11 Boys Golf @ Syracuse
4/2/11 HS JV Track @ Tekameh
4/5/11 HS Track @ JCC
4/6/11 Boys Golf @ Lewiston Invite - Beatrice
4/7/11 HS JV Track @ Yutan
4/7/11 SOS Meeting at Elmwood
4/9/11 ACT Test @ Murdock -- 8:00 am




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