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Elmwood Kids Attend Junior Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Camp

The Junior Wheelchair Sports and Recreation camp is sponsored by several groups but mainly the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department and the Council Bluffs Parks and Recreation Department and Immanuel Rehabilitation.  Elmwood boy, Joseph Anderson, (recognize the name? Smile) 14 years old, has been attending the camp since he was 6 years old.  Joe was born with Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair part of the time. The camp offers kids like Joe the opportunity to try many different sports from swimming, to basketball, to martial arts.  They also play football, volleyball, boccia ball, and archery.  The camp is held at the Iowa School for the Deaf in Council Bluffs.  Jena Munson with Immanual Rehab coordinates the event with the help of Marcia Coffeen of the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department.  Jena coordinates the sports activities and Marcia coordinates the volunteers.  There were 52 campers of varying disabilities from Nebraska and Iowa.  And there are at least 45 volunteers who help to make the camp a success.

Joe's sister, Millie (recognize the name Smile? ), and her boyfriend, Garyn Folden volunteered at camp for their second year.  Fellow senior, Kalee Brewer joined them this year.  The kids drove to camp every day and made lasting friendships.  Not only is it an opportunity for the campers to make friends and try new things it is also an opportunity for the volunteers to make lasting friendships.  Thanks to Facebook the campers and volunteers can maintain their friendships easily.  The friendships from wheelchair camp bond the campers and volunteers.  Memories are made and friendships are born.


Joe loves to balance on his back wheels which makes everyone very nervous.  He loves that, too.


Joe and Cole Ross - Cole is from Plattsmouth


Kalee Brewer and Millie Anderson take a break.


Garyn Folden took the Hawaiian Family Day Theme to heart.


Cole couldn't stop grinning after dunking a volunteer in the dunk tank.


Ben was a good sport in the dunk tank!


Patrick Christiansen, a former camper himself, is now a volunteer.  Patrick and his wife live in Ashland.


Joe was practicing the martial arts moves.


Joe and Cole were sparring partners.


Kalee helped Charlie get his moves down.


Millie, Christian, and Garyn hammed it up on Family Day.


One of the days the kids went skating.  Garyn still won't put skates on!  But he pushed Kate around for hours.


Cole was able to karate chop his piece of wood.  All the kids did it!


Joe's group was called the Mavericks


The team of volunteers consisted of former campers, high school kids, college kids, moms, dads,

and one grandpa.  Many have been volunteering for years.  One former camper comes back from his

current home in Washington DC to volunteer for the week.







VILLAGE BOARD MEETING - Thursday, August 5th 7:00 pm - Village Office

Mike Slattery will be presenting a new Zoning proposal to the Elmwood Village Board. The proposal would create Lower Cass County as an Agri-Tourist Designation. This would help anyone starting a business avoid the red tape involved with getting permits for signs, etc... This designation would help to attract new business to the area. It will open up avenues for more tourism grant dollars and create a designation in Cass county unlike any in the entire state. Mike has introduced this proposal to all the village/city boards in Cass County.  In order for this proposal to move ahead the local village boards must approve it.  Elmwood's approval would not ensure the proposal would pass but it would help.  It will not affect any of the current city's zoning laws, it would just be a supplemental zoning rule that would allow for these businesses that weren't allowed previously. If you would like to hear more about this proposal come to the meeting on Thursday evening or contact Mike Slattery at www.SVeVinyards.com.




Cowboy Up is a local band that has been very supportive of fundraisers in the Cass County area.  They are always volunteering to come out and help out whenever needed.  They are a great group of guys who like to sing country music and have a good time.  They will make the Avoca event a blast!  Tell all your friends, load up the trucks, and come out and help raise some money for the flood victims!  Click here for more info about the Cowboy Up Band. www.cowboyupband.com


Give them Wings...and let them fly.

We had a visit from Bradly Cunningham last weekend.  Bradly is getting ready to be deployed to Afghanistan so we were happy to have an opportunity to hang out with him again.  You may remember he was one of the gang from the skating rink.  Kalee volunteered to help grill the wings.  It was like old home week having the kids around again.  If you stop by the D.A.R.E. booth at the fair say Hi to Bradly and wish him a safe return!



Speaking of the Rink...just what is going on in there?  Last week we showed you the newly remodeled fitness area.  This week we'll show you the front end.  The construction is about to begin so you won't see much progress yet.  Shannon and Brad Josoff have spent many hours working at the rink...I mean, fitness center...and it will pay off in the end!  They don't have any details to pass on to us yet but as soon as they do we will be telling you!


Former concessions area


Front Rink area...they are still dealing with the extra skates, dance floor, and carpet.


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