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Millie is taking a break this week...actually,

she's a working fool!  So good ol' Mom

will be helping out once in awhile.



EMMA Welcomes Stacey Dorr!



Kurk Shrader, president of the Elmwood Murdock Merchants Association, EMMA, presents Stacey Dorr with her first dollar of profit.  Stacey actually has her first dollar but this will look nice on the wall.  The Stylist Next Dorr is located 1 mile east of Elmwood on Adams, then south on 310th Street ½ mile.  Stacey is a young hip stylist who loves to keep her clients young and hip, too.  She specializes in contemporary cuts and colors.  Her clients range from men, to women, to children, to teens.  She offers waxing services and has a tanning bed.


Julie Anderson, Stacey Dorr, Kurk Shrader at the ribbon cutting.


Stacey had some sweet treats for her guests!  She wants to thank everyone who made her open house a success!



Brad & Shannon Josoff are the new owners of

the Flying Wheels. They have some good plans for the

place.  Shannon is a personal trainer and owned a

fitness center in Omaha.  She will relocate that to

the skating rink.  It will be come a fitness center

yet they still plan on offering skating.  Shannon's

company offers boot camp classes already at the

rink and that will continue.  In fact they plan to

offer more!  There will be a beginner boot camp

class.  If you are interested in seeing the progress

at the rink stop in and say, "Hi!"  Shannon

encourages people to stop in and see the changes.

It is a work in progress with many more changes

to come!  We'll keep you updated on the progress

through the newsletter, too.  We wish them well

in their new adventure. As for what will the

Anderson's be doing with their spare time?  I

haven't found any yet but I'm sure we will come

up with something!  We loved running the rink

for the last few years and want to thank everyone

for coming skating and sending their kids.  The best

part of running the rink was getting to know your

kids.  We love them all!












The Philson's took a lightning strike to their tree last week which put the tree house in a
precarious position!  Eventually they had to take it down.  So sad.



Mark and Keri Hogue have a unique hobby for their family.  They enjoy geocaching.  Their team name is CacheCrew4.  Geocaching combines technology with adventure.  Using a hand held GPS receiver unit as a guide you search for destinations where a hidden container or "cache" is waiting.  To find the coordinates of the cache you log on to a website such as www.geocaching.com, and chose one that interests you.  There are Geocaches hidden all over the world.  Maybe even on your street!  When you find a cache you log it in your logbook and then look at the treasures inside.  You are welcome to take one of the goodies and replace it with one of your own.  Then you replace it where you found it so the next geocachers can find it.  You can even create your own geocache!

The Hogues were searching for geocaches in the Elmwood area Monday night.  They found this one and then went on to find another one near Wabash.  Geocaching has taken them on many adventures, not just in the Elmwood area.  They have incorporated it into their family trips to Missouri and Kansas.  One of the caches they found in Missouri took them to the headstone of Ned's arm.  Some poor guy named Ned had lost his arm somehow and had it buried.  Geocaching has taken them to cemetaries, under bridges, along river banks, and in people's back yards.   It is a great way to take the family on an adventure!


The flowers are pretty this time of year.  The cat stands guard so we don't pick them.


Just when I've decided that Christmas is my favorite holiday with the sugar cookies, the smell of pine, the Christmas carols, and friends and family gathered around the Christmas tree, the 4th of July rolls around.  That brings the smell of gunpowder, watermelon, fireworks, Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA", and friends and family gathered around the BBQ grill.  The parade down Main Street, the homemade ice cream chilling in the tank, the fireman's water fights, steak on the grill and corn on the cob.  The ooh's and ahh's of the crowd watching the fireworks display...the sparklers...the black cats...and something new called sliders.  The heat and humidity are high but at least you can cool off in a pool or lake.  Peaceful nights when it is so calm you can hear the corn grow.  The flags waving reminding us just why we are celebrating.  Bowing our heads as we remember those who fought for our freedom.  Raising our heads looking towards heaven as we thank God for our lives, our country, and our freedom.  The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.  God Bless the USA!


The volunteer firemen set up the fireworks stand.  (Does anyone else think it is funny
that the fire department sells fireworks?)  Job security, I guess.
Everything had to be inventoried before the shelves could be stocked.
Missy Miller volunteered to help inventory and stock the shelves.

Some of the first customers!  Chris, Brianne, Caleb, and Ethan
Raeanna and Justin do some high steppin' when setting off their fireworks.
This is a familiar scene all around town.  Smoke, fireworks debris, and happy children.

G.A.R. Hall Open with Guided Tours


The G.A.R. Hall was open this weekend so I thought I better check it out.  Bonnie Brewer
gave me a tour of the facility.  She is the chief curator of the museum.
There is memorabilia from different wars belonging to area soldiers.  It is just a fascinating
collection!  There are uniforms that belong to men from Elmwood, money they brought back from
other countries, weapons, maps made of silk, pictures, scrapbooks, and many more treasures.
If you have never been you should stop in and see the exhibits. Bonnie would be glad to give you a tour!
One flag in the display case has 45 stars and the other has 46.
Not only did I get a lesson in history but I found out that Bonnie and I are
related!  For those of you readers who are my family on the Lampe side Bonnie is a cousin
to Tim Brewer from Auburn on his father's side.  If I have this right, Tim's mom is
my grandpa's sister.  I'm sure you will correct me if I'm wrong but I know I'm close.
Small world.

Elmwood Volunteer Fire Department Prepare for Battle!
The EVFD will be participating in the water fights on the 4th of July in Murdock. To prepare
they practiced up at the school yard Monday night.  This is always a fun event, several spectators
turned out to watch.
Abe and Tonya Greening brought their crew.

Tara Bevans gives the rookies some advice.
Christian and his mom came to watch his dad and Uncle Jacob.
Abe and Trey watch the competition.

Fire chief, Dan Spaulding, gives some last minute pointers to the rookies.
Brody takes a  break.
I always wondered what was at the end of the rainbow...it is Tara!

Trey, future fireman.
Brody wrestles the hose for his team.

Derick Stubbendick is ready for a break!

Trey really wants to be a fireman now.
The rookies get some good practice so they will be ready for Sunday.

4H Camp Are Fun!

"Ackman Denim Daze"  -  Cheyenne Ackman, 4-H Junior Leader, helps Jayda Moxey during Denim Daze

Michaela Horn and Michaela Lawrence are part of the baking crew for Passport to Adventure

"Bright at Painting Class" -  Delaney Bright adds the secret ingredient (salt) to her water color painting

Slater Mozena tries his hand at putting pieces and parts together to finish his robot

4-H volunteers have been busy helping youth Discover 4-H - Discover You with Cass County 4-H events and workshops. Without volunteers to present and help with 4-H events, activities, workshops and clubs, the 4-H program could not exist.  Volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program and have a huge impact on youth.  Diane Mayfield, Cass County Extension Associate, works with volunteers to plan and implement the workshops each year.  If interested in sharing your time and talents to enhance our youth, contact the Cass County Extension office at 267-2205 or dmayfield1@unl.edu.

4-H youth experienced Going Green at the annual Denim Daze workshop, April 5, by making a pillow in a modified pineapple pattern with denim and flannel.

The Land of Enchantment, Castles, Bagpipes, Thistles, Kilts, Red Dragons, The Loch Ness Monster, Double Decker Buses,  and much more was encountered as Cass County 4-H visited the United Kingdom as part of the annual Passport To Adventure Family Fun Nite, June 8, on the Cass County fairgrounds.  Katie Liebman, a Doane College student who spent a semester studying in London, England, kicked off the event with a travelogue about England.  The Lincoln Irish Dancers and Midlands Highlands Dancers entertained and had the audience try their luck with Ceildh and other dances.  Michael Holland demonstrated the art of making Scottish eggs and offered Scottish Broth (Irish Stew) for sampling.  Native crafts, games and a buffet of Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Colcannon, Leek and Egg Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Fish and Chips with Malt Vinegar, Welsh Rarebit, Kippers, Tea Sandwiches, Crumpets, Pound Cake with Fool, Trifle, Lemon Curd Tarts, Wassail, and Tea rounded out the evening in addition to Scones that were served with Devonshire Cream and Marmalade, Ginger Cookies, Soda Bread, Apple Tartlets and Shortbread that were baked by twenty-five 4-H youth, 4-H Junior Leaders, and adults during three separate workshops.  Diane Mayfield, Extension Associate, and Renee Thakur, 4-H volunteer, co-planned the event.

Youth joined Karey Koehn, 4-H leader and volunteer, for an afternoon of art adventure during the Underwater Watercolor workshop, June 10.

A 4-H Science Wow! Camp was held, June 14, with four rotating sessions presented by UNL extension personnel:  Robotics, Carol McNulty; Digital Photography, Dennis Kahl; Power of the Wind, Katie Larson; and Sun Dial, Deb Weitzenkamp.

Upcoming workshops include: Clover Kid Camp, June 30; Bug Safari at Louisville Lakes, July 6; Care & Share Community Service Workshop Day, July 8; Discover 4-H Day Camp at Platte River State Park, July 12; and a two day Website Design workshop, July 14 and 21.

4-Hers learn to connect projects to potential careers while developing life skills at the different activities and workshops and have the opportunity to enter finished items in the Cass County Fair which runs from August 11-14 this year.


Have you noticed Norman is all alone on the wall at CD's Express?  Not for long!  We are
painting a new menu and new caricatures on the wall.  I knew that I would never be able to
capture Norman like this so I didn't paint over him.

Sunday, July 4th - Murdock 4th of July - All day!
Sunday, July 4th - Dillon Synovec Memorial Run
Sunday, July 4th - Show and Shine Car Show 12:00pm - 4:00 pm
Sunday, July 4th - Water Fights 1:00 pm - Murdock
Saturday, July 10th - Big Dan's Auction 10:30 am
Saturday, July 31st - Elmwood Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Golf Tournament & Fundraiser - Grandpa's Woods Golf Course 8:00 am

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